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genki sushi japan menu

Wanna visit the best sushi restaurant in Japan? Here’s the entire Genki Sushi Japan menu below!

Sushi is one of the most iconic and preferred Japanese foods of all time. You’re most likely to find a sushi place in every corner of the world but no place can match the authenticity of sushi made in Japanese restaurants. 

And that’s why we’ve brought you the menu of Genki Sushi which is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Japan. 

Read further down below to know more about Genki Sushi!

Genki Sushi Japan Menu

Genki Sushi is one of the famous sushi restaurants in Japan that’s known to serve sushi to customers through conveyor belts. Customers can order their favorite sushi and wait till the conveyor belt brings the sushi plate to their table. 

Genki Sushi began in Tochigi, Japan in 1979. It later expanded to other countries like The US, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China, etc.

The menu at Genki Sushi offers a large variety of sushi made with distinct ingredients for a very affordable price. Genki Sushi is a favorite place for most tourists to Japan since they can have authentic Japanese sushi for a very cheap price.

Limited Time Menu At Genki Sushi Japan

Genki Sushi restaurants in Japan provide a limited-time menu that offers a plethora of unique and exotic sushi and other meals. 

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These meals are priced both reasonably and extravagantly hence you can choose an option that fits your budget. 

Keep in mind that different Genki Sushi stores in Japan may have slight differences in prices. 

Genki Sushi Japan Menu
Limited Time Menu At Genki Sushi JapanPrice (inc. tax)
Natural Southern Bluefin Tuna Lean110 yen
Sea Urchin Seaweed Wrap110 yen
Shrimp Seaweed Wrap (Basil Mayo)110 yen
Striped Jack 160 yen
Boiled Mussel160 yen
Ox Tongue210 yen
Exciting Red Shrimp Mini Bowl270 yen
Black Mussel110 yen
Grilled Corn110 yen
Common Octopus130 yen
Aori Squid160 yen
Extra Large Eel210 yen
Homemade Mackerel210 yen
Homemade Mackerel Roasted210 yen
Raw Salmon250 yen
Red Sea Bream (Ikejime)210 yen
Ikejime 210 yen
Kids Set620 yen
9 Carefully Selected Sushi Types790 yen

Nigiri Menu At Genki Sushi Japan

Nigiri is a type of sushi that’s only served with vinegar rice, raw seafood, and a few toppings. Nigiri sushi doesn’t contain seaweed unlike regular sushi hence they’re topped with unique toppings to give a subtle taste. If you haven’t tried Nigiri sushi, then make sure to get your favorite pick here at Genki Sushi Japan.

Nigiri Menu At Genki Sushi JapanPrice (inc. tax)
Tuna 110 yen
Seared Tuna Green Onion Chilli Oil110 yen
Seared Tuna110 yen
Bincho Tuna110 yen
Broiled Bincho Tuna with Pepper Mayo110 yen
Tuna, Bottle Long Tuna110 yen
Bottle Long Tuna Green Onion Chilli Oil110 yen
Salmon 110 yen
Grilled Salmon Pepper Mayo110 yen
Tuna/Salmon110 yen
Onion Salmon110 yen
Grilled Salmon110 yen
Salmon Green Onion Chilli Oil110 yen
Salmon/Grilled Salmon110 yen
Shrimp 110 yen
Grilled Shrimp with Pepper Mayo110 yen
Shrimp Chilli Oil110 yen
Shrimp Mentai Mayonnaise110 yen
Avocado Shrimp110 yen
Raw Shrimp110 yen
Shrimp Tempura110 yen
Sweet Shrimp110 yen
Ikejime Steamed Shrimp110 yen
Shrimp and Sweet Shrimp110 yen
Hokkaido Scallop110 yen
Akanishi Shellfish110 yen
Shellfish 110 yen
Redemption 110 yen
White Cockle110 yen
Engawa 110 yen
Squid 110 yen
Squid Chilli Oil 110 yen
Squid and Pollack Mayonnaise110 yen
Red Squid Pollack Roe Mayonnaise110 yen
Scorched Green Onion110 yen
Mackerel 110 yen
Mackerel and Sardines110 yen
Seared Mackerel110 yen
Oil Flounder110 yen
Kohada 110 yen
Taste 110 yen
Horse Mackerel and Mackerel110 yen
Sardines 110 yen
Broiled Sardine with Pollack Roe and Mayonnaise110 yen
Large Sliced Freshly Harvested Hamachi110 yen
Boiled Conger Eel110 yen
Hamburger 110 yen
Cheese Hamburger110 yen
Short Rib110 yen
Prosciutto Ham Salad110 yen
Pickled Okra110 yen
Lightly Picked Eggplant (Wasabi Flavor)110 yen
Omelette Nigiri110 yen
Egg Nigiri110 yen
Atsuyaki Egg110 yen
Fluffy Conger Eel110 yen
Kinka Mackerel110 yen
Squid Mountain Wasabi110 yen
Jumbo Fried Shrimp110 yen
Grilled Tuna110 yen
Grilled Tuna Fillet with Pepper Mayonnaise110 yen

