7 Best Anime Like My Hero Academia 2022

anime like my hero academia

Enjoyed watching My Hero Academia? Here are more anime like My Hero Academia you can binge watch!

My Hero Academia has risen to fame since the day of its release. Thanks to its lovable characters, enthralling action scenes, and subtle comedy that’s worth mentioning. My Hero Academia is packed with beautiful scenes and emotions that almost everyone can relate to. 

The storyline of My Hero Academia revolves around a city filled with superhumans who have superpowers called Quirks. The superheroes battle against the supervillains to save the world. 

Amidst this battle lives an ordinary boy called Izuku Midoriya, who has no Quirks but dreams of becoming a superhero like his idol, All Might. Izuku’s life changes when he possesses quirks and attends a school for heroes where he learns to control his powers.

We have curated a list of some of the best anime like My Hero Academia that’s binge-watch-worthy.

Best Anime Like My Hero Academia — Quick Summary

Best Anime Like My Hero AcademiaGenreEditor’s Rating
The Seven Deadly SinsAction, Adventure, Fantasy8/10
Assassination ClassroomAction, Sci-Fi, Comedy8/10
Little Witch AcademiaFantasy, Comedy7/10
Code GeassAction, Adventure, Mecha, Dark Fantasy8/10
One PieceAdventure, Fantasy, Comedy9/10
Yu Yu HakushoAdventure, Action, Supernatural8.5/10
Enen no ShouboutaiAdventure, Sci-Fi, Dark Fantasy7.5/10

Best Anime Like My Hero Academia

The Seven Deadly Sins

This anime features a medieval theme where the Kingdom of Liones rules the region of Britannia. This Kingdom was guarded by the Holy Knights who use extravagant magical powers to protect the kingdom and the village. 

However, things take a turn when a small group of knights attempted to overthrow the ruler of Liones and started to fight against other Holy Knights. The Holy Knights defeated the group of knights and they were expelled from the kingdom.

The expelled knights were called ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ by the people of the kingdom and they presumed the Sins were still alive somewhere. Ten years after this incident, the Holy Knights staged a coup and overthrew the King of Liones, and became the oppressive rulers of the kingdom.

Distraught with this coup, Princess Elizabeth sets out to seek the Seven Deadly Sins who she believes would help her recapture the kingdom.

As Elizabeth embarks on the journey to look for them she stumbles across a talking pig who takes her to its master. Coincidentally, the master of the talking pig is Melodias, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. 

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He reveals to her that the Sins were disbanded and went their separate ways. However, he pledges to help her look for them and win the kingdom back. 

Each of the Sins have their own powers and capabilities and they all team up to fight against the Holy Knights.

Similar to My Hero Academia, this anime has interesting characters and mind-blowing action scenes that will keep you hooked till the end.

Assassination Classroom

This is a fun and thrilling anime that features an alien that looks like an octopus which is immensely powerful. This octopus-like creature appears out of the blue and destroys half of the moon. 

The alien threatens humanity that Earth will be his next target but offers humanity a chance. The chance is to kill him before he destroys Earth.

The creature starts working as a high school teacher for students in class 3E and there he teaches them their regular subjects and also effective ways to assassinate him. 

The students in the class call him Koro Sensei which literally means unkillable. The students learn the hidden abilities the creature possesses such as flying at high speed, visual cloning, accelerated regeneration, and an invincible body.

Meanwhile, the government of Japan pledges a reward of $100 million for anyone who successfully kills the creature. 

However, the students have a liking towards the creature as he not only teaches them but also helps them to improve their knowledge and grades and also makes the class hours fun. 

Eventually, the situation gets tense as outsiders attempt to assassinate the creature with the intent of receiving the award.

Assassination Classroom features intense action scenes and fabulous comedy like My Hero Academia that will leave you amazed.

Little Witch Academia

The storyline of Little Witch Academia is quite similar to My Hero Academia except that this anime features magic. The protagonist of this anime is a little girl named Atsuko Kagari who dreams of becoming a witch after being inspired by a well-known witch called Shiny Chariot. 

Atsuko goes on to join the Luna Nova Magical Academy which is a popular school for girls where they train to become powerful witches. 

Initially, Atsuko struggles to keep up with the magic lessons as she does not possess any magical powers. 

However, Atsuko’s fate changes when she discovers a hidden invincible magical artifact called the Shiny Rod that once belonged to Chariot. When Chariot finds out her rod to be wielded by Atsuko, she teaches her how to use it. 

