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Things to Buy at MUJI Japan 2021 | 10 Best MUJI Products To Buy In Japan!

Things to buy at muji japan

If you’re visiting Japan, MUJI is a must-visit store in Japan! And here’s a list of the best things to buy at MUJI Japan!

MUJI is one of the most popular lifestyle brands in Japan providing high-quality and stylish goods. It offers everything from stationery to household products, and cosmetics to furniture. 

The brand has garnered a ton of loyal fans who swear by its products. They have products with simple, minimalistic packaging that comes in subdued colors. 

The products are high in quality and will definitely satisfy you. You will be able to find MUJI stores in about 25 other countries across the globe. However, the experience that the MUJI store in Japan provides is unlike any other.

If you are traveling to Japan, you must definitely visit the store to check out the vast array of excellent products it has. 

Best Things To Buy At Muji Japan!

Best Things To Buy At MUJI JapanPrice
MUJI High Moisture Toning Water$14.99
MUJI Monthly Planner – Best MUJI Products – Stationery$7.48
MUJI Ballpoint Pen With Eraser – Best MUJI Pens$16.98
MUJI Face Towel$43.99 
MUJI Nylon Book Makeup Pouch$12.00
MUJI Aluminum Card Case$14.52
MUJI Authentic Spicy Chicken Curry$46.83
MUJI Hand Cream for Sensitive Skin $14.39
Muji White Porcelain ToothBrush Stand$6.49
MUJI – Men Organic Cotton Right Angle Sneaker In Socks $24.50

Why this obsession with MUJI, you ask? There really is no reason to not love MUJI; it is perfect in every sense. But if you are still looking for reasons to love MUJI, here’s why this brand will have you coming back again and again 

  • They have a huge selection of products. No matter what you want, you will find it at MUJI’s. 
  • They have an adorable packaging system that is minimalistic, but elegant.
  • They believe in minimizing waste, and so they recycle
  • Every product is perfectly designed.

Now, as there are so many products, we do not want you to get overwhelmed when deciding what to choose. We have put together some of the things that you must buy at MUJI Japan. 

And if you’re not making a trip to Japan anytime soon then get your favorite MUJI products online on Amazon. Check it out here!

#1 — MUJI High Moisture Toning Water

If you have never considered the skincare range at MUJI, you must. They have such an extensive range of products that are great for the skin. Their sensitive skincare range is free from parabens and alcohol.

things you can buy only in muji japan

There are also no artificial colors or fragrances, making it the perfect choice for you if you have sensitive skin that also battles with dryness.

It is excellent toning water that provides hydration to your skin, without ripping it off of its natural moisture. It also contains a lot of skin protection ingredients such as purslane extract, grapefruit seed extract, and hyaluronic acid. 

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#2 — MUJI Monthly Planner – Best MUJI Products – Stationery

When you get an elegant monthly planner, you would definitely like to start maintaining a well-scheduled routine. This monthly planner from MUJI will take you one step ahead in following your schedule. If you love diaries and planners this is definitely one of the things to buy at MUJI Japan for you!

muji online

It is a schedule book that does not have dates and months pre-written in it, like other planners. This gives you the flexibility of writing your own dates and to start using it at any time, without restricting yourself to the date in the planner.

If you like bullet journal-ing then this planner is a great option! You have the flexibility to design it all by yourself!

best muji beauty products

It is a great stationery item to note down your daily tasks and monthly aims.

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#3 — MUJI Ballpoint Pen With Eraser – Best MUJI Pens

Are you into cute and unique stationery items? Then this pen is definitely one of the things to buy at MUJI, Japan. It is a ballpoint pen, yes, but it is a pen that comes with a special feature. We have all used pencils with erasers on the other end, right? But we have not used pens with erasers. Not anymore, though.

best mujiproducts stationery

This ballpoint pen comes with a special rubber in its cap that lets you rub the ink. You can write and erase as many times without worrying about damaging or ruining the paper. Isn’t it magical? It is great for writing your to-do lists, doing assignments, or anything else. 

muji japan online store

Definitely one of the best things to buy at MUJI Japan!

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#4 — MUJI Face Towel

The face towels at MUJI are great. These organic cotton towels let you pamper yourselves. Thanks to its wonderful texture and various sizes, it is a favorite amongst Japanese.

muji store in japan

The face towels are absorbent and durable. They can withstand a number of washes without fraying or losing its qualities. The fibers of the towels also won’t stiffen over time.

