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How To Buy A Sim Card In Tokyo 2022 | Easy Ways To Buy SIM Card in Tokyo!

how to buy a sim card in tokyo

Wondering how to buy a SIM card in Tokyo? Well, here’s the complete breakdown about buying tourist SIM cards in Tokyo, Japan without breaking a sweat!

In Tokyo, Japan visitors commonly take the prepaid data-only SIM card. With this type of SIM card, you have access to unlimited internet and can make VOIP calls through apps that allow you to make calls. But you cannot make or receive calls the traditional way nor can you send an SMS. 

How to buy a sim card in Tokyo?

You can register online and pick up the SIM Card at Narita or Haneda airport with unlimited 4G SIM data. You can check out online websites like Klook. You can also buy SIM card after arriving in Japan at over the counter BIC camera shops which you can find everywhere in all cities of Japan.

But this shouldn’t be a problem even if you don’t have an active internet connection yet because you’ll find WiFi almost everywhere you go in Tokyo! 

How to Buy a SIM Card in Tokyo

  • Buy it online for pickup on arrival: You can order online a 4G SIM card with unlimited data with websites like Klook. And you pick it up at the airport when you arrive. The staff at the pick point will help you configure your phone.
  • Buy it at BIC Camera shops: You can also buy a Japan travel SIM card at BIC camera shops which are spread everywhere across the city
  • Buy Data only SIM: You can make calls using internet apps like Skype and Facetime with data-only SIMs
  • Rent Pocket WiFi: This is a good option for travelers. You can easily rent a mobile router or a pocket WiFi
  • Buy A SIM Card in Japan: If you have a tourist VISA you can easily buy a voice/data SIMs in Japan.

Let’s look at some details about how to actually go about the process of buying a travel SIM card in Japan!

Buying SIM Card in Tokyo At The Airport

One of the easiest things to do is buying your Japan travel SIM card at the airport. You’ll find SIM card stalls at both Narita and Haneda Tokyo airports. Also, since the staff here always deals with tourists, they’re fluent in English as well. So you won’t have to worry about trying to speak in Japanese. 

But keep in mind that, like buying everything else at the airport, buying a Japan travel SIM card for tourists at the airport might be a tad bit expensive than ordering it online or buying it elsewhere in Tokyo. 

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Pro Tip: If you want to buy a Japan travel SIM card for a bit cheaper at the Tokyo airports then look for bic camera shops at the Narita airport terminal 2 and Haneda airport international terminal. You’ll find that the SIM card here are comparatively cheaper. 

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Buying SIM Card At BIC Camera Shops In Tokyo

BIC Camera shops are extremely popular in Tokyo, Japan. You’ll find all kinds of electronic-related items here, including SIM cards for tourists. 

The best part about buying a travel SIM card at BIC camera shops in Tokyo is that they’re a whole cheaper than buying it at the airport or online and plus you get a wide range of options to choose from! 

The whole process is super-easy, all you have to do is find a BIC camera shop, pick a travel Japan SIM card of your choice based on the most attractive data plan, sign up, and pay. And voila! You can instantly open your Instagram and post your first customary touristy picture!

The only downside here is that, the staff here might not speak in fluent English so you either learn some basic Japanese or grab someone who can speak both languages and help you translate what the staff is saying. However, that doesn’t mean staff at every BIC camera shop won’t know English. Some stores may have English-speaking staff as well. 

Where To Find A BIC Camera Shop To Buy A SIM Card In Tokyo, Japan?

BIC Camera shops are scattered all around Tokyo city. You’ll easily find BIC camera shops around popular train stations like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yurakucho, and Akihabara. 

Click here to find a BIC camera shop that’s most convenient for you!

Buying SIM card Online – Mobal SIM Card Japan or Klook Japan SIM Card

This would be the most practical thing to do – it’ll save you time and effort. You can order a Japan travel SIM card online before you actually arrive at the Tokyo airport. 

mobal sim

Mobal is the most popular network provider for tourists. You can order a Mobal SIM card online on the website.

Once you’re on the website, choose the data plan that suits you best and sign up.

Once you’ve entered all your details, the site will ask you to choose a pick-up date and location from the list. Choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

You will find options to pick it up from the airport, Shinjuku, and Shibuya as well. You can then make the payment using credit/debit card, or PayPal. 

Pro Tip: Mobal is the only provider that offers data + voice plan (no wonder it’s the most popular travel Japan SIM card for tourists) 

You can also order a travel Japan SIM card from Mobal’s website after you’ve arrived in Tokyo and set it up for pick up on the same day. To access the website, you can use free WiFi available at the airport, cafes, restaurants, etc. 

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You can also order a Japan travel SIM card from Klook. You can set it up to pick your SIM card at the Haneda or Narita airports in Tokyo. The staff at the pick up point will also help you set up your SIM card.  

