Japan Pays Tribute To Original Doge Meme Dog: Celebrating an Internet Icon in Her Home Prefecture

japans tribute to Doge Meme Dog

Japan Pays Tribute To Original Doge Meme Dog with a public monument to commemorate Kabosu.

I recently explored the tranquil Sakura Furusato Hiroba in Sakura City and stumbled upon a charming tribute that bridges the digital world with physical reality. 

Enthusiasts of digital culture and canine affection now have a new pilgrimage site: a monument dedicated to none other than Kabosu, the Shiba Inu who became an internet sensation as the face of the “doge” meme.

Japan’s Tribute To The Original Doge Meme Dog

Monument Highlights:

  • A lifelike statue of Kabosu, capturing her iconic relaxed pose on a sofa with a knowing smirk, invites park visitors to reminisce about the meme’s impact on internet culture.
  • Surrounding the central canine figure are sculptures of three cats, adding a playful nod to the universal appeal of internet pet celebrities.
  • The monument’s unveiling on November 2, aligns with Kabosu’s honorary birthday, making it an annual celebratory event for fans.
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A Glimpse into Kabosu’s Story:

  • Kabosu’s exact date of birth remains a mystery, but what is certain is the joy she has brought to the online community since her adoption on November 2, 2008, by Atsuko Sato.
  • On February 13, 2010, Kabosu graced the digital space with her presence, quickly ascending to the status of the world’s most adored meme, symbolizing positivity and the mantra “Do Only Good Everyday.”
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Cultural Impact and Accessibility:

  • A bilingual plaque presented at the site outlines Kabosu’s story, signaling the local community’s intention to attract both local and international visitors.
  • The monument’s location in Sakura City is strategically placed to draw in tourists, nestled conveniently between Downtown Tokyo and Narita Airport, with additional local attractions like a stunning bamboo grove and historically significant sites.

Through my observations, it’s evident the monument not only serves as a homage to a beloved meme but also as an invitation to explore the rich cultural tapestry of Sakura City. 

Kabosu’s internet fame has been cemented in physical form, ensuring her legacy endures within the evolving narrative of pop culture and digital influence.

What are the Roots of the Doge Meme?

The Doge meme originated from a photograph of a Shiba Inu named Kabosu, taken by her owner, Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato, and later shared on her personal blog in 2010. 

Over time, the image spread and gained popularity on various social media platforms, eventually becoming the iconic meme with multicolored text in Comic Sans font surrounding the image.

Where is the Doge Meme’s Monument Situated in Japan?

The tribute to the Doge meme is situated in Sakura City, located within the Chiba Prefecture. 

Specifically, it has been established in the Sakura Furusato Hiroba, which is a scenic riverside park known for welcoming visitors.

Which Dog Breed Stars in the Doge Meme?

The breed that stars in the Doge meme is the Shiba Inu, a small to medium-sized dog native to Japan. It is well-regarded for its spirited personality, fox-like appearance, and agility.

Impact of the Doge Meme on Internet Culture

The Doge meme has significantly shaped internet culture by becoming a form of online language and expression. It has led to the creation of the “Doge” speak, where phrases are presented in broken English for comedic effect. 

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Additionally, the meme has influenced the creation of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, further cementing its legacy within the digital world.

Creator of the Doge Meme Monument

Currently, the specific artist or creator behind the Doge meme statue remains unreported. 

Nevertheless, it’s known that the NFT community that owned the original Doge meme image was instrumental in making the monument a reality, collaborating with local Japanese authorities.

Public’s Response to the Doge Monument

From the information I have, the response to the Doge meme monument in Japan has been positively received. 

Admirers of the meme appreciate the physical representation of a piece of internet history, and it has attracted attention from both locals and memefans alike, providing a unique spot for photo opportunities and social media engagement.

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