20 Best Japanese Convenience Store Food | The Ultimate Konbini Food Guide

Best Japanese Convenience Store Food

Convenience Stores are an irreplaceable part of daily life in Japan. And here’s a list of some of the best Japanese convenience store food you should definitely check out!

These stores sell every type of meals and snacks and are literally convenient. 

My favorite thing about Japanese convenience stores is that they are located all over the country and can be easily accessed. 

Japanese Convenience food Stores offer everything we need and whenever we need it. You can get bento boxes, cup noodles, sushi, sweet treats, seating space, and much more at these convenience stores.

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There are several convenience stores in Japan. The most famous Japanese convenience store food are 7-Eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart

Best Japanese Konbini Store Food In Japan

Popular Convenience Store in JapanBest Japanese Convenience Store Foods
7-Eleven Japanese Convenience Store FoodsFluffy Mint Chocolate Rice Cake
Bento Boxes
Lawson Japan  Japanese Convenience Store FoodsUchi Cafe Sweets Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich 
Kara-age Kun Regular
Akuma no Onigiri
Green Smoothie
Family Mart  Japanese Convenience Store FoodChocolate Parfait 
Zakutto Rayu
Wafu Tuna Mayonnaise

First, let me tell you why you should try best Japanese convenience store food!

  • The meals available at the convenience stores are perfect for busy workers.
  • The variety of meals available such as bento boxes, ramen, sandwiches, steamed chicken, and more are available at these stores.
  • The food does not consist of only junk items; there are also healthy options available such as salads and steamed chicken.
  • The dishes are continuously improving and taste excellent, just like fresh food from restaurants
  • Buying lunch from these convenience stores is cost-effective. The food is available at affordable rates
  • It also saves time if you are running late or are in a hurry.

Japanese convenience stores are the best place to grab a quick bite on the go. It is also quite fun to mix and match food items at these stores. 

In this article, I am bringing to you the delicious delicacies of some of the top Japanese convenience store food! Without further ado, let us look at the best Japanese Convenience Store Food.


Ah, ramen – I could sing its praises all day. Just thinking about the rich, creamy broth, chewy noodles, and delicious toppings sends me into foodie heaven. Japanese convenience stores take their instant ramen seriously. With countless brands, types, and even limited editions, your taste buds will dance with joy.

I once had a delightful bowl filled with tasty tonkotsu broth, supremely satisfying noodles, and the perfect soft-boiled egg. Take my word – these noodles blow your average instant noodles to the wind!

Fluffy Mint Chocolate Rice Cake 

The Fluffy Mint Chocolate Rice Cakes from 7/11 are petite rice cakes made out of mint whipped cream, chocolate chips, and cocoa. If you are lovers of Rice Cake and sweetness, you must try out this rice cake. It offers the most unusual combination that melts in your mouth and makes you want more of it.  


Oden is a popular meal during the colder days. Every winter, you will catch a whiff of this warm and delicious dish that will tantalize you to try everything. 

What is Oden? If you are unfamiliar with this delicacy, it is never too late to start. Oden is a combination of vegetables, fishcakes, Konjac, boiled egg, Konjac noodles, and other wholesome items that are cooked in a soy-based broth. The items become soft and savory after cooking with the broth. 

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The Oden counter is right next to the cash register. The convenience store employee will help you get your bowl of the delicious Oden, so make sure that you tell him or her exactly what you want. 

Every item that you want will be out in a bowl and topped with a tasty and hot soup. It helps warm you up on a cold, winter day. What more? It is quite healthy. You must definitely try this!

Bento Boxes

Seven-Eleven has a wide variety of Bento boxes that are perfect for days when you are running late. Thanks to convenience stores, our days become easier and healthier. 

When you are running late for office and need a quick lunch, the bento boxes from 7/11 will save you. Also, on days when you reach home and are too tired to cook, a bento box will fill you up, while also being very healthy for you.

7/11 has several varieties of Bento boxes including the popular makunouchi bento box, which has an assortment of delicious side dishes. 

