Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh: Which Show Is Better?

pokemon vs yu-gi-oh

Can’t decide if Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh is better? Here’s a detailed comparison between Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh. Check it out! 

Show comparisons can be long but we love doing them because it provides you a deep insight into the show aspects and how they were developed. And today we’ve brought you another comparison of our favorite childhood shows or should I say “all-time favorite” shows, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

As we know, Pokemon is one of the favorite anime shows for most of us and its franchise is ever-expanding. There are new seasons, games, and adaptations coming every year to entertain us. Similarly, Yu-Gi-Oh is another top favorite anime show that’s still popular even today and has a growing franchise too.

So if you’re eager to find out which show is better, hop in and read along as we’ve discussed different aspects that make either of the shows better.

Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh

Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are anime shows that have completely different bases. Both shows have their own qualities and concepts hence it depends on the preference of viewers to decide which show is better.

The Pokemon Franchise Vs Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise

  • Pokemon Franchise 

Pokemon is the abbreviated term for Pocket Monsters which are creatures that possess various abilities. The Pokemon franchise first began as a video game series in 1995 which was created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. Later, it developed into anime series, films, card games, and various merchandise. 

In the anime series, the main protagonist is Ash Ketchum who’s a young boy seeking to become a Pokemon Master by acquiring all Pokemon. The first Pokemon he receives is Pikachu.

Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh

Ash Ketchum’s journey as a Pokemon Trainer was filled with extraordinary adventures, meeting countless people, discovering exotic Pokemon, and also making a couple of enemies along the way. 

To become a successful Pokemon Master, Ash has to catch Pokemon, train them, help them to evolve, and let them participate in competitions to defeat other Pokemon.

Pokemon is one of the most popular brands in the world that’s adored by several people, both children and adults around the globe. To this day, the Pokemon franchise has seen exponential growth, thanks to its new materials coming out every year.

  • The Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise

Yu-Gi-Oh is a manga that focuses on trading card games that were written by Kazuki Takahashi. It was initially serialized in September 1996 and it later developed into an anime series and a real card game that grew popular worldwide. 

Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh

The main protagonist of the first Yu-Gi-Oh manga is a young boy called Yugi Mutuo. Yugi is obsessed with playing games and he one day solves an ancient puzzle called the Millenium Puzzle which unleashes the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh named Atem. This spirit lives in Yugi’s body but acts as a different personality and they both play a card game that Atem used to play.

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They use the cards to protect themselves, save their friends and the world from the danger that arises. The show eventually becomes darker as Yugi and his friends help to restore Pharaoh’s memories and they’re faced with countless challenges.

The Yu-Gi-Oh franchise has grown from a manga series to anime series, real-life trading card games, and several video games. The Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, Duel Monsters is based on monsters battling each other which is also available as a video game.

The Yu-Gi-Oh franchise has earned a revenue of more than $20 billion and has earned its place in the highest-grossing media franchises.

Comparison of the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh shows

To find out which show is better, let’s do a comparison of both Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh shows. But how do we analyze which is better than the other? That’s why we’ve prepared a set of criteria that can apply to both the shows. Therefore we can see a clear indication and rule out which one is better.

Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh Plot comparisons

The story plot is the most crucial aspect of any entertainment content since it’s the backbone of the content. 

The plot of the Pokemon series is based on fantasy creatures called Pokemon and they’re the foundation of the franchise. The Pokemon anime series focuses on the protagonist Ash Ketchum and his friends traveling across worlds to get hold of the best Pokemon they can. 

Ash and his friends meet new people, catch various Pokemon, and also help save the world from potential danger.

The exact plot is applied to the Pokemon video and card games. This concept was introduced in 1997 and it’s still followed in the new Pokemon anime series. Although new characters, Pokemon creatures, and adventures are introduced to the series, the main plot hasn’t seemingly changed.

The plot of Yu-Gi-Oh focuses on the characters playing card games around the world. This game originated from an ancient Egyptian game which adds an interesting backstory to the plot. 

 The protagonists have to ensure the cards don’t fall into the hands of the villains who are seeking to spread evil across the world. This is the basic plot of the show and the narratives differed throughout the progression of the series which brought in new protagonists, character arcs, and themes.

However, the plots of both the shows are unique in their own way and have entertained countless viewers hence it basically comes down to one’s preference. 

Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh Animation Style comparisons

The animation style is also another crucial aspect of these shows. Since Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh have been running since the 90s, let’s look into how the animation was altered. 

