Is Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 Textbook Good For Practice?

Is Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 Textbook Good For Practice

Is Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook Good for practice? Read on to find out more about this popular JLPT N2 textbook and whether or not it’s good for your study needs.

Learning for JLPT is no joke and particularly if you’re sitting for the N2 exams which is one of the advanced levels in JLPT. You ought to rehearse for JLPT N2 with accurate study materials in order to ace the exam. 

Among the numerous textbooks available for JLPT, Gokaku Dekiru is one that has earned adulation and conviction from most non-Japanese and Japanese speakers.

As someone who has followed Gokaku Dekiru N2, I wished to share my thoughts and reviews regarding the textbook and if it’s actually worth the time you take to practice it. 

If you’re keen to learn more about Gokaku Dekiru N2 and how resourceful it is, then make sure to check my review below!

Is Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 Textbook Good For Practice?

Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 Textbook: A Synopsis

If you’re considering purchasing the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook, then you should know what the book includes which is why I’ve summarized the textbook’s contents for you. 

The book is composed of 211 pages of which 183 pages are for practice while the rest of them are answer keys.

The Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook includes the key subject matters that will be tested on the JLPT N2 exam and these are grammar, learning how to read kanji letters, intermediate and advanced Japanese vocabulary, as well as reading and listening comprehension texts in Japanese.

Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 Textbook
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This JLPT N2 textbook is also divided into 2 segments where the first part familiarizes you with the latest subject materials of the JLPT N2 level.

This part introduces the learners to 663 problems that one can aim to solve while learning through the Gokaku Dekiru N2 textbook. 

On the other hand, the second part of the book presents questions and problems with a much more practical approach which aids the learners to reevaluate their overall knowledge of the JLPT N2 level.

This part honestly assists you to test yourself based on what you’ve covered in the book hence you can have a notion if you’ve rehearsed enough for the JLPT N2 exam or if you require more practice for it. 

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The Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 preparation textbook also contains other resourceful study materials like answer keys for the questions in the book as well as audio CDs.

With the use of answer keys, you can double-check your answers while rectifying and learning from your errors. 

Furthermore, the audio CDs come in handy as they assist you to memorize and note down any crucial elements that will be tested on the JLPT N2 exam.

Listening to the audio CDs from the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 book helped me to broaden my wisdom in the Japanese language as well. 

Is The Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 Textbook Easy To Follow?

This might be the frequently asked question regarding the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook. This is because every Japanese learner is curious to find out any effortless measures that can benefit them to learn Japanese swiftly. 

After sitting for the JLPT N3 exam, I was looking for N2 practice books that would not just educate me for the N2 level exam but also guide me on the path of the complexity of the Japanese language. 

gokaku dekiru n2 pdf download
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I was introduced to the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 practice book by my Japanese friend who informed me that the book emphasizes the most advanced portions of the Japanese language in a daring and straightforward technique.

Me being me was fascinated by this concept and decided to purchase the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook on Amazon. 

After briefly taking a glance at the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook I knew it was going to be quite helpful. The questions were balanced and not too intricate hence it was convenient for me to comprehend and answer them.

Under each question, there were explanations that guide the learners on the core of the problem. This aspect of the book ensures the learners can grasp the materials instantly. 

Every commentary on the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 practice book is easy to comprehend and pretty forthright. Most of the questions in the book were in a multiple-choice questions format which made my experience with the book even more fun.

Another favorite aspect of the Gokaku Dekiru textbook is the availability of numerous questions and that too in the exam format.

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Hence the book simply served as a mock version of the exam and built up my confidence for the final test.

Not to mention the answer sheets that come in handy to cross-check my original answers thereby being of service to review my explanations. 

In addition, there was no single phrase or word in the English language which seems like an advantage in my opinion. This is because I’d work my mind out to answer the questions without relying on guidelines that are written in my first language. 

Therefore, I’d state that the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 book was quite easy to follow and apprehend. 

Can Anyone Practice Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 Textbook?

The N2 level in JLPT is the second advanced level that tests the learners on the intricacy of the Japanese language.

In order to be proficient with the N2 level, the learner must have exhaustively studied through the previous levels (N5, N4, and N3) of the JLPT course. 

gokaku dekiru n2
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This is because the JLPT N2 level solely focuses on being a fluent Japanese speaker who has the everyday familiarity of the Japanese language at their fingertips.

For this reason, the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook is predominantly written in Japanese and there’s not even a single English word I came across when rehearsing the entire book. 

This should tell you that the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook is one of the most progressive Japanese textbooks for practice.

Therefore, you must have adequate experience in the Japanese language in order to attempt the questions and problems in the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook and learn them without a hassle. 

Is The Gokaku Dekiru Textbook Sufficient For The JLPT N2 Exam?

The JLPT Level N2 exam tests on a variety of subject matters including kanji reading, sentence formation, grammar, comprehension passages, vocabulary, listening, etc.

To be able to pull off the JLPT N2 exam successfully, one must practice every portion of the subject matter from top to bottom and be meticulous with every detail. 

As you work through the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 practice book, you’ll perceive how it covers every element of the JLPT level N2 exam since the book is inclusive of kanji reading, grammar, advanced reading, and listening as well as Japanese vocabulary.

The strategy of each of the subject content is profoundly analyzed making the book an in-depth rehearsing item. 

gokaku dekiru n3 pdf
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The Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 book is orchestrated in a manner that the learners would use it as a possession to boost their confidence in the Japanese language by revising every question.

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It aids to pinpoint the weaknesses in your Japanese vocabulary and allows you to rectify them through adequate practice and answering and as a result, preparing you for the daunting task of sitting for the N2 exams. 

However, is the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 practice book alone sufficient to prepare you for the JLPT N2 exams? I would say not really.

The Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook does examine every vital fragment of the JLPT N2 curriculum, however, this one practice book alone would be deemed insufficient to qualify you to sit for the JLPT N2 exam. 

This is because the JLPT N2 level concentrates on the toughest corners of the Japanese language which comprises writing long coherent passages, reading newspapers, articles, and magazines, as well as being able to catch up with daily Japanese conversations and even give quick responses to questions.

Suffice it to admit that the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 book doesn’t assess these matters vigorously. 

Therefore, I’d recommend investing in a few more N2 books that help you prepare for every content of the exam.

Some N2 books that I’ve personally benefitted from are New Kanzen Master JLPT N2 Complete Set, A Dictionary Of Advanced Japanese Grammar, and Nihongo So Matome JLPT N2 Complete Set.

Views On Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 Textbook

There’s no denying that the Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook is an exceptional book for practicing the talents and knowledge you possess in the Japanese language.

Albeit, several people might suggest Japanese textbooks and practice books they’ve benefited from, the Gokaku Dekiru is certainly a valuable study material for the level N2 JLPT exams.

gokaku dekiru
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I’ve benefitted loads from this book as it helped me begin practicing the N2 syllabus at my own pace and it gradually sped up by incorporating complex questions that seemed challenging initially.

However, slowly but surely, I saw myself being capable of mastering even the toughest portions of the Japanese language which are notably the grammar and vocabulary. 

Every question and problem in the Gokaky Dekiru JLPT N2 textbook is accompanied by explanations that can come in handy for learners who are having a hard time processing how to work through them.

All in all, I’d hands down recommend Gokaku Dekiru JLPT N2 book for Japanese learners who are seeking to embrace new blood into their brainpower because no amount of practice goes to waste.

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