10 Best Anime With Strong Female Characters 2022 | Anime With Strong Female Protagonists!

Top Anime With Strong Female Characters

Are you looking to watch the best anime with strong female characters? Well, I’m here to recommend the best ones here!

In my free time, I usually binge-watch, mostly on Netflix, youtube or Amazon Prime. I love watching different genres like drama, romance, crime, mystery, thriller, fairytale etc.

A lot of times, I find myself watching anime rather than TV series because they’re extremely interesting and fun.

Best Anime With Strong Female Characters: Summary

Strong Female CharactersGenreView on Amazon Japan
Princess Mononoke  Fantasy, AdventureView on Amazon Japan
A Place Further Than The Universe Adventure, Comedy, DramaView on Amazon Japan
Spirited Away Fantasy, AdventureView on Amazon Japan
Violet Evergarden Drama, Fantasy, Sci-FiView on Amazon Japan
Made in Abyss Adventure fictionView on Amazon Japan
Zombie Land Saga Action, ComedyView on Amazon Japan
Sailor MoonMagicView on Amazon Japan

As a feminist, I’ve found that many of these best anime with strong female characters that can inspire us to be powerful, independent and capable.

Watching these anime will only make you realise how important it is to be like them in today’s generation. These anime inculcate only good habits that we can pick up from the characters.

Let’s move on and discuss the best anime with strong female characters to let you have a great bingeing experience. 

Top Anime With Strong Female Characters

Princess Mononoke

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure | Age rating: 13+| Editor’s rating: 8.4/10

Princess Mononoke is one of the best anime with strong female characters. Its storyline is about defeating evil over good. It strongly involves nature in all forms like God, plants, animals and humans. 

The protagonist of the story is extremely strong and empowering, she is always ready to fight evil in a blink of an eye. She successfully protects the wolf family from Lady Eboshi who is evil. 

You can enjoy this anime with your friends, family or teenagers. As movies have a great power to influence you, this will definitely do something positive. It will highly motivate you as it is the best anime with strong female characters.

Key features: 

  • Strong women characters
  • Story about the win of good over evil
  • Highly motivating and empowering plot and characters
  • Amazing movie to enlighten mood

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A Place Further Than The Universe

Genre: Adventure |  Age rating: 7+ | Editor’s rating: 8.6/10

most overpowered female anime characters

A Place Further Than Universe is one of the best japanese anime movies of all times. It is a story about life that inspires people to do something more than just living a plain and simple life.

The storyline is about a girl Mari who visits and explores Antarctica with a few other civilians. She has it planned from a very long time, her high school days. This shows her awareness and determination in such a tender age. 

Anime like this inspire the female young population to lead their own lives with free will, determination and independence.

You can watch this anime with anyone you like or alone. Either way it’s extremely inspiring as it is the best anime with strong female characters in Japanese.

Key Features: 

  • Influential story for females
  • Inspiring to live life one’s own way
  • Strong female characters
  • Enhances thought process regarding the world

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Spirited Away

Genre: Adventure and Fantasy |  Age rating: 13+ | Editor’s rating: 8.6/10

anime 2021 female lead

Spirited Away has won the “Best Animated Feature” Oscar awards being the only Japanese anime to win so far. The excellent storyline has helped this anime gain a worldwide audience and popularity. 

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Spirited Away is also one of the highest watched anime of all times. The story is about a young female called Chihiro who is in the spirited world and starts working for a witch called Yubaba. 

The witch has turned her parents into pigs and only by working for her can she free her parents and return to her world. 

Key features: 

  • Oscar Recognised
  • Lead role of female
  • Inspiring movie to do good 

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Violet Evergarden

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi |  Age rating: 16+ | Editor’s rating: 8.4/10

anime with female lead action

This is a series anime that follows the story of the character Violet Evergarden. The story is about the post-war stage where this female protagonist lives and works as a writer in an agency.

She takes care of the assignments of letters that help connect with people. She transcribes people’s thoughts into words under the agency. With her job’s help she goes on an adventure that helps reshare the lives of her clients.

She also discovers her life through this and displays a character of love, empathy and humanity. This is one of the best anime with strong characters as the girl has enormous powers to help others and discover herself with something as normal as writing. It’s a must watch!