The towels are available in three types of thickness: thin, medium, and thick.

are muji erasers good

The thin towels in the series are light-weight and dry quickly, making it a great choice for when you are traveling. The medium thickness towels are great for daily use, whereas the thick towels are super absorbent and plush. 

best muji beauty products

These super soft towels are definitely one of the best things to bu at MUJI Japan!

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#5 — MUJI Nylon Book Makeup Pouch

As women, we love carrying our makeup with us, but cannot find the right pouch to hold everything easily. This nylon makeup pouch at MUJI is a great find. It is shaped like a book and it opens up like one. 

muji pillowcase review
muji makeup box

The compact design allows you to carry all your makeup products and makeup brushes with you, without being bulky. When it closes, it becomes small and compact, allowing you to fit it inside your purse.

best muji things to buy

Check out this best things to buy at MUJI Japan!

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#6 — MUJI Aluminum Card Case

We all have several cards with us, including our credit cards, membership cards, shopping cards, business cards, and more. It is not always possible to carry all of them in our wallet; it is not practical. You might end up wasting several minutes trying to find the right card from a bundle. Also, carrying around those cards in your wallet can make it bulky.

So, what’s the solution? 

best selling muji prodyucts

Get the aluminum card case at MUJI with 25 sheets. It allows you to store your cards without mixing them and spending an eternity trying to find the right card. Also, this is a great organization idea for all your cards. 

must bu muji products

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#7 — MUJI Authentic Spicy Chicken Curry

The packaging of MUJI’s Spicy Chicken Curry indicates the level of spiciness. The dish is quite hot and because of this, it is comparable to the popular Indian favorite, Butter Chicken!

is muji good quality
what to buy in muji japan

The spiciness of the black pepper lingers after eating and the chicken is tender and incredibly sumptuous. This is actually one of my personal favorites and must go into your list of things to buy at MUJI Japan.

#8 — MUJI Hand Cream for Sensitive Skin – Best MUJI Beauty Products

The range of sensitive skincare products is great at MUJI. When we talk of skin, we only talk about our faces. However, it is equally important to give love and care to our hands. If we have sensitive skin, our hands need special cream too to keep moisture locked in and hydrated

best muji products

The hand cream for sensitive skin at MUJI protects the delicate skin of the hands. It prevents the skin from drying. The natural ingredients provide moisture and keep your hands hydrated and soft. 

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#9 — Muji White Porcelain ToothBrush Stand 

The next best things to buy at MUJI Japan is a toothbrush stand. It’s sleek and classy and will look super stylish in any bathroom. It’s made of porcelain and holds one toothbrush. You can even get this on Amazon. You can either buy a single piece or upto 12 pieces. 

Check it out!

best things to buy at muji japan

#10 — MUJI – Men Organic Cotton Right Angle Sneaker In Socks 

The next product on this list of things to buy at Muji Japan is a pair of cozy sneakers socks. The socks are specially knitted to cover your heels and designed in a way so that it doesn’t keep coming off. It has a cinched design in the middle that makes sure it doesn’t slip and has a comfortable hold. It is made of 79% organic cotton, 15% polyester, 4% Nylon, and 2% Spandex.

things to buy at muj japan

These were some of the best things to buy at MUJI Japan. There are also tons of other products that are available, so walk around the shelves and see what excites you! Try out these products from Muji today. I am sure you will not be disappointed. 

Also, check out the Amazon MUJI store so you can buy more authentic MUJI products from the comfort of your home!

What can you buy in MUJI Japan?

MUJI offers a wide range of products from stationery, kitchen items, cosmetics, and food items. Here are some of the best things to buy in MUJI Japan

  • High moisture toning water
  • Monthly planner
  • Nylon Book Makeup Pouch
  • Aluminum card case
  • Spicy Chicken curry
  • Hand cream for sensitive skin
  • White porcelain toothbrush stand
  • Sneaker socks

Is MUJI in Japan Cheaper?

You will be able to find MUJI products in MUJI stores abroad. However, it’s best to buy MUJI products from Japanese MUJI stores as the prices there are much lower than the MUJI stores abroad.

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