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The Pokemon series had the same animation setting from 1997 to 2016. The first animation setting in the Pokemon series was fairly good and always portrayed the characters in their best form. The fight scenes were animated well and looked quite realistic. 

The Pokemon Sun and Moon series underwent a change in animation and visual effects which made the characters have a different appearance than usual. 

Meanwhile, the animation of Yu-Gi-Oh barely even changed. The show still uses its original animation setting that’s of great quality and it’s still loved by the viewers. Although Yu-Gi-Oh was aimed at young children, it focused on other aspects to grab the attention of teenagers and adults by introducing adult characters which had an impact on its animation style. 

However, there were noticeable differences in the visuals of monsters and some characters.

Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh Characters comparisons

Both the shows have a surfeit of characters given that they are running for over 20 years. Though characters play a huge role in the shows, their arcs and development need to be addressed. 

The Pokemon show consists of a massive range of characters, both humans and Pokemon. This could be why most if not all characters in Pokemon have little character development since it isn’t easy to analyze every character’s arcs. The characters went through some emotional changes periodically.

On the other hand, Yu-Gi-Oh did an amazing job with character development and provided more depth into their lives. Yu-Gi-Oh writers weren’t afraid to touch on mature topics and incorporated darker aspects to the show and even improved the character arcs of the antagonists which gave a new meaning to the show.

In addition, the characters in Yu-Gi-Oh grew up and underwent several developments, unlike Pokemon characters. It also introduced new protagonists in new narratives which made the show more exciting to watch.

The popularity of the shows

The winner here is quite obvious, as we know Pokemon has gained worldwide popularity through its consistent concept of being a kid-friendly and adventurous show. Not to mention the fame received by its video games, card games, and other appealing merchandise materials. 

The Pokemon franchise is one of the largest and highest-grossing franchises in the world. 

Although Yu-Gi-Oh is a popular franchise, it couldn’t achieve the fame Pokemon could. The main reason for Yu-Gi-Oh’s popularity is its trading cards which are still adored by numerous fans. Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the highest-grossing franchises in the world but it couldn’t compete against the ever-growing Pokemon franchise in terms of popularity.

Plot Continuity Comparison Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh

Plot continuity isn’t an easy concept to maintain, especially if the shows have been running for decades. But Pokemon has faced no intricacies regarding its plot continuity because it’s based on a single story and the main protagonists in Pokemon have remained the same throughout.

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Even if some Pokemon movies don’t fall into the exact timeline the series has been running in, their continuity wasn’t messed up and it has been convenient for the viewers to comprehend the entire plot. Although new characters and regions were introduced in Pokemon hither and thither, the plot remains consistent.

Whereas with Yu-Gi-Oh, the plot has changed a number of times. New protagonists, antagonists, and crossovers were introduced throughout the series which made Yu-Gi-Oh exciting to watch but also developed new plot holes. However, the Yu-Gi-Oh series can be considered a multiverse where different characters are living in different realities 

When comparing the original Yu-Gi-Oh series to Yu-Gi-Oh 5D, the plot changed to a Sci-Fi genre. This gave a new meaning to the series but the plot continuity wasn’t strictly followed. However, the creators came up with creative ideas to sort out plot holes.

In conclusion, both Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh have proved to be better in one concept or the other. Although both shows were inspired by games, their basis isn’t entirely the same. They have their own qualities and inferiorities and are best in their own form. Therefore, it depends on one’s preference when deciding which show is better.

Pokemon Vs Yu-Gi-Oh Which Show Is Better: FAQs

What’s the difference between Yugioh and Pokemon?

Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are both famous anime series and some of the highest-grossing media franchises in the world. The major difference between them is that Pokemon is based on a video game series whereas Yu-Gi-Oh is based on a manga that’s about trading card games.

Was Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon first?

Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are popular anime shows that later expanded into larger franchises. Pokemon initially started as a video game series which was released in 1995. While Yu-Gi-Oh started off as a manga that was published in 1996. Hence the Pokemon game series came before the Yu-Gi-Oh manga.

Why is Yu-Gi-Oh not as popular as Pokemon?

Although both Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh have been successful franchises, the Pokemon franchise is much more popular than Yu-Gi-Oh. This is mainly because the concept of Pokemon is comprehensive and has remained consistent throughout which managed to garner countless fans globally.

Does Yu-Gi-Oh count as anime?

Yu-Gi-Oh was initially released as a manga about trading card games and was later developed into an animated series. The origin of Yu-Gi-Oh is Japan and it aired in the Japanese language before being dubbed to the English language. Since Yu-Gi-Oh is a Japanese animated series it’s an anime show.

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