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Top Beaches In Tokyo Most Tourists Don't Know About

Are you looking for beaches near Tokyo with less crowd? Well, check this curated list of beaches near Tokyo hidden away from tourists! Enjoy a relaxing sunset at the least-crowded beaches near Tokyo

It’s getting hot again in Tokyo. The sun’s out and it’s definitely time for some fun. Summers always remind me of ice creams and mangoes and my most favourite part, beach vacations. 

Which is the best beach near Tokyo with less crowd?

I’ve been to many Tokyo beaches with less crowd but I found Onjuku in Chiba to be the best because of its view, area and accessibility.

Okunju beach is situated in the sister city of Acapulco. It is well known for surfing and surfers. This beach has a small section of food and drinks. Onjuku station is the closest to the JR Soboto line and then walk for 15 minutes to reach Onjuku beach.

Since the COVID pandemic isn’t over, the risk of going to a crowded beach is something you totally avoid. But you can certainly enjoy your summers on some of the beaches near Tokyo with less crowd if you take full precautions. 

Get yourselves soaked in the summer sun and salty seawater on the beaches in Japan for enjoying summer! Pack yourself some picnic stuff, a swimsuit and a bathing towel to get set for the most amazing time of the year.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the beaches near Tokyo with less crowd that are fun, under the sun and perfect for a run!

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Beaches Near Tokyo With Less Crowd

Onjuku, Chiba

Source: Unsplash

Onjuku is a white sand beach that is famous amongst surfing enthusiasts and night barbecues. It’s Acapulco’s sister city and is best known for the beach on the Pacific coast in the Boso peninsula. It’s a small beach hence not all of the things are easily accessible. 

It is advisable to grab all the necessary items from the town and then come to the beach to enjoy! A small section of food and drinks are available during the summers for the visitors of the beach. You can grab your food and drink on the shore.

Shop everything when you arrive before heading inside, as the closest supermarket (Super Ootaya) is 20-25 minutes away on foot from the beach’s entrance gate.

The beach also offers so many shops that provide surfing boards on rent or even lessons if you feel like learning. If you don’t feel like surfing, you can just go by the beach and watch the suffers create magic on the beach. Definitely, one of the best beaches near Tokyo with less crowd.

How to Get There:

  • Onjuku station is the closest to JR Soboto line, the beach is about 15 minutes from here by foot. 
  • You can catch Fast Wakashio limited express trains that cost ¥4,070 and take up to 80 minutes from Tokyo.
  • Local trains cost ¥1,980 but can take more than 2 hours with transfers.
  • Some buses depart from Tokyo station and reach Onjuku in 2 hours. The cost is around ¥1,900 per ticket. 

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Inamuragasaki, Kanagawa

Beaches in Japan
Source: Unsplash

I love this beach and I head here too often every summer because of the proximity to my home but I am never bored of it. My niece and I built a huge sandcastle here which was hit by the sea waves and demolished in seconds, however, it was really fun!

Inamuragasaki is located between two famous Tokyo beaches, Kamakura and Enoshima. It is a small beach that is aloof from the city crowd and perfect for a chilling session with your friends or family. 

Inamuragasaki is perfect to lay a mat, sit and watch the sky change its colours bringing to us the prettiest sunsets when Mt. Fuji reveals itself between Enoshima and the mainland. 

If you’ve been too busy lately, consider heading to this beach near Tokyo for a relaxing and calming therapy for your mind and body. It’s one of the most amazing beaches near Tokyo with less crowd for chilling. You can visit the Inamuragasaki Park after your beach time.

How to Get There:

  • You can take the  JR Yokosuka line to Kamakura station and then switch to Enoden monorail to Inamuragasaki station from Tokyo station. It will cost around ¥1,160 for approximately 80 minutes.

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Chigasaki, Kanagawa

Tokyo beaches
Source: Unsplash

Chigasaki beach in Kanagawa is one of the most peaceful beaches in Tokyo with less crowd. The view in this beach will definitely amaze you but you gotta find a perfect spot. All you need to do is walk a few steps from the shore.

The silhouette of Mt. Fuji looks mind-blowing from this beach and you’ll not be able to get over it for sure. Look for the perfect spot to chill or bathe yourselves in the Tokyo beach for perfect summertime vibes.

You’ll meet a lot of locals who come for a barbeque on this beach when the sun is setting. It’s one of the best beaches near Tokyo with less crowd with all things perfect. Join the locals for a yummy barbecue and watch the sunsets overlooking Mt. Fuji.

How to Get There:

  • You can take the JR Ueno-Tokyo local train to Chigasaki station from Tokyo station. The beach is a 20-minute walk from the Chigasaki station and costs ¥1,170. Take a bus to Nakakaigan stop to reduce your walking time.

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Hayama Isshiki, Kanagawa

beach near tokyo
Source: Unsplash

Isshiki is a picturesque beach often used to film movies in the location because of its mind-boggling view. I was taken aback when I witnessed a sunset on this beach as it stood by all the reviews people have given me for this beach. 