Key Features: 

  • Post-war story
  • Reshaping other’s lives
  • Walks the path of self-discovery

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Made In Abyss

Genre: Adventure Fiction| Age rating: 15+| Editor’s rating: 8.4/10

Made in Abyss’s protagonist Rico has only one goal to become a white whistle, the best and the toughest cave rider. She is also inspired by the actions of her mother who is very brave herself. 

Although, Made in Abyss is not suitable for kids because of how frightening and shocking it is. It is perfect for young girls looking for role models and who want to take inspiration from the best anime with strong female characters.

The protagonist is a risk taker, sometimes comic and most importantly, dedicated to meet her goals. There’s so much one can learn from Rico and her adventures. Made in Abyss is definitely one of the most admirable anime of all times.

Key Features: 

  • Protagonist and her mother, both are brave 
  • Goal-oriented and inspiring characters
  • Adventure story

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Zombie Land Saga

Genre: Action and Comedy | Age rating: 16+ | Editor’s rating: 6.9/10

Zombie Land Saga is another anime beautifully structured for the benefit of the world. Sakura Minomoto is a strong character in this anime who dies after getting hit by a truck.

She was a high-school girl with big dreams and goals of making people believe in a lot of things. She aspired to become a role model for a lot of people.

 But after she dies, she comes back as a zombie with 6 other girls to bring back life to Japanese culture and traditions. Such thoughts to bring back traditions and culture make her thoughtful and involve awareness. This is definitely one of the best anime with strong female characters.

Key Features: 

  • Big dreams and aspirations
  • Caring about one’s culture and tradition
  • Famous anime
  • Inspiring female characters

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Sailor Moon 

Genre: Fantasy | Age rating: 13+ | Editor’s rating: 7.7/10

animes with strong female characters

Sailor Moon is an extremely popular and one of the best anime with strong female characters. The plot is about how the planet earth is attacked by an evil group called death busters unleashing monsters on earth’s populace.

Sailor Moon and her friends come to rescue earth with their strong feminine energy. All the girls in Sailor scouts have been amazing sidekicks with unique personalities. 

Watching Sailor Moon can inspire you to be powerful and united to defeat evil. It’s definitely a great watch!

Key Features:

  • Girls gang unity
  • Good over evil 
  • Excellent anime


KILL LA KILL is not for everybody. The plot, character design, backgrounds – everything about this anime is over the top and nonsensical. 

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The anime revolves around Ryuko Matoi who is looking for the person who killed her father so she can avenge his death. Matoi finally ends up at an elite school called Honnouji Academy. In this school, clothes are an extremely important element of the school’s competitive hierarchy. 

The anime explores themes like freedom, fate, and sexuality all using clothes. Which is why you’ll see a lot of over the top character designs and weird clothes. 

But I promise you, there’s not one dull moment in this anime. It’s packed with action and extremely hilarious! 


The next one in this list of best anime with strong female lead is the Fruits Basket and honestly one of my favorites ones! I love the female character in this anime – Tohru. You’ll see her character grow as the anime goes on and her confidence builds. 

Tohru is constantly around male characters and energy but this character still manages to hold her own. In spite of being in difficult situations, Tohru has always pulled through in strength! 


This is a supernatural anime that depicts the secret magical tournament called the Fourth Holy Grail War which is held by mages called Masters. 

The Masters summon souls of legendary heroes throughout the course of history who are called Servants. The Servants fight in a deadly battle to win the mystical Holy Grail for their Masters. 

The Holy Grail has the magical powers to grant wishes which is why the Masters yearn to win the Fourth Holy Grail War.

One of the powerful female protagonists of this show is Saber, who’s a blond-haired knight summoned by one of the masters. Saber has a very bold personality which every woman must have. 

She’s a mighty warrior, loyal and independent and that makes her one of the favorite characters in the show. She will definitely make you realize how powerful you are. Watch Fate/Zero and Saber will definitely impress and inspire you to become confident in yourselves.

Key Features

  • She has a bold personality
  • A mighty and loyal warrior with an inspirational story
  • Has great fighting skills
  • A good role model for women

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

This anime series focuses on the Sci-Fi concept of humans becoming cyborgs with prosthetic and robotic bodies. 

The story centers around a special task force unit called the Public Security Station 9 which is a group comprised of ex-police detectives and military officers. The group is assigned duties such as investigating crime scenes and finding out the criminals. 

