Cost of Teeth Straightening In Japan 2023

Cost Of Teeth Straightening In Japan

Are you looking for the cost of teeth straightening in Japan? Read further to know more!

Our smile speaks for us when words fail. A beautiful smile can increase your charm and create an everlasting impression. Your smile really can light up the world. However, there can be a bummer in the form of crooked teeth. 

What is the cost of teeth straightening in Japan?

The cost of teeth straightening in Japan depends on the type of straightening required. Braces cost around 500,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen, veneer straightening can be done in 80,000 yen, lumineers are for about 50,000 yen, Invisible aligners cost between 1,50,000 to 3,50,000 yen and snap-on smile can cost 1,50,000 yen or more.

This can really hamper your overall appearance and deflate your self-esteem and confidence. There are many with crooked teeth and some even love it, but if you are someone who does not like crooked teeth at all, then you are at the right place.

Getting your teeth straightened is one of the most popular practices followed by people across the planet. Teeth straightening can change your whole look and add a charm to your face. 

It changes your appearance and makes your smile brighter and more wonderful. If you have been trying to find out the best ways to get your teeth straightened, you have landed in the right place. In this guide, I have brought to you all about teeth straightening.

There are many English speaking dentists in Japan so don’t worry if you want to get your teeth straightened. Japan orthodontists experts and professionals so it’s an ideal country to get your teeth straightened.

No matter what method you are going for, I have brought it all here for you. Continue reading and find out the cost of all the different methods that are available for you. 

You can also check out the cost of teeth straightening in Japan of the various methods and choose the one that you find would work the best for you.

Teeth Straightening and its Benefits

Teeth straightening is the procedure when dentists use one of the methods to put back the teeth position in place and align them in a suitable position as per the patient’s comfort. 

They use force and pressure to do this work which is why it is long and requires a lot of patience. 

Earlier, these treatments were not given importance, but now they are in trend. There are possible ways to bring back people’s smiles. 

Why people opt for teeth straightening is a very important question. In today’s modern world, the face has become more important than building personalities and values. Also, there is a lot of criticization with regard to facial issues.

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 This dental care has come up with an opportunity to make people smile again with the same confidence that they lost earlier. Our face influences and puts a great impact on others and to keep it healthy and beautiful is surely an individual’s responsibility.

 If it is not even about confidence, beauty, and many other issues, then also getting your teeth straightened is no harm. So you know, let’s check the cost of teeth straightening in Japan.

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Teeth straightening is beneficial as it can modify your face and smile at once. It reduces many different problems related to the mouth. 

Regular healthy keep up with the teeth and mouth also maintains a hygienic pattern. Going to the dentist in Japan regularly is considered a healthy habit.

Cost of Teeth Straightening in Japan

Types of Teeth Straightening Options with Costs

There are in total five different ways of teeth straightening procedures that the world follows. Each one of them is great and valuable in its own place and has its own advantages and disadvantages that come with it. 

You must research and get to know about these in detail and then choose what is suitable for your condition. So the cost of teeth straightening in Japan will also depend on the type of your teeth.

Braces cost japan
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For example, if you have minor straightening issues, then you can go for something that is easy going and if you have severe problems with crooked and crowded teeth then you must go for what your doctor recommended. 

In terms of getting teeth straightening or any other treatment related to your mouth, always choose something that is durable and absolutely reliable. 

Let us move forward and know in detail about the types of teeth straightening process and the cost of teeth straightening in Japan:


Let’s talk a bit about braces before moving to the cost of teeth straightening in Japan for braces.

Having braces on teeth is a very old and conventional way of solving problems of non-aligned teeth, underbite, etc. In braces, a wire with some brackets is attached to the teeth and tightened enough to bring them in their original position and in the proper line.

This process takes approximately two years and gives amazing results in the end. Though this treatment has also been modified and has several other styles to opt for. 

As we all know, wearing braces is in itself a big deal for 2 long years, technology has invented braces of other material and also worked on changing their placement. 

For example, the traditional braces are of metal material which is noticeable and are not liked by many. But here we have ceramic braces that are made of rubber and do not have any type of elasticity. 

Lingual braces on the other hand are something you might like if you don’t want to get noticed at all. These braces are placed at the inside of the teeth but are uncomfortable at times. 

Aligner also comes in the category of braces but is highly expensive as compared to the other ones. Aligner dares plastic cover type cap that gets placed on your teeth and are also removable and washable. 

braces teeth
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All of these braces are beneficial and effective and have their own time period of working. Talking about their cost in general, aligners are the most expensive but are not effective in severe alignment issues. 

Lingual braces, having the advantage of no noticeability, are at the same cost as metal and ceramic braces but they take more time to solve the problem. 

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Ceramic braces are of material that gets blended with the teeth shade so it has less visibility but is the same as metal braces. Lastly, metal braces are not expensive and are the most effective ones. It depends on you how you want to go with the procedure. 

The cost of teeth straightening in Japan for braces in Japan ranges between 500,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen (between $5 – $10,000). 

The cost of teeth straightening in Japan for Braces cost depends on the types of braces you choose. However, you can also get cheap braces in Tokyo from local dental clinics.