Gunkan, Makimono, Inari Sushi Menu At Genki Sushi Japan

Gunkan and Makimono sushi are sushi wrapped in thin seaweed sheets with several fillings and toppings. Gunkan sushi looks like a small boat with fillings while Makimono is a sushi roll. 

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Inari is a different type of sushi that’s made with fried tofu pieces and sushi rice fillings. Inari sushi is cooked in broth which enhances its overall flavor.

Gunkan, Makimono, Inari Sushi Menu At Genki Sushi JapanPrice (inc. tax)
Seared Tuna110 yen
Seared Tuna Natto110 yen
Magutaku Gunkan 110 yen
Minced Tuna with Grated Yam110 yen
Salmon Avocado Gunkan110 yen
Tuna Salad110 yen
Corn 110 yen
Tuna Salad Corn 110 yen
Seafood Yukhoe Style110 yen
Seafood Salad110 yen
Seafood Salad (Medium)110 yen
Spicy Salad110 yen
Shrimp Mayonnaise (Cucumber)110 yen
Squid Okura 110 yen
Shishamokko 110 yen
Cod Mayonnaise110 yen
Engawa Gunkan110 yen
Ajitama Gunkan110 yen
Crab Stick Salad Gunkan110 yen
Meatball Gunkan110 yen
Natto110 yen
Ankimo 110 yen
Crab Miso (Cucumber)110 yen
Inari 110 yen
Wasabi Inari110 yen
Assorted Inari110 yen
Onion Wrapped in Seaweed110 yen
Tekkamaki 110 yen
Seared Tuna Roll110 yen
Tuna Roll110 yen
Kappa Roll110 yen
Oshinmaki 110 yen
Kanpyo Roll110 yen
Natto Roll (Half)110 yen
Shrimp Tempura Roll110 yen
Temaki (Tuna)110 yen
Temaki (Natto)110 yen
Temaki (Kalbi)110 yen
Ikura 160 yen
Mountain Wasabi Tekka Roll 110 yen
Yamawasabi Tuna Takaki Roll 110 yen
Wasabi Kappa Roll110 yen
Mountain Wasabi Pickled Roll110 yen
Mountain Wasabi Kanpyo Roll110 yen
Wasabi Natto Roll110 yen
Pressed Sushi with Mackerel110 yen
Mackerel Pressed Sushi110 yen
Conger Eel Pressed Sushi110 yen
Grilled Mackerel Pressed Sushi110 yen
Inari Sushi110 yen
Inari Sushi (Wasabi)110 yen
Inari Sushi (Assorted)110 yen

Side Menu At Genki Sushi Japan

The side menu at Genki Sushi Japan provides a variety of dishes like soups, salads, fries, fried chicken, etc.

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Side Menu At Genki Sushi JapanPrice (inc. tax)
Assorted Ingredients (Tuna)160 yen
Assorted Ingredients (Salmon)160 yen
Assorted Toppings (Finished Mackerel)160 yen
Aojiru 110 yen
Green Soup Red Miso Soup110 yen
Clam Miso Soup200 yen
Miso Soup with Clams Red Miso Soup200 yen
Chawanmushi of Blueness200 yen
Veggie Salad110 yen
Spicy Raddish Salad110 yen
Tuna Raddish Salad110 yen
Green Soybeans110 yen
Fried Tuna with Cheese210 yen
Chicken Wings210 yen
Miso Kushikatsu210 yen
French Fries110 yen
Large Cheese Potato270 yen
Large Soy Sauce Butter Sauce Potatoes270 yen
Large Mentai Mayo Potato270 yen
Pumpkin Tempura110 yen
Fried Juicy Chicken Thigh270 yen
Stick Chicken110 yen
Soy Sauce Ramen (Light)370 yen
Special Soy Sauce Ramen (Rich)370 yen
Chilled Lemon Ramen370 yen
Backfat Ramen370 yen
Tanuki Udon160 yen
Kake Udon160 yen
Shrimp Tempura Udon320 yen
Ontama Mentai Udon320 yen
Clam Udon320 yen
Kitsune Udon200 yen
Kasu Udon270 yen

Dessert Menu At Genki Sushi Japan

Check out the list of yummy desserts served at Genki Sushi restaurants in Japan below.

