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All Time Favorite Cute Japanese Cartoon Characters 2022

all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters

Love cartoons? Here are some all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters that you will definitely fall in love with. Watching Japanese cartoons growing up was my absolute favorite thing to do. And I still watch most of these Japanese anime cartoons with my little cousins.

So I’m making a list of some of the all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters that most kids have grown up watching. I have also included some links to these cartoon characters merchandise so you can relive your childhood. I’m sure the kid will love these toys as well. 

So go ahead check it out! 

All Time Favorite Cute Japanese Cartoon Characters


I mean who doesn’t love Mario! Mario is one of the all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters pretty much everybody loves! Even if you’re someone who hasn’t played Mario in your childhood, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of this Japanese cartoon character! 

My childhood has been all about Mario games – the addiction to Mario games was crazy. 

Mario is an Italian plumber who looks like a Mexican because of his huge mouche. The Mario character was created and designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese video game designer. 

If you ever go to Tokyo make sure you take the MariCar tour where you can put on Mario character costumes and drive a Street Kart on Tokyo streets!

If you have a Nintendo then you’ll know how popular Mario Nintendo games are. And Mario merchandise is an extremely popular phenomenon. 

From Mario action figures to Mario-themed blankets, you’ll find all sorts of Mario merchandise.

Click on the button below for all things Mario!

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#2 — Afro Ken

The next of all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters is Afro Ken. Afro Ken is a cute little dog that has a rainbow colored afro for hair.

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Honest, always happy, extremely innocent, Afro Ken doesn’t speak but uses his facial expressions to express his feelings. Like most kids, Afro Ken loves everything fluffy. I love these kawaii Afro Ken stickers. You should definitely check them out if you like kawaii stickers.  

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#3 — Totoro

The next one on this list of all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters is Totoro. Now, I know this character might be new to some. But Totoro is super super cute and very interesting. Growing up Totoro was pretty much a role model for me. I think Totoro was like a role model for a lot of Japanese kids growing up. 

The first thing you’ll notice about Totoro is the pointy, giant ears. This cute Japanese cartoon character is cute, furry, and silent and features in My Neighbour Totoro which came out in the late ’80s. I still watch this movie with my little cousins! 

Click the link below if you want to check out the Totoro plush toy instead!

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#4 — Kureyon Shin Chan

Shin Chan is an extremely popular fictional character not only in Japan but also all over the world. Kids still love watching Shin Chan. This all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters is always getting into trouble and is a very mischievous character.

This comedy of errors that Shin Chan constantly gets himself involved in sends the kids in bouts of laughter! In fact, I know many adults also who enjoy watching Shin Chan anime (including me :p), and also read the manga. If you haven’t watched this anime, check out the link below. 

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#5 — Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a world-famous phenomenon and originated right here in Japan! Created by a Japanese company called Sanrio in the mid 70’s, the Hello Kitty character was designed by Yuko Shimizu. Also known as Kiti Howaito, this all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters is often wrongly thought of as a kitten but the designer of this character “Sanrio” claims otherwise. 

Hello Kitty is a happy go lucky girl with the kindest heart. Definitely the cutest kawaii Japanese character, there are all kinds of products available based on the Hello Kitty theme. I had a super cute Hello Kitty lunch box growing up!

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Actually, I think most little kids have had a Hello Kitty themed water bottle, backpack, or stationery at some point. 

I recently got my little cousin a Hello Kitty School Bag and she takes that with here literally everywhere! Check out the link below for more Hello Kitty themed products!

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#6 — Jiji

I’m a cat lover and Jiji is definitely one of my all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters. Jiji is a black cat who features in a movie called Majo no takkyûbin or Kiki’s Delivery Service

I have a beautiful black kitten myself and I love this movie! This movie came out in the late 80’s and is still fun to watch! It’s a great movie to watch with kids and the family. Check out the cute Jiji plush toy below!

#7 — Anpanman

The next of the all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters we’re going to be talking about is the Anpanman! If you didn’t grow up in Japan or watching Japanese cartoon, you probably wouldn’t have heard of him. But in Japan, Anapanman is super popular amongst the kids!

Anpanman features in an anime series called Soreike! Anpanman which has more than a thousand episodes! If you haven’t watched this series before, you should definitely have a look. And I’m sure the kids today will also enjoy this show! 

So what exactly is Anpanman? The first thing you’ll notice about Anpanman is that he has a huge head. His head is filled with a Japanese favorite sweet bun called Anpan which is filled with Japanese red bean paste called Anko.

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As a kid I absolutely loved Anpan (I’m talking about the sweet bun) and always imagined if eating Anpanman was possible. In retrospect, I think that was kinda sadistic. 

Anyway, you can check out some more cute Anpanman merchandise below! 

#8 — Doraemon

If you don’t know Doraemon, are you living under a rock? Doraemon is definitely one of the all time favorite cute Japanese cartoon characters and kids still love this robotic cat today! Millions of kids all around the world love watching Doraemon anime cartoon and many others love reading the Doraemon manga as well! In fact, in Japan Doraemon manga is a crowd-favorite amongst the kids! 

You’ll also find lots of Doraemon games online and it’s so much fun to play these games that they are legit addictive! For the cutest Doraemon soft toy, check out the link below!

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