This bento box will satiate your hunger and satisfy your cravings. There are also other popular varieties such as an Okayodon rice bowl with exclusive broiled chicken.

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich

This delicious smoked salmon is mixed with vegetables and cream cheese offering a texture so good, you will soon be reaching out for round two. 

7-eleven best snacks

The salmon is fatty and smoked and the cream cheese has a mild sourness to it. These are mixed with the freshness of the vegetables and sandwiched between the semi-hard roll of bread adding to the texture. The sandwich is perfect for breakfast as well as lunch. 

Definitely one best Japanese convenience store foods to try!

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate the wondrous simplicity of yakitori: grilled chicken skewers that have been transformed into sheer culinary genius. How can something so simple taste so extraordinarily good?

My favorite, teriyaki-glazed yakitori, is an experience like no other. The sweet and savory sauce, combined with the smoky aroma of freshly grilled chicken, is enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Next time you encounter yakitori at your local convenience store, don’t hesitate – it’s a flavor explosion waiting to happen. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Uchi Cafe Sweets Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich 

The Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich from Lawsons’ very own Uchi Cafe is a special dessert made of two types of caramel paste. The combination of sweet and bitter caramel paste mixed with a tinge of salted caramel adds to the exquisite taste of the ice cream sandwich. Sandwiching the caramel between biscuits adds an extra layer of the texture to the dessert. 

Fried Karaage

One of the items you must not miss at Lawson is the Kara-age Kun Regular. These hot snacks are deep-fried chicken nuggets.

 Apart from the delicious taste of these fried chickens, what makes it attractive is its adorable box with a rooster’s face on it.

The fried chicken first came out in 1986 and has become a popular snacking option. 

You might think that these fried chicken nuggets are junk, however, they are known as low-carb snacks. The nuggets are mainly made using chicken breasts. 

The standard flavors are regular, spicy, and cheesy. But, you can occasionally find limited-edition flavors. 


My love for Japanese desserts led me to Melon-Pan, a delightful combination of a cookie and a sweet bread roll. Shaped like a melon, these fluffy goodies have a delectable cookie crust that makes them utterly irresistible in any convenience store.

They come in various flavors like matcha, chocolate chip or even sakura, and I’ve definitely lost track of how many I’ve tried!


The Akuma no Onigiri is one of the most popular rice balls at Lawson convenience stores. The Akuno no Onigiri, or Devil’s Rice Balls, was launched in October 2018 and it became an instant hit. Within the first 45 days, Lawson sold about 10 million of these rice balls. 

The rice ball features various ingredients providing the perfect balance of taste and flavor. Brown rice is cooked with flavorsome broth, tempura flakes, and dried green seaweed. The combination tempts you and makes you an instant fan.

Green Smoothie

The Lawson smoothie series has several great-tasting smoothies such as the Green Smoothie, Purple Smoothie Maqui Berries, and other delicious variations.

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Ever since its launch, Green Smoothie has sold over 42 million items, making it one of their most popular items. Lawson’s Green Smoothie came out in 2015 as a complete meal that loads you with every nutrient that you need.

It packs the goodness of various vegetables to provide you with a rich smoothie that tastes great and is also good for your health. It instantly became a hit among Japanese people when it first came out. 

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Chocolate Parfait 

The Chocolate Parfait from Family Mart first came out in 2015 as a part of a collaboration with Tokyo’s popular sweet shop, Ken’s Cafe. When it first hit the stores, people were surprised to see that convenience store sweets could be so good!

This chocolate parfait is a perfect combination of chocolate and caramel. The multilayered parfaits are individually handmade, and the chocolates are from the famed chocolatier, Cao’s Chocolates. 

Zakutto Rayu

Zakutto Rayu or Chili Oil onigiri by Family Mart is a favorite amongst lovers of Onigiri. It has been in people’s hearts ever since it made its debut. 

The onigiri surpasses excellence in taste. It is filled with chopped onion and garlic. It is then seasoned with mild chili oil that gives this onigiri its distinctive taste. 

