Starbucks Japanese Rival Tully’s Unveils Unique Sweet Customization Feature

tullys coffee unveils new customisation feature

As a frequent café patron, I’ve noticed a unique offering at coffee shops in Japan that sets them apart from even the most customizable experiences elsewhere. Whenever I visit Tully’s Coffee, a popular chain in Japan, I’m reminded of the innovation they bring to personalizing coffee drinks.

Among a variety of standard modifications like soy milk substitutions or adding a dollop of whipped cream, Tully’s menu quietly boasts a delightful twist: incorporating ice cream into your beverage. 

Known as T’s Ice, this in-house ice cream add-on costs only 165 yen, transforming a simple drink into a decadent treat.

Take, for example, the delightful combination of an iced coffee with an additional shot of espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

The resulting coffee float brings together contrasting flavors of bitter coffee with the creamy sweetness of ice cream.

Inspired by this first concoction, I found myself drawn back to the counter, eager to experiment further. This time, I started with a Tealista Chai Earl Grey, a frosty blend perfect as a foundation for my next creation. 

Adding vanilla ice cream to this already indulgent base and finishing with a gratuitous drizzle of honey, I crafted what I affectionately call the “Honey Earl Grey Chai Float.”

The flavors melded beautifully — the tea’s spice and citrus notes paired with the ice cream for a complex yet harmonious dessert drink, while the honey added a layer of warm sweetness.

Aware that Tully’s offers a selection of ice cream flavors beyond vanilla, including Uji matcha green tea, triple chocolate, café classico, and mascarpone, the possibilities for creative customizations seem endless.

  • Sample Customizations:
    • Coffee Float: Iced coffee, extra espresso shot, vanilla ice cream.
    • Honey Earl Grey Chai Float: Tealista Chai Earl Grey, vanilla ice cream, honey swirl.
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While most customers may overlook this special touch in the hustle of placing their order, those who do notice find a unique take on personalized beverages. Whether looking for a slight twist or a full dessert in a cup, Tully’s ice cream option is an indulgence waiting to be explored.

Tully’s Coffee Distinct Customization in Japan – What Is It?

At Tully’s Coffee in Japan, customers have access to a unique sweetening customization option. By using the paper menus available, you’re able to add a personalized touch of sweetness to your drink, choosing the specific type and amount of sweetener, which really makes Tully’s stand out in the market.

The Starbucks Japan Experience – How Is It Unique?

The Starbucks you find in Japan might feel different due to the tailored approach it presents to its customers. 

From exclusive drink flavors that honor traditional Japanese tastes to seasonally inspired merchandise, Starbucks in Japan provides a unique cultural twist on the conventional coffee shop experience.

Closure of Tully’s Coffee – What Were the Causes?

My knowledge does not include current events related to Tully’s Coffee ceasing operations, so I am unable to provide accurate information on this topic.

Drink Personalization at Starbucks in Japan – How Can You Do It?

Starbucks in Japan allows you to customize your drinks in many ways. You can adjust the milk type, syrup flavors, number of espresso shots, and even the temperature to suit your preference. This gives a level of control that helps create a drink that’s just right for you.

Strategic Rationale for Starbucks’ Joint Venture in Japan

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Starbucks decided to enter into a joint venture in Japan to capitalize on market knowledge and local expertise. By partnering with a local company, they gained insights into consumer preferences and were able to adapt their business model and product offerings to better fit the unique Japanese market.

Special Menu Offerings at Tully’s Coffee Japan

Tully’s Coffee in Japan takes pride in its special menu items that often include limited-time offerings inspired by local flavors and ingredients. These exclusive options can range from seasonal treats to drinks that incorporate traditional Japanese tea blends, providing a distinct experience tailored to the local taste palate.

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