Top Japanese Anime on Netflix 2021

best Japanese anime on netflix

Watch the best anime shows on Netflix! Check out these top Japanese anime on Netflix that are totally binge-worthy!

Japanese Anime has gained worldwide popularity and has become a major influence on cartoons, cinema, and fashion. Anime is not just a show, it is one of the most boundary-pushing genres in contemporary visual arts. 

If you want to get started on anime, there is no better place to begin than Netflix. Netflix is the ultimate location that streams truckloads of top Japanese anime

In this article, we have sorted out the huge collection and brought to you only the top Japanese anime on Netflix that will get you started on this wonderful journey. 

Are you ready to stream the best from the anime world?

Best Japanese Anime on Netflix

Top Japanese Anime on NetflixGenreAge RatingEditor’s Rating
Japan Sinks: 2020Sci-Fi18+6.5/10
Food Wars!Cooking16+8.2/10
Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodSci-Fi, Dark Fantasy, Adventure16+9.1/10
Little With AcademiaMagic7+7.9/10
B: The BeginningSuspense, Thriller18+7.2/10
The Seven Deadly SinsFantasy, Action, Adventure16+8.1/10
Cardcaptor SakuraFantasy7+8/10
Carol and TuesdayMusic, Musical18+7.9/10
Violet Evergarden Romance, Drama16+8.4/10
Your Lie in AprilRomance, DramaPG8.6/10
Death NoteSuspense, Mystery16+9/10
Ajin: Demi HumanThriller, Gore16+7.6/10
Devilman CrybabyHorror, Gore18+7.6/10
AggretsukoComedy, Drama13+8/10

Japan Sinks: 2020

Rating: 18+ | Subgenre: Sci-Fi | Editor’s Rating: 6.5/10

With us being a part of the horror year that is 2020, we can sure relate to this anime. Here’s the first top Japanese anime on Netflix for you!

This is one of the latest anime series on Netflix, and with its storyline, it really portrays how 2020 has been going so far. With only one season and a total of ten episodes, the story follows the life of an ordinary family who is put to test after huge earthquakes rock Japan into utter and complete chaos.

It portrays the family’s resolve and determination to survive through the sinking archipelago. The show was adapted from Sakyo Komatsu’s best-selling Sci-Fi novel.

top Japanese anime on Netflix
No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

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Food Wars!

Rating: 16+ | Subgenre: Cooking | Editor’s Rating: 8.2/10

The next top Japanese anime on Netflix is Food Wars!

Food is quite important in anime, and with that comes the amazing anime series, Food Wars! That runs with the idea of food. This fantastic anime follows the story of a young and talented aspiring chef named Soma. He worked with his father in their small eatery in Japan where he was quite content. 

However, his life takes a turn when he gets thrust into an entirely new world of cooking when he begins studying at the Totsuki Culinary Academy. He learns the fine art of cooking along with some of the finest chefs in the world. The show will take you on a delicious adventure with its seasons. 

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Rating: 16+ | Subgenre: Sci-Fi, Dark Fantasy, Adventure | Editor’s Rating: 9.1/10

here’s the next top Japanese anime on Netflix on this list you’ll love! Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the most famous Sci-Fi anime series of all time. The anime is based on and is a strict adaptation of the original manga with 27 volumes.

The story follows the life of two brothers, Edward and Alphonso. The two brothers are alchemists seeking the philosopher’s stone to restore their bodies that they lost to magical accidents.

The accident happened when they tried to resurrect their dead mother and it was for this that the cosmos punished them. In its five seasons, the anime truly brings out character relationships, displays of light and magic, xenophobia, state violence, and more.

The darkness in the series is also balanced really well with plenty of humor.

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

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Little Witch Academia

Rating: 7+ | Subgenre: Magic | Editor’s Rating: 7.9/10

If you love witches and are into that genre, this is the top Japanese anime on Netflix for you. It follows the story of the protagonist, Akko who is an endearing little witch.

She loves to work tirelessly at a witch school for girls. Akko does not have a magical background and so is not gifted in magic. So naturally, she has to practice really, really hard to get her spells right. 

However, she struggles with it and often gets the spells wrong, giving her friends furry tails or animal tails by mistake. However, she is somebody who never gives up. If you love the Harry Potter series, you will love Little Witch Academia too.

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

B: The Beginning

Rating: 18+ | Subgenre: Suspense, Thriller | Editor’s Rating: 7.2/10

B: The Beginning is a supernatural crime saga that is wrapped in darkness. The protagonist of the anime is an antisocial super-detective named Keith Flick. He is brought back into service to look into and investigate a serial killer named ‘B’. 

The execution of the storyline is truly flawless and is full of suspense and thrill. If you love walking through mysterious lanes looking at clues and staying hidden in a shroud of mystery and suspense, you will surely enjoy this anime series. Definitely one of the top Japanese anime on Netflix!