Dessert Menu At Genki Sushi JapanPrice (inc. tax)
Chocolate Crunch Banana Parfait370 yen
Summer Oops330 yen
Rich Baked Cheesecake270 yen
Chocolate Cake210 yen
Unagi-chan Cake270 yen
Soft Bracken Rice Cake110 yen
Red Meat Melon270 yen
Special Pudding270 yen
Soda Jelly110 yen
Candied Sweet Potato110 yen
Strawberry Crepe110 yen
Chocolate Ice Cream110 yen
Strawberry Ice Cream110 yen
Soft Cream270 yen
Soft Cream (Chocolate Sauce)270 yen

Drinks Menu At Genki Sushi Japan

Check out the drinks available at Genki Sushi Japan to quench your thirst.

Drinks Menu At Genki Sushi JapanPrice (inc. tax)
Grape Juice110 yen
Apple Juice110 yen
Purunpurunku (Peach)210 yen
Purunpurunku (Grape)160 yen
Fruitis 160 yen
Cola (S)160 yen
Cola (L)310 yen
Ginger Ale (S)160 yen
Ginger Ale (L)310 yen
Fanta Orange (S)160 yen
Fanta Orange (L)310 yen
Melon Soda (S)160 yen
Melon Soda (L)310 yen
Grape Juice (S)160 yen
Grape Juice (L)310 yen
Apple Juice (S)160 yen
Apple Juice (L)310 yen
Oolong Tea (S)160 yen
Oolong Tea (L)310 yen
Special Coffee 200 yen
Special Iced Coffee200 yen
Special Cafe Latte200 yen
Special Iced Cafe Latte200 yen
Ichiban Draft Beer500 yen
Zero ICHI (Non-alcoholic)310 yen
Hyorei Calorie Limit (Non-alcoholic)310 yen
Hot Sake (Sake Bottle)440 yen
Cold Sake480 yen
Highball 420 yen
Lemon Sour420 yen
Oolong Hai420 yen
Plum Wine Rock420 yen
Coke Sour420 yen
Melon Soda Sour420 yen
Ginger Highball420 yen
Sweet Potato Shochu (Rock)500 yen
Sweet Potato Shochu (with water)500 yen
Barley Shochu (Rock)500 yen
Barley Shochu (with water)500 yen
Hojun 496740 yen
Cat on Wednesday740 yen

Takeaway Menu At Genki Sushi Japan

The takeaway menu at Genki Sushi Japan offers a plethora of assorted sushi platters for those who like to take their meals home.

Takeaway Menu At Genki Sushi JapanPrice (inc. tax)
Una Sushi Bento950 yen
Unadang Bento800 yen
Summer Petit Deliset (Corn Heaven)540 yen
Standard 9 Types (1 person)520 yen
Standard 9 Types (2 people)1040 yen
Standard 9 Types (3 people)1560 yen
Standard 9 Types (4 people)2080 yen
Standard 9 Types (5 people)2600 yen
Carefully Selected 9 Types (1 person)790 yen
Carefully Selected 9 Types (2 people)1580 yen
Carefully Selected 9 Types (3 people)2370 yen
Carefully Selected 9 Types (4 people)3160 yen
Carefully Selected 9 Types (5 people)3950 yen
10 Popular Servings680 yen
3 Servings of 10 Popular Dishes2040 yen
5 Servings of 10 Popular Dishes3400 yen
Tuna Dish (1 person)550 yen
3 Servings Tuna1650 yen
Salmon & Tuna Sushi (1 person)710 yen
2 Servings Salmon & Tuna1420 yen
3 Servings Salmon & Tuna2130 yen
4 Servings Salmon & Tuna2840 yen
5 Servings Salmon & Tuna3550 yen
Sukeroku (1 person)440 yen
Sukeroku (3 people)1320 yen
Tuna Set 220 yen
Salmon Set300 yen
Kids Set240 yen
Hikarimano Set220 yen
Scroll Set330 yen
Inari (6 pieces)300 yen
Toro Mackerel Pressed Sushi Set330 yen
Mackerel Pressed Sushi Set330 yen
Tuna Bowl650 yen
Special Seafood Rice Bowl870 yen
Salmon Roe Bowl1300 yen
Magutaku Bowl540 yen
Salmon Oyakodon650 yen
Tuna Three Color Bowl540 yen
10 Juicy Fried Chicken Thighs600 yen

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