3 Reasons Why Japan Population is decreasing

Why Japanese population is declining?

Have you ever wondered why Japan population is decreasing? If yes, I will tell you the reasons below.

Japan faces a demographic conundrum as its population steadily declines, a phenomenon driven by an amalgam of factors including low birth rates, an aging society, and limited immigration.

This trend poses profound challenges for the nation’s future, prompting critical examination of its social policies and economic strategies.

Why Japan Population is Decreasing?

Japan population is decreasing due to the high rate of old age people in the county and minimal youngsters. People in Japan are engrossed in their working, having no time for relationships They work hard with less income and low benefits. The lost of living in Japan is high and expensive which is why Japan population is decreasing.

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Japan’s population is declining year after year. 2019 was the end of the Heisei era that spanned for 30 years in Japan. During this period, the country became one of the most ageing societies.  

Major Population drop was in 2010. The number of babies born in 2019 was almost 30% less than in 1989, according to NHK- World Japan. With the coming of the pandemic, It is expected to worsen in future. 

The population decline has mostly affected rural areas. Urban areas are still far better than the decline in rural areas of Japan are facing. This is due to people moving to cities in search of jobs. which is why the Japan population is decreasing.

The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research estimates that Japan’s population will decline to about 106 million in 30 years. Currently, the Japan population growth rate in 2020 is more than 126 million. 

Japan’s population problem is due to more people dying than people being born. This is because the population is getting older day by day leaving a few young people who do not want a child or marriage. 

Japan’s decline in population is simply accused to not having enough sex, lack of time for women to build a family for bearing children, difficult work styles, not being paid enough to raise children and have long hours of work. 

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Work lifestyle in Japan

One reason to have a low birth rate have implications from the US: Japan’s birth rate is lowering because of the lack of opportunities for young people in the country. It is still expected of men to be wage earner and support the family.  

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The lack of good job opportunities is binding them to keep away with having children and taking further responsibilities. As they know, they won’t be able to afford it.

The birth rate is down and even the rate of couples or marriages is down, the sole reason for this is economic insecurity. This is the major reason why Japan population is decreasing day after day.

Although, the unemployment rate in Japan is quite low. Everyone seems to have a job, working and earning some kind of income. But, the problem is a shrinking economy. Since Japan is falling behind in its economy, the income is less.

Employment security is zero in Japan. At any point in time, people can lose their jobs. Japan now has an “irregular” workforce where the people work on a temporary, part-time basis with low income and no benefits. 

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Men who do not have regular-secured jobs are not considered desirable for marriages and hence, also for childbearing. Women prefer getting married to men with permanent jobs for a better and secured future. 

However, women who work also frequently find themselves in irregular jobs which again have implications for them to raise a family since hours are unpredictable and salaries are minimal. 

But, it’s more difficult for a man because once a woman has a child. 70% of women stop working and depend on their husband’s income for quite some time. This is because the child needs her attention and jobs in Japan have only a few days for maternity leave.  

Japan has a culture in which hard work with long hours is widely appreciated. It is considered rude if you leave work before your boss. People who leave work before completing their long hours are disregarded by their friends and family let alone the government. 

A Japanese term, Karoshi, is derived solely to describe the death caused due to overworking. Each year, several people are dying due to the stress that happens due to work.

Japan population decline

Japan has weak labour unions. The unions themselves collaborate with big companies and preserve jobs that exist rather than fighting on behalf of workers for various reasons like low income, hard labour and long working hours. 

Japanese working conditions have been in a pathetic condition for a long time now. If these working styles are not changed then getting married, raising children and increasing Japanese population will only remain a far-fetched dream.

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Lack of Interest in Building Relationships

Japanese has a lack of interest in sex, which is another reason for the decline of the population. This is because they do not have time for romantic relationships. They think that romantic relationships and sexual activities hamper their work lifestyle and dedication. 

32% of men do not like sex because they fear women will reject them. Japanese kids have turned into geeks because they spent long hours with video games and other technologies leaving no time for real-relationships.

According to Guardian, the country has a lagging libido because of lack of interest in sex. With the decline in sexual intimacy, there is also a drop in the sale of contraceptives, condoms and rate of abortions.

Since Japanese kids watched their parents lives getting difficult after their marriages, they also prefer not getting married and leading a bachelor life. For males, life just gets around paying their wives and for wives, it’s looking after their children. 

In Japan, marriage is a prerequisite for having children. Very few couples have babies from their wedlocks. It is also not considered great to have babies before marriage. This is why Japan population is decreasing because no one wants children there.

Prostitution in Japan is easy and cheap. Most men can afford it for the price of a day’s lunch. Since it’s easy and affordable, it bars them to think about having a life partner. 

Japanese population decline 2020

Japanese prefer owning pets as they will not have to spend so much on their pets. They are low-maintenance and do not require so much attention. Pets also attach to them emotionally like babies and fill their lives with love.

Japanese people own dogs, rabbits, cats popularly. They can take their pets to work easily or leave them in the house with the requirements without any tension in their head.

Lack of sexual interest forms a great reason and answer to why Japan population decreasing year after year.

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High Cost of Living in Japan

Japan is an extremely expensive country. Living in Japan lavishly needs you to earn a lot of money to have a proper family life and enjoy everything. 

People work so hard in Japan but still earn lesser than the country’s standards which increases their insecurity. They often want to move out of the country to live a better and settled life.

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Space is extremely limited as opposed to Japan’s population density. Hence, houses are small and the rent is high. Owning a studio apartment is also considered great in Japan. Many families of 3-4 manage in studio apartments.

Basic amenities are also extremely expensive, like vegetables, fruits, toiletries and other important goods. Which is why people do not want to live in here and Japan population is decreasing.

Japan has 14% higher cost on consumer goods than in the US making it one of the most expensive countries around the world.

Parents are expected to sponsor their children’s education. The children continue to live in their parents home until they get married unlike in the US. The Asian culture does not let their children off until a person is fully capable to afford themselves. 

Why Japan population is decreasing

With children in life, the expenses double and the cost of living increases. Japanese people avoid taking such responsibilities and prefer staying single because it’s more convenient and affordable. 

Women also wait to have children as it takes away their freedom and burdens with them with big responsibilities. It takes away their independence as they will have to look after their young ones. 

If the given conditions are sorted, Japan’s population will again shoot up. The government, however, is trying their best to come up with new perks for the couples who are ready to have babies with incentives. 

Japan population decline in 2020 will be restored soon if positive steps are taken in the field of work. Work security is something that Japan needs the most.  This is why Japan population is decreasing.

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What is Japan doing to increase population?

While the country experiences low birth rates and a very few young people currently. There are various policies that the government is trying to come up with. According to the Economist, a town called Nagicho managed to increase its population from 1.4 to 1.9 in 2017. This was possible because of offering new mothers gifts or 30,000 yens as subsidies for child’s care, education, housing etc. 

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