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

The Seven Deadly Sins

Rating: 16+ | Subgenre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure | Editor’s Rating: 8.1/10

The Seven Deadly Sins is a Netflix Original series that is a classic Shonen-style fantasy, packed with both action and adventure elements. Thi stop Japanese anime on Netflix is based on a manga with 41 volumes. 

The storyline follows a group of warriors who are trying to do good things for the world. The Seven Deadly Sins is a group of knights, who were disbanded after a supposed plot in which they were involved to overthrow the king.

The knights are brought back by Princess Elizabeth as the kingdom is in danger from its new protectors.

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

Cardcaptor Sakura

Rating: 7+ | Subgenre: Fantasy | Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Cardcaptor Sakura is a world-famous anime that is hugely popular amongst the girls. The story is focused on a fourth-grader girl named Sakura and her quest to retrieve a set of magical cards that she released into the world. It is a lovable series that is just full of fun and entertainment. 

Definitely one of the top Japanese anime on Netflix!

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

Carol and Tuesday

Rating: 18+ | Subgenre: Music, Musical | Editor’s Rating: 7.9/10

Carol and Tuesday is one of the newer anime shows and the top Japanese anime on Netflix. The series follows the story of a Part-time worker named Carole and a rich girl named Tuesday. The two of them embark on a magical musical journey. The story takes place in a futuristic city where music is normally made by the computers. Together, the two of them chase their dreams and make every possible attempt to fulfill them. 

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

Violet Evergarden

Rating: 14+ | Subgenre: Romance, Drama | Editor’s Rating: 8.4/10

It is probably one of the most beautiful animated series that you can ever watch. This top Japanese anime on Netflix tells us the journey of Violet who recovers from being a tool for war and finding her commander.

The show deals with a very common feeling of love, which is portrayed through Violet’s feelings for her commander that she does not understand. Our scarred protagonist takes up a job as a letter writer to understand herself and her past.

The animation, soundtrack, and characterization have been flawlessly executed, which adds a lot of depth to the series. 

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

Your Lie in April

Rating: PG | Subgenre: Romance, Drama | Editor’s Rating: 8.6/10

Your Lie in April is a top Japanese anime on Netflix about a musician who goes through a tough time and loses his confidence, as a result of which, he stops playing his piano. He then meets a violinist, Kaori with whom he begins his long journey into gaining back his lost confidence.

Kaori is a chaotic personality who only wants to play music with him. The show is an excellent mix of drama, romance, and music that you will surely enjoy.

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

Death Note

Rating: 16+ | Subgenre: Suspense, Mystery | Editor’s Rating: 9/10

Death Note is one of the top Japanese anime on Netflix that deals with mystery and suspense. The story is about a boy who comes into possession of a notebook, but it is no ordinary notebook.

It is a mystical notebook that has the power to kill anybody whose name is written in it. With this, we get to the story that deals with the boy and a detective looking for the mass-murderer. The show is dark yet entertaining and has been lightened with comedy bits in between.

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

Ajin: Demi Human

Rating: 16+ | Subgenre: Thriller, Gore | Editor’s Rating: 7.6/10

This is a dark fantasy thriller that has some elements of horror mixed into it. The story follows a teenager, named Kei, who is an Ajin or a Demi God. He can regenerate when he is near death.

Government harvests Ajins for their organs since they can regenerate so quickly. Kei understands this and flees before the authorities find him and experiment on him. This may not be a horror series in the traditional sense, but the gory elements are enough to raise your hair. Definitely one of the top Japanese anime on Netflix!

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

Devilman Crybaby

Rating: 18+ | Subgenre: Horror, Gore | Editor’s Rating: 7.6/10

This is a gory series about demons who are trying to take over the world. The story follows a sensitive demon boy called Akira. He was a human who eventually gains the powers of a demon.

Now that the demons are reawoken and humanity is in turmoil, Akira is led into a brutal, degenerate war against evil by his mysterious friend, Ryo. This fast-paced, thrilling adventure is short with only ten episodes, but we are sure you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Check out this top Japanese anime on Netflix below!

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes


Rating: 13+ | Subgenre: Comedy, Drama | Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This is an adorable anime series that will surely take you on a roller coaster ride that is filled with so many emotions. The story is about an anthropomorphic red panda who is trying to make it through everyday life.

The panda is named Retsuko who is frustrated with her thankless office job. To cope up with her daily struggles, she belts out death metal karaoke after work. The comedy in this series comes from observational humor as well as the vast contrast in situations that you can see.

No. of seasonsNo. of Episodes

Enjoy the best of Japanese anime on Netflix!

While there are tons of other anime series on Netflix that are world-class and extremely enjoyable, we have compiled this list for those who want to get into anime or are looking for fun options across different genres. Check these series out today. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

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Top Japanese Anime on Netflix

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