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Atsuko faces great challenges such as trying to restore magic around the world when people seem quite disinterested in it. 

She also comes across a woman called Croix, who’s a former friend of Chariot and who seeks to use artifacts to disturb the peace between the magical world.

Will Atsuko succeed in defeating Croix and her evil ambitions? Watch Little Witch Academia and find out what happened next.

Code Geass

Code Geass is anime about a powerful empire called the Empire of Britannia and its ruler is Charles Britannia. After Charles’ wife was brutally murdered in the castle, their daughter Nunnally was left blinded after witnessing her mother’s death. 

The prince of Britannia, Lelouch was furious at his father for not caring about the tragic events and hence he was kicked out of the palace for talking against his father.

Lelouch and Nunnally were sent to Japan as a distraction so that the empire of Britannia could capture Japan. After invading Japan it’s renamed Area 11 and the citizens were called Elevens. Lelouch promises to destroy the empire of Britannia and avenge his mother’s death.

Roughly after 11 years, when Lelouch is in high school, he gets involved in a terrorist attack that would lead him to meet a strange girl called C.C. She offers him the power of Geass which helps him to control others. He uses this power to seek revenge on his mother’s murderers and to destroy the empire.

This anime portrays amazing action scenes that involve mechas which will be loved by  My Hero Academia fans.

One Piece

This is one of the best animes and my favorite anime of all time. The protagonist of this anime is a boy called Monkey D. Luffy who possesses a power that’s of rubber properties after eating a fruit called the Devil’s Fruit. 

Luffy aspires to become a great pirate called the Red Haired Shanks. To achieve his dreams and to become the King of The Pirates he embarks on a journey to find a treasure called the One Piece.

To seek the treasure, Luffy organizes a crew of pirates called the Straw Hat Pirates. The crew pirates are a swordsman, navigator, doctor, archaeologist, chef, etc. 

Luffy acquires a ship with his crew and they battle other pirates who seek the treasure.

The storyline of One Piece is quite thrilling and the distinct characters make it very fun and enjoyable to watch. It also features profound and enthralling action scenes and hilarious comedy that would definitely grab the attention of My Hero Academia fans.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is an anime that features a supernatural theme with a unique storyline. The protagonist of this anime is a teenage boy called Yusuke Urameshi who has a very cold personality and often gets involved in street brawls. 

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One day Yusuke saves a young boy from getting hit by a car and in the process, he dies due to the accident. This kind deed by Yusuke surprised the Underworld rulers as it was so out of character for him.

The underworld rulers would inform Yusuke that he had no place in hell or heaven and he must return to the human world. 

However, they offer Yusuke a chance to get back to his human body but in order to get back, he is obligated to complete certain tasks. After completing them Yusuke is offered a job by the rulers. He’s appointed as the Underworld Detective and is assigned to investigate supernatural activity within the human world.

Yusuke meets several supernatural beings such as ghosts and demons throughout his job and also makes a couple of enemies who would challenge him.

Yu Yu Hakusho features a series of breathtaking fighting scenes like My Hero Academia. And this anime also consists of various plot twists that will keep you nail-biting throughout the show.

Enen no Shouboutai

This anime is also known as Fire Force. It features a world where humanity is plunged into a plague called the Spontaneous Human Combustion. This plague causes humans to turn into flaming creatures called the Infernals who are the first generation of human combustion. 

The next generation is called pyrokinetics who are still humans but have the power to manipulate their flames. 

To fight against the Infernals, the Tokyo Armed forces and other members of the community decided to form a team called the Special Fire Force. 

In this team is a boy called Shinra Kusakabe who’s determined to defeat the Infernals.

Eventually, Shinra encounters challenges and chaos around him and would also discover certain mysteries about the plague.

Similar to My Hero Academia, this anime depicts the fight against evil villains that would have you amazed.

Best Anime Like My Hero Academia: FAQs

Is My Hero Academia the best anime?

My Hero Academia is one of the best and popular anime that’s loved by several people around the globe.

What animes are like My Hero Academia?

The Seven Deadly Sins, Assassination Classroom, Little Witch Academia, Code Geass, One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Fire Force are animes like MHA.

Who’s the number one hero in My Hero Academia?

Endeavor is the number and one of the most powerful heroes in MHA.

What animes inspired My Hero Academia?

The animes that inspired MHA are One Piece and Naruto.

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