The main protagonist of Ghost in the Shell is a woman called Major Mokoto Kusanagi who’s a member of the Public Security Station 9. She’s a cybernetic human with a full body prosthesis. 

Mokoto and her group work on investigating chilling criminal cases and finding out the people behind the crime.

Mokoto has a very unique personality, she’s positive, powerful, and also extremely intelligent. 

She has mastered the ability to hack and also knows military tactics. She’s fearless and that’s what makes her an ideal role model for women. Mokoto proves that even women can become great hackers and fight tirelessly.

Key Features

  • Has a very intelligent personality
  • Possesses great technical and military qualities
  • Fearless and physically powerful
  • Has a prosthetic body and a cybernetic brain

Darling In The Franxx

This is a famous anime that has greatly impacted the anime fandom. The storyline of this anime takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment where human civilization is on the brink of extinction. 

The adults and children live in separate environments where adults are immortal and live in technologically advanced cities. Since the adults have become immortal they are unable to procreate and have offspring. Hence, the babies are grown in artificial wombs and are called parasites.

One of the female lead characters in this anime series is a woman called Zero Two. She’s a professional Franxx pilot who has red horns and has a very cold personality. She’s also known as the Partner Killer because she has killed her partner pilots. But she develops a lovely and understanding relationship with Hiro the main protagonist of the show.

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Zero Two is one of the most loved characters in the show. Although she has a cold personality she’s quite brave and known to be tactical. She’s intelligent and has interesting and unique characteristics.

Key Features

  • A loved character by most anime weebs
  • Very brave and has a cold personality
  • Intelligent and is quite tactical in her job


This is a dark fantasy anime that is female centric and depicts the brave and courageous side of women. The storyline of the anime introduces how humanity is affected by Yoma, which are humanoid shapeshifters that feed on human flesh. 

To put an end to these beings and save humanity a mysterious group called The Organization artificially creates hybrids of humans and Yoma who will be capable of combatting the Yoma.

These hybrid beings are mostly female warriors who are equipped with swords and wear armored suits. They are generally referred to as Claymores because they use claymore swords to kill the Yoma. 

You’ll see how the female warriors are effective on the battlefield and the tactics they use to defeat the Yoma.

This anime is worth the watch because it’s quite unique from the rest of the anime series and focuses solely on the powerful abilities of women. It’s the ideal anime that depicts the characteristics of women’s empowerment.

Key Features

  • Strong female characters with immense power
  • Has an interesting and unique storyline that is worth binge-watching
  • It will have a positive impact on women 
  • Shows how women are capable of saving the world

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

This anime series is based on magical and fantasy features. The protagonist of this anime is a girl called Madoka Kaname who’s a middle school student. 

Madoka and her best friend Sayaka Miki meet a strange cat-like creature called Kyubey who offers a strange contract. The contract is to acquire magical powers and fight witches in order to be able to get their wishes granted. 

Both Madoka and Sayaka go on witch hunts with Mami Tomoe who’s a senior in the same school. They both go on to learn how to use magical powers and other responsibilities of their duties. 

This would be the best anime series to start off with if you’re going on a binge-watch of animes with powerful female characters. The female characters in this anime teach important lessons such as how to be responsible and prolong the relationship with friends.

It also depicts how women have to grow up and become powerful and brave enough to face any problems without fear. Despite being a show which mostly portrays young female characters, this anime teaches important life lessons for women and how to be strong in every situation. 

Key Features

  • A nice anime series to invest your time in
  • Portrays powerful and interesting female characters
  • Shows how women should start being powerful at a younger age
  • Teaches valuable life lessons for women of all ages

Which is the best anime with strong female characters?

I’ve watched a lot of anime that promote feminism. But in terms of character development, empowerment and life skill, Princess Mononoke is the best anime with strong female characters.

Princess Mononoke is a balance between good and evil with great involvement of nature like god, animals, humans or plants. The protagonist is strong and inspiring as she is ready to wash out the evil. Princess Mononoke is a highly motivating anime that promotes others to do good and save themselves from the wrong people. It is available on Amazon.

Girls Run The World

These best anime with strong female characters will inspire you and make you a better person in terms of humanity, empathy, helping nature and also change your thought process. Women empowerment is leading the world to change its face from patriarchy. Hope you have a great time watching these amazing anime! 

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Sailor Moon

Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara

Date Created: 1970-01-01 00:33

Editor's Rating:
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