7 Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo for Shopaholics 2022

Top shopping districts in Tokyo

Fashionistas to techie geeks: Tokyo has covered it all for you. Check out these top shopping districts in Tokyo to satiate your shopaholic self. You will never regret splurging a single penny here. 

Are you a shopaholic who cannot resist the urge to grab new and fancy stuff from the store? Well, no wonder you landed on this page! Shopping in a new city is extremely thrilling and when it comes to Tokyo, you’ll definitely be over the moon.

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Tokyo is not just one city, it is rather like several cities connected through a great transportation system of subway or railways. Many of Tokyo’s districts have either quirky, fun or nerdy but amazing shopping centres to quench your shopping thirst. 

From high-end brands to offbeat fashion, vintage and traditional crafts, perfect Japanese souvenirs, artsy manga to nerdy gadgets that you didn’t know exists: trust us, Tokyo has it ALL. Whether you prefer a departmental-store browsing or a thrift store full of treasures, there’s nothing you would want to leave out once you start your Tokyo shopping-spree.

The wide variety and range might overwhelm and confuse you but, don’t worry! Consider your problem solved. We’ve rounded up the best Tokyo shopping districts along with what you can shop from there. Lift your shopping spirits and splurge it out with all your heart.

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Best Shopping Districts In Tokyo

Top Shopping Districts in TokyoBest ForClosest Train Station
GinzaLuxury fashion brands, Art stationery
and Craft
Ginza station of the Tokyo Metro Ginza
AsakusaSouvenirsAsakusa Station 
JR Akihabara Station
– Tokyo Metro Akihabara Station (Hibiya Line)
– Tsukuba Express Akihabara Station
OchanomizuMusic InstrumentsOchanomizu station
KappabashiKitchen gadgetsTawaramachi Station on the Subway Ginza Line
HarajukuYouth FashionHarajuku station
JimbochoWinter Jackets,
Ski Shops and Sport.
Jimbocho station


Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo for Luxury fashion brands, Art stationery and Craft.

Location: 15 mins from Tokyo Station.

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Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo

One-stop for the fashion glitz and glams is definitely Ginza. You’ll find fancy bags, high-end branded clothing, shimmy footwear as well as cars here in this district. Flagship stores of your favourite luxury brands like Bvlgari, Rolex, Chanel are located here. 

While shopping in Ginza, don’t forget to check out their departmental stores Mitsukoshi and avant-garde Dover Street Market. Also, fine crafts at Takumi will please your eyes. Stationery and art supplies in the entire 9 floors building of Itōya is a heaven on earth for art and craft lovers.

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Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo for Souvenirs

Location: 5kms from Tokyo Station, takes about 30 mins by train.


Pretty obvious, you would want to carry Japanese authentic souvenirs back for your remembrance or to gift someone. Yes, it is easy to find them, just hop to Asakusa district.

This district is famous for the Senso-Ji Temple. A promenade leading to the temple, Nakamise Dori is where you’ll find all the perfect goodies and treasure troves in traditional-styled shops lined up.

Get yourselves Japanese fans, chopsticks, traditional socks from Japan called tabi and a lot more amazing keepsakes that you’ll find here. Shop from the quieter streets for unique stuff with better quality.

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Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo for Inexpensive electronics, anime, manga, games 

Location: 2 stations north from Tokyo station, takes about 4 mins in train. 

best cheap shopping in tokyo

Can’t get over your anime and manga obsession? Well, you will go bananas in Akihabara. This district is called the otaku (geeks) hub for a reason and you’ll cent percent agree with it as you explore their shopping centres.

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You will find numerous electronic shops with cheap gadgets that you didn’t know exists in Akihabara Radio centre. Old or new you’ll find all the tech-related stuff easily here. All the J-pop culture, manga and anime OVAs and collector’s pieces can be found in Mandarake Complex, Otaku House or AmiAmi.

Start with Bic Camera or Yodobashi Camera and head to the back streets with small and independent store particular items. Also, try the craft bazaar under-the-train-tracks 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan and Jimbōchō having 170 bookstores (no kidding, it’s 170!).


Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo for Music Instruments

Location: 4mins from Tokyo station by train, almost parallel to Akihabara station.

tokyo commercial fashion district

If you are a musician or love music, a piece for your heart will be taken away by the stores in Ochanomizu. A street here, Meidai Dori is called Guitar street with love for it is filled with guitar shops and outlets. Gibson, Yamaha, Martin, PRS or Gretsch- you’ll find almost every brand within the vicinity of this small district.

Try looking for your goods on the street stores. Old, new or secondhand there are wide ranges of options you can find under your budget. 

Go for secondhand Shimokura or Ishibashi to enjoy the best instruments under a decent price range. You can also get all fancy and order your own custom guitar at ESP Custom Shop.

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Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo for Kitchen Gadgets, Cutlery, and Crockery

Location: Tokyo station to Kappabashi-dori via Akihabara and Asakusa in around 17 min.

shopping street japan

Kappabashi will make you whip and whisk harder in the Kitchen Town of Kappabashi. The main street that connects Asakusa and Ueno is lined up with amazing crockeries and culinary tools.

It has got from bowls, dining sets to tables and chairs. The collection of knives at Kama-Asa Shoten will amaze you. Don’t miss Utuwazoshi for authentic crafted containers and chopsticks.

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You will mostly find locals in Kappabashi as it is less touristy. For something unique, grab fake but realistic wax food samples for display. 

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Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo for Youth Fashion

Location: 6kms from Tokyo between Shinjuku and Shibuya.

best shopping streets in tokyo

Take a day to explore the youth fashion fades at Harajuku. If the lolita culture attracts you, this should definitely be on your bucket list. Hop to Takeshita Dori for avant-garde trends and styles.

Avoid visiting here on weekends as it gets super crowded with locals as well as foreigners. Visit ACDC Rag for edgy and grunge style or try Bubbles for a kawaii (cute) outfit. If you don’t mind thrifting, check out Ragtag and Kinji for a repeated fashion statement.

You can also head to Aoyama along Omotesando Dori for a more matured sense of fashion. We get it, everyone has their own style. Pick what is best for you!

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Top Shopping Districts in Tokyo for Winter Jackets, Ski Shops, Sports Gear

Location: 12 mins by train from Tokyo station, crossing Chiyoda city.

tokyo commercial district

If you are a travel junkie planning to spend your next holidays in the snow, consider packing your suitcase with Jimbocho accessories. It is a wholesome place to get your winter shopping as well as sportswear done here. Yasukuni Dori that connects Jimbocho and Ogawamachi are awesome for skiers and snowboarders. Start from Victoria and L-Breath

You also find boots and jackets that will keep you warm from the snow. As Japan is famous for its powder snow, the winter clothing here is really worth buying. 

Some Hacks while shopping in Tokyo:

  • Many stores (including departmental stores) offer tax-free shopping to tourists over Yen 5,000. Try carrying your passports everywhere.
  • Carry cash as small stores might not accept credit/debit cards.
  • Avoid bargaining as Japanese people do not appreciate it, apart from some electronic items.
  • Most of the departmental stores in Tokyo have a dedicated gourmet food hall. Grab some bites for a mid-shopping treat or get someone a food gift. 

Hope you have an unforgettable shopping experience in Tokyo!

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