Best SIM Cards For Tourists In Tokyo

You can also buy pay-as-you-go SIM cards offered by some of Japan’s major network providers. But it’s better to go with an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). They also provide better deals on Japan travel SIM card plans for tourists. 

Here are some of the best Japan Travel SIM card providers for tourists and travelers. 

Sl. No. SIM Provider Data PlansPriceLink 
1.Inplus Sim Card1 GB/6 Days
1 GB 8/DaysClick here for pricing
3.5 GB/16 DaysClick here for pricing
Unlimited Data/16 DaysClick here for pricing 
2.IIJmio japan travel sim1GB/30 days ¥2,460Click here to know more
2GB/90 days¥3,780
3.B-mobile Visitor Sim5GB/10 Days¥1,980Click here to know more
4.Sakura Mobile SIM Unlimited Data/8 Days¥4,500Click here to know more 
Unlimited Data/15 Days¥6,500
5.Mobal SIM CardUnlimited data/8 days¥3,990Click here to know more
Unlimited Data/16 days¥5,990

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#1 — Inplus SIM Card Japan

Inplus SIM card providers in Japan offer four data plans for short-term travel. You can choose to get the 1GB plan for 6 days, 1GB data plan for 8 days, 3.5 GB plan for 16 days or unlimited data for 16 days. 

inplus sim card japan

The plan you choose will ultimately depend on the number of days you’re staying there and how much internet you would be using. 

Click here for pricing of the 1GB plan for 6 days

Click here for pricing of the 1GB data plan for 8 days

Click here for pricing of the 3.5 GB plan for 16 days

Click here for pricing the unlimited data plan for 16 days

#2 — IIJmio SIM Card – IIJmio Japan Travel SIM

japan welcome sim review

IIJmio Japan travel SIM is one of the popular SIM card providers in Japan. It offers 2 data plans for short-term travel. The plans are 1 GB for 30 days priced at 2,460 JPY, 2 GB for 90 days priced at 3,780 JPY. 

Click here for more information

#3 — B-mobile Visitor SIM

sim card at airport

B-mobile offers one data-only plan for short-term travel. It’s priced at 1,980 JPY for 5 GB with a validity of 10 days. After which, you have to recharge again if you wish to continue using the service.

Click here to know more

#4 — Sakura Mobile Return SIM Card

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mobal sim card japan

Sakura mobile SIM providers offer two unlimited data plans for short-term tourists in Japan. The first one is an unlimited data plan valid for 8 days and costs 4,500 JPY. The other unlimited data plan is valid for 15 days and costs 6,500 JPY. 

Click here to know more 

#5 — Mobal SIM Card Japan Review

Mobal is one of the most popular travel Japan SIM card providers.They offer two unlimited data plans for short-term stay in Japan. One is valid for 8 days and costs 3,990 JPY, while the other plan is valid for 16 days and costs 5,990 JPY.

Click here to know more

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How To Buy A Sim Card In Tokyo: FAQ

How much does a SIM card cost in Tokyo?

The cost of a SIM card in Tokyo depends on the SIM card provider and the data plan you choose. The data plan pricing can be anywhere from 1,500 JPY to 6,000 JPY. 

Can I buy prepaid SIM card in Japan?

You can buy prepaid SIM cards in Japan both with voice and/or data plans. Request for a B-mobile PayG SIM if you’re looking to buy a prepaid SIM card in Japan. It costs JPY9,980. You can either purchase it online or buy it in Japan from a Yodobashi camera shop.

Which SIM card is best in Japan?

IIJmio SIM cards and Inplus SIM card providers are both considered one of the top SIM card providers in Japan. 

Can I buy SIM card at Narita airport?

You can buy SIM cards at Narita airport by approaching one of the SIM stalls at the airport. Since the SIM stall staff often deal with foreign tourists they’re also well-versed in English. They will also further help you set up your SIM card at the airport. 

What is the best SIM card to use in Japan?

Here are some of the best sim cards to use in Japan:
– Sakura Mobile
– Yolo Mobile
– GTN Mobile
– IIJ Mio
– Mobal

Can I buy a SIM card at Tokyo airport?

Yes, you can buy a SIM card at Tokyo airport but it’ll be data-only. You can buy it over the counter in Tokyo or register online for pick up at Narita or Haneda airport. 

Can foreigners get a SIM card in Japan?

Yes, foreigners can get a SIM card in Japan from NTT Docomo, au or SoftBank which are the biggest Japanese carriers. You’ll have to sign a contract, post which you’ll get your SIM but it’ll be locked and will work only with the SIM card provider carrier. 

What do I need in order to purchase a Japan Sim Card?

If you’re looking for a long term Japanese Sim card then you’ve to provide ID proof (residence card or Japanese driving license) with your current address located in Japan. Sim cards like Mobal however, don;t require Japanese address. 

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