You will reach food heaven right from your first bite. The compelling taste of crispy seaweed, soft rice, and crunchy fillings will burst in your mouth and make you a fan. 

Wafu Tuna Mayonnaise

Onigiri (Rice Balls) are a favorite convenience store food. Onigiri comes in all shapes and flavors, making it not only delicious but also fun to try out all the different flavors.

The Wafu Tuna Mayonnaise is a seasoned rice ball that is wrapped with soft seaweed. The inside of the onigiri is filled with tuna mayonnaise, giving it a characteristic taste. Apart from this, the rice itself is flavorful. It is seasoned with Japanese broth, bonito flakes, and seaweed. 


You cannot miss out on the hot snacks counter when you visit Family Mart. It is positioned right next to the cash register.

The Famichiki is one of the best snacks available at this convenience store. Famichiki is an innovative name that is short for FamilyMart Chicken. 

It is a boneless chicken thigh that is perfectly seasoned. Every bite of the chicken bursts with delicious flavors and juices that you will savor. 

Apart from the original flavor, you can also find other variations such as salt lemon and spicy. Family Mart also occasionally brings out limited-edition flavors. 

Chuhai Charm

Some days, I just crave a tasty Chuhai to beat the heat. These fizzy wonders are a popular Japanese convenience store drink made from shochu, a distilled alcohol, mixed with carbonated water and fruit flavors. With flavors like peach, grapefruit, and lychee, the possibilities are endless. They usually come in handy 350ml cans and have alcohol content ranging from 3% to 9%. Talk about a bargain: tasty, refreshing, and wallet-friendly!

Sake Surprise

When it comes to alcohol, Japan is famous for its sake (rice wine). I can’t pass by a convenience store without spotting little bottles of this traditional drink. At these stores, you can find various types of sake, such as:

  • Junmai: pure rice sake with no added alcohol
  • Ginjo: premium sake made from highly polished rice
  • Nama: unpasteurized sake for a fresher taste

Just remember to drink it chilled, at room temperature, or even warmed up, depending on the type and your preference.

Beer Bonanza

Japanese convenience stores truly are a beer lover’s paradise. There’s a wide variety of brews waiting for you, from big brands like AsahiSapporo, and Kirin to more local craft beers. You’ll also find “happoshu” (low-malt beer) and non-alcoholic beers for those who want a lighter option. Take your pick, crack one open, and say “kanpai!”

Kirin Kudos

As for my personal favorite, I have to give a shout-out to Kirin Ichiban Shibori. It’s such a smooth beer, brewed with 100% malt and known for its rich, full-bodied flavor. Trust me, getting a cold one from a Japanese convenience store and sipping it while watching the world go by is an experience worth having. Cheers to the Japanese convenience store alcohol selection!

Best Konbini Stores To Check Out In Japan


I remember stepping into my first Japanese 7-Eleven, and I was blown away by how different it was from my local American version. The konbini market here is a gastronomical paradise, offering delicious and affordable snacks, meals, and drinks, available 24/7. Walking through the aisles, I couldn’t help but notice the impressive selection of onigiri, bento boxes, and mouth-watering desserts. I’d say that 7-Eleven truly stands out for its scrumptious and affordable treats.


As I strolled through the streets of Japan, I was amazed every time I stumbled upon a Lawson store. Their trademark blue and white sign invited me to enter and explore. Lawson also offers a broad variety of Japanese konbini food, such as karaage-kun (fried chicken nuggets), convenience store fried chicken, and a fantastic spaghetti neapolitan. Not to mention, they have some unique items like matcha desserts and the famous Premium Roll Cake. Trust me, it’s easy to fall in love with Lawson!


When I walk into FamilyMart, I can’t help but appreciate the variety of convenience store goods at my fingertips. With its vast selection of fresh and quality food items, FamilyMart is a mecca for konbini enthusiasts like me. Their famichiki (fried chicken) is especially tasty, as are their sandwiches, like the egg salad one. Oh, and let’s not forget their delicious soft-serve ice cream! Yes, the fandom for FamilyMart is absolutely real.