What about the cost of teeth straightening in Japan for veneers?

To reshape the imbalanced alignment of teeth, veneers are being used. This process is completely different from the conventional braces. 

As the process is different, even the cost and its effects are also not similar. To bring to your notice, veneers treatment is one of the most recommended and popular treatments. There are no wires or brackets or aligners in this process. 

cheap braces in Tokyo
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In this process, you get a porcelain shell material piece attached to the surface of your teeth. Also, this does not help in straightening them like the braces, but it fills the gaps and empty spaces to make them look aligned and perfect. 

They also fix minor alignment issues but can be a wrong choice if you are having majorly displaced teeth. So what’s the cost of teeth straightening in Japan for veneers? 

The cost of teeth straightening in Japan for veneers is 80,000 yen (roughly $730) and it is higher than the cost of braces and aligners. This is because veneers are comfortable and have no pain and time issues.


Let’s move to the cost of teeth straightening in Japan for lumineers.

Lumineers straightening in Japan are a kind of veneer that are low in price and have an average cost of teeth straightening in Japan for lumineers of 50,000 yen (roughly $450). The cost of teeth straightening in Japan for lumineers is less but they’re ineffective.

Lumineers are very thin and cheap in quality and do not last for a long time as compared to veneers that work in aligning as well as whitening the teeth. You will always have to keep the cost of teeth straightening in Japan before getting it done.

Invisible aligners

Now, let’s talk about the cost of teeth straightening in Japan for invisible aligners!

Invisible aligners are plastic made covers that straighten the position of teeth with perfection. These are removable and can be washed every week with a bleaching solution. 

There are different types of aligners available in markets and as per your teeth condition, your dentist will prescribe you the best. 

These are perfect for people who have to gap in between the teeth, overlapping issues, malalignment, etc. Although the procedure is similar to the traditional braces, it is just the change of outlook and material. 

cheap braces in Tokyo
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The cost of teeth straightening in Japan for aligners is  between 1,50,000 to 3,50,000 yen (between $1300 – $3200) which is costly but also has a different level of comfort with it that you will not enjoy with braces.

Snap-on smile

Lastly, the cost of teeth straightening in Japan for a snap-on smile!

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This is another famous and trending teeth straightening method which is expensive, painful but effective to a great extent and solves the problem in an appropriate manner.

A Snap-on smile is a clip like thing that is customized as per the patient’s teeth condition and is placed on the teeth. There is no tightening or gap-filling, it just acts like a mask that covers all your imperfections and lets you flaunt your smile confidently. 

They are absolutely comfortable to wear and also look superbly natural. Cost of teeth straightening in Japan for a snap-on smile is around 1,50,000 yen or more (roughly $1300 or more) for both lower and upper teeth. 

The cost of teeth straightening in Japan may be different for people with selective straightening and shape and size. This can be the best alternative to uncomfortable braces and aligners as it will do everything to make you look good. 

#1- Do Braces Keep the Teeth Straightened Permanently?

Braces act like a protective shield to your teeth that keeps them in place and intact. Retaining the same shape after the removal of braces is up to how you treat them.

Even after the removal of braces, teeth can get malaligned because of different reasons. Teeth grinding is a problem where a person bites the teeth regularly, which takes place because of stress and anxiety, and decreases the gum tissue. 

This step leads to zero support for teeth and hence, they start getting away from their original position. Another important factor to keep in mind, which is also told by our parents, that our face’s shape gets imbalanced after tooth loss. 

Parents or dentists tell you to not touch the empty area from where you have lost the tooth as regular touching will lead to opening up of that specific area and having slanted or tilted tooth shape in the future. 

Lastly, if you maintain your hygiene well, you don’t have to worry about any problems. In the same way, if your gums are not strong and healthy, that will result in affecting the whole thing while attacking directly on the root and hence messing up with the positioning.  

So, you have to keep in mind the cost of teeth straightening in Japan and move forward with whatever type of straightening you want for your teeth.

Cost of Teeth Straightening in Japan: Summary

Types of Teeth Straightening MethodsPriceBest For
Braces500,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen (between $5 – $10,000)Underbites, overbites, crowded or crooked teeth, and teeth with large gaps
Veneers80,000 yen (roughly $730) Chipped, malformed, or discolored teeth
Lumineers50,000 yen (roughly $450)Discolored or broken teeth
Invisible Aligners1,50,000 to 3,50,000 yen (between $1300 – $3200) Mild or moderately crowded teeth, or minor space between teeth
Snap-on-Smile1,50,000 yen or more (roughly $1300 or more)Covering up broken, decayed, or discolored teeth

The Perfect Teeth!

I hope this guide helped you make a choice to get your teeth straightened. In this guide, I have brought to you some of the most common and the most popular options and methods available for you. 

Hope this article- cost of teeth straightening in Japan helped you, keep smiling!

I have also explained the costs that you will have to bear when you decide to get your teeth straightened. If you have crooked or crowded teeth, I recommend you to try out any one of these methods and get that perfect set of teeth. 

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