It is one of the beaches near Tokyo with less crowd and better than the Zushi beach which is just overrated now. The Emperor’s Imperial Villa is just behind Hayama Isshiki beach facing the sea. This is one of the beaches near Tokyo with less crowd that is well known. 

There are beach shacks that you can relax on and at night, they’re turned into artsy stuff. This beach has recently gained a lot of tourist attraction due to its mesmerizing view but you can still find yourself a peaceful spot.

Get a drink at Blue Moon, a bar near the Isshiki beach famous for its little umbrellas and spa treatments.

How to Get There:

  • You can take JR Shonan-Shinjuku line to Zushi station from Shinjuku station and get on a Keikyu bus that heads to Isshiki Kaigan stop. It costs around ¥1,200 and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Ishihama, Ibaraki

Best beach in tokyo
Source: Unsplash

Ishihama is amongst the best beaches in Tokyo with less crowd during the summer season. The white sand in this beach makes it super soothing with huge palm trees trying to shed the shore. 

There are so many activities to do in the beach like hiking, bathing in the natural hot springs etc which is why it can be a little crowded. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of activities have been cancelled this summer like lifeguards and other summer facilities but can be accessed at other times of the year. This is one of the beaches near Tokyo with less crowd where you can enjoy these activities.

You will spot many cormorant birds that are used in ukai (traditional Japanese fishing). You can spot them at the southern end of the beach preying for the fishes.

Ishihama beach is a perfect vacation destination for friends, family or alone (if you want some time to yourself). I have gone to this beach for some of its famous vacation activities and it was a lot of fun. If you go in a group, you can enjoy the activities better!

How to Get There:

  • From Tokyo station, you can take the  JR Hitachi limited express train to Hitachi station that takes around 2 hours and then change to Mito to the JR Joban line to Juo station. It is a 20-minute walk from Juo and costs around ¥4,880.

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Tsurigasaki, Chiba

Less crowd beaches
Source: Unsplash

Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach is a surfer’s paradise where almost 600,000 surfers come every year to channel their inner surfer and enjoy the waves. It is one of the most amazing beaches near Tokyo with less crowd. 

You can choose off season time to avoid crowds in Tsurigasaki beach. It’s the farthest east point of Japan and definitely worth visiting for its naturally calming environment.

A fun fact about this beach is that the Tokyo 2020 Games was set on this beach which is now postponed to 2021 summers. Get yourself a mat and a few picnic snacks and lay on the beach for hours without getting disturbed.

How to Get There:

  • You can take the JR Tokyo station to JR Kazusa Ichinomiya station by Boso Express Wakashio train, it will take around 1 hour.

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Kujukuri, Chiba

less corwded beaches
Source: Unsplash

Kujukuri beach is located in the Boso peninsula in Chiba prefecture and is one of the most beautiful beaches near Tokyo with less crowd. It is the longest beach in Chiba and has a rocky coast. 

Kujukuri is another spot for the surfers off the Pacific coast. You can take a beautiful walk in the beach and find yourself a perfect spot without disturbances, all to yourself. You can come here with your friends, family or make new friends, choice is yours.

You will also find a lot of people fishing there. If you want some me time, do check out this beach as it’s perfect for a one-person mini vacation. 

How to Get There:

  • You can take the JR Sobu Line (limited express) from Tokyo to Choshi Station and then change to the Choshi to Inubo-saki Station. It will take 70-80 minutes.

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Is there a beach near Tokyo?

Yes, Tokyo has lovely beaches around its cost. Many beaches are located within 1-2 hours of train rides in the nearby districts like Kanagawa, Chiba etc. These beaches offer amazing views, barbeque sessions, water-related activities etc. that one can enjoy.

How far is the beach from Tokyo?

There are some really nice beaches near Tokyo which are only 1-2 hour train ride away from the actual city. You can have a day trip to these beaches and get back the same day. Some of the best beaches are in Kanagawa, Chiba, Ibaraki etc.

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Beaches near Tokyo with less crowdAreaKnown For
Okunju BeachChibaSurfing 
Inamuragasaki BeachKanagawaSunsets overlooking Mt. Fuji
Chigasaki Beach KanagawaBarbecue
Hayama Isshiki Beach KanagawaEmperor’s Villa, View
Ishihama BeachIbarakiCormorant Birds
Tsurigasaki Surfing BeachChibaSurfing
Kujukuri BeachChibaSurfing and longest beach in the prefecture. 

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Vitamin-Sea Summer

The best way to beat the summer scorching heat is to dip yourselves in the salty beaches, drink a cocktail, rest in the beach shack and build sandcastles on these beaches near Tokyo with less crowd. 

Staying indoors is always advisable in situations like the ongoing pandemic but with proper safety and precautions with social distancing measures you can step out to breathe fresh air and keep your mental health in check. 

Head to one of these beaches near Tokyo with less crowd to experience the best summers this year!

Happy Summers!

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