Ministop may be slightly less popular compared to the other konbini giants, but it does have its fan base, and I am one of them. Known for their heavenly desserts, they’ve got a variety of treats and parfaits that are absolutely delightful. They also have a pretty delicious assortment of onigiri and odens. It’s clear that the Japanese konbini market wouldn’t be complete without the mystery of Ministop.

Japanese Convenience Stores: FAQs

What are the top-selling konbini snacks in Japan?

Oh, the joys of konbini snacks! Top-selling items include onigiri (rice balls), sandwiches, and bento boxes. There are also unique snacks like Umaibo (corn puff sticks), instant ramen, and Jagarico (potato sticks). Whenever I visit a konbini, it’s always an adventure in flavor!

Which delicious meals can I find at Japanese convenience stores?

Japanese convenience stores offer a wide range of scrumptious meals. Some of my favorites include katsudon (pork cutlet rice bowl), nikuman (steamed meat buns), and curry rice. You certainly won’t go hungry with all these options! Don’t forget to try the amazingly fluffy egg salad sandwiches too.

How do Japan’s 7-11 food options compare to other countries?

Japan’s 7-11 stores are on a whole other level! Their food options are fresher, tastier, and there’s a larger variety compared to other countries. I find the quality of the ingredients and presentation to be top-notch. Trust me, once you experience a Japan 7-11, you’ll wish every convenience store was like it.

What should I try when visiting a konbini in Japan?

There’s so much to choose from! I recommend trying an onigiri (rice ball) or katsu sandwich for a taste of authentic Japanese street food. Don’t forget to indulge in matcha-flavored Kit-Kats or Pocky while you’re there. Personally, my favorite is the melonpan (melon bread) – it’s a sweet yet satisfying treat.

Are Japanese convenience store meals healthy?

Japanese convenience store meals can be surprisingly healthy! They often use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and dishes like onigiri and bento boxes tend to include a good balance of protein, carbs, and veggies. Just be mindful of the sodium content in some items like ramen or canned foods.

How do prices of Japan’s convenience store food fare?

Prices are generally quite reasonable, making konbini food an affordable and convenient option for many people. A typical meal or snack can range from 100 to 500 yen ($1 to $5). Believe me when I say, the bang for your buck is exceptional!

What’s there at Japanese convenience stores to eat?

You get a variety of meals at Japanese convenience stores. From a hearty breakfast to dinner – you get to choose from many options like – bento boxes, convenience store sushi, onigiri, sandwiches, and more.

What can I buy at 7-11 in Japan?

At 7-eleven in Japan, there are several meals you could try. Some of 7-eleven most famous food are Fluffy Mint Chocolate Rice Cake, Oden, and bento boxes – absolutely delicious!

What is there to eat in Lawson Japan?

The most popular eatables at Lawson Japan are: Uchi Cafe Sweets, Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich, Kara-age Kun Regular, Akuma no Onigiri

Do Japanese convenience stores have good food?

Convenience stores in Japan like 7-eleven, Lawson, Family Mart serve delicious snacks and meals at an affordable price. Japanese convenience store are a great option to grab a quick meal for those who are always on the go!

Once you get used to the idea of a convenience store, you wouldn’t want to stay away from it. It is one of the best parts of Japan. 

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The first thing that makes convenience stores so popular is because it is open 24/7. No matter what time of the day (or night) it is, you will always find your comfort food at the convenience stores. 

You are always open to your favorite meals, snacks, and other delicious varieties offered by convenience stores. Conbini (convenience stores) make your life so much easier. 

“Yumming” away at Japanese Convenience Store Food

In this article, you saw the three major convenience stores in Japan that are each unique in their own way.

You must try out their popular dishes to have a foodgasm like never before. And that’s not it! There are so many other food products and meals to explore in these convenience stores!

Are you ready to enjoy the deliciousness?

What do you think?

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