Strangest Burgers Available In McDonald’s Japan

Strangest Burgers Available In McDonalds Japan

We all know the McDonald’s iconic burger menu items like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder that we see virtually in any McDonald’s place that we go to, even abroad. But there are special burger menu items in McDonald’s Japan that we’ll never see anywhere else.

Strangest Burgers Available In McDonalds Japan

Given the rich culture of Japan in terms of food and cuisine, there are a lot of strange and unique burger menu items exclusively in McDonald’s Japan that gives a taste and sneak peek of Japan’s very own flavors.

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Unfortunately, most of these burger menu items are seasonal and are not always available in McDonald’s Japan. It depends on the availability of ingredients and the season that we are currently in. Some burger items are a one-time offer so you have to get them quick!

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For this article, we’ll discuss the strangest burgers we’ve seen on the McDonald’s Japan menu.

Strangest Burgers Available In McDonald’s Japan

List Of Strangest Burgers in McDonald’s Japan

  • Cheese Tsukimi Burger
    • Burger with chicken patty, cheddar cheese, sunny-side-up eggs, 2 slices of bacon, and aurora sauce.
  • Idaho Burger
    • This burger has the McDonald’s famous hash brown inside with a beef patty, onion-flavored buns, bacon, cheese, and mustard seed sauce.
Idaho Burger McDonald's Japan
  • Diner Honey Mustard
    • Burger with chicken patty, bacon, lettuce, cheddar cheese, special buns, and honey mustard sauce.
  • Diner Double Beef
    • Double-patty burger (beef) with a sunny-side-up egg, onions, cheese, and pepper steak sauce.
  • German Sausage Chicken
    • Burger with lemon-flavored chicken patty, bologna sausage, rye buns, pickled cabbage, dill mustard, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Manhattan Burger
    • Beef patty burger with pastrami, mozzarella cheese, onion, lettuce, and sour cream sauce.
  • New York Burger
    • Burger with quarter pounder patty, Monterey jack cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, whole wheat bun, and mustard seed sauce.
  • Hawaiian Burger
    • Quarter pounder with egg, grated cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and special gravy sauce.
  • Texas Burger
    • Quarter pounder with Big Mac-style buns, fried onions, cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce, and mustard seed relish.
  • Texas Burger 2
    • Big Mac-style buns quarter pounder, chili beans, onions, bacon, cheese, and mustard seed relish. 
  • Las Vegas Burger
    • Quarter pounder with lettuce, cheese, onions, and cream cheese sauce
  • Broadway Burger
    • Beef patty with bacon, lettuce, cream cheese, and mustard sauce.
  • California Burger
    • Quarter pounder with bacon, tomato, lettuce, Monterey jack cheese, grated cheese, and special red wine sauce.
  • Beverly Hills Burger
    • Quarter pounder with lettuce, onion, avocado sauce, and caesar sauce.
  • Miami Burger
    • Burger with the regular beef patty. taco meat, cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato chili sauce, and normal buns.
  • Le Gran Tomato: Japan Edition
    • Normal patty burger with ciabatta, butter sauce, and tomato.
  • Le Gran Sausage: Japan Edition
    • Beef burger with pepper sausage, ciabatta, and mustard.
  • American Funky BBQ Beef
    • Burger with two beef patties, grilled bacon, lettuce, pickles, mustard relish, and barbecue sauce.
  • American Funky BBQ Chicken
    • Chicken patty burger with lettuce, pickles, cheddar cheese, mustard relish, and barbecue sauce.
  • Sesame Ebi Filet-O Sesame Buns
    • Burger with shrimp cutlet, lettuce, cheese, sesame buns, and thousand island sauce.
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Ebi Tempura Meal McDonald's
  • Mega Tamago
    • Burger with big-mac style buns, sunny-side-up egg, lettuce, bacon, and mustard and pepper sauce.
  • Cheese Fondue Chicken
    • Burger with chicken steak patty, lettuce, bacon, and buns with grated cheese.
  • Mega McMuffin
    • Two sausage patties, sunny-side-up egg, cheese, normal buns, and ketchup.
  • Carbonara Chicken
    • Chicken patty, sunny-side-up eggs, bacon, mozzarella cheese, with a creamy carbonara sauce.
  • Chicken Tatsuta
    • Chicken patty with shredded lettuce, and cheese.
  • Chicken Tatsuta with wasabi and tartare sauce
    • Chicken patty with ginger and soy flavor with wasabi tartare sauce, shredded lettuce, and cheese.
  • Grand Canyon Burger
    • Beef patty burger with mozzarella cheese, egg, onion sauce, steak sauce, and cheddar cheese.
  • Mega Beef Mac
    • Same as the Big Mac but double the patty which makes it a total of 4 patties in the burger.
  • Mega Teriyaki Burger
    • 2 pork patties, a Big Mac-style buns, lettuce, cheese, and teriyaki sauce.
  • Demi-glace and Cheese Gratin Korokke Burger
    • Burger with gratin croquette, cheddar cheese, demi-glace sauce, onion, cabbage, and mayo sauce.
  • Hot and Groovy Beef
    • Regular beef patty burger with white lettuce, cheddar cheese, and tartare sauce.
  • Hot and Groovy Chicken
    • Chicken with garlic flavoring, cheddar cheese, jalapeno sauce, and salsa.
  • Hot Gold Masala: Japan Edition
    • Chicken patty burger with lettuce, tomato, and curry sauce.
  • Mild Gold Masala: Japan Edition
    • Chicken patty burger with lettuce, mayo, cheese, and curry sauce.
  • Cheese Aussie Deli: Japan Edition
    • Burger with thinly sliced pastrami, regular buns, lettuce, and cheese.
  • Doble Beef Salsa Burger
    • Double beef patty burger with salsa, onion, jalapeno, cheese sauce, and tomato.
  • Chicken Salsa Burger
    • Same as the Doble Beef Salsa Burger but with a chicken patty instead of beef patties.
  • Shrimp Salsa Burger
    • Same as the Salsa burgers above but with a shrimp patty as the main meat component.
  • Sakura Teritama Burger
    • Pork patty burger with sunny-side-up eggs, regular buns, Japanese sakura radish, and mayo sauce.
  • Cheese Katsu Burger
    • Burger with cheesy pork cutlet, sliced cabbage, brown sauce, and sweet lemon sauce.
  • Bacon and Lettuce Burger
    • Burger with beef patty, bacon, lettuce, cheese, and yellow mustard sauce.
  • Mega Sausage
    • Sausage burger with mustard sauce, regular buns, and ketchup.
  • McPork Double
    • Burger with 2 pork patties, lettuce, and regular buns.

McDonald’s Japan Vs Other McDonald’s

Other international McDonald’s chains have their own special menu items that are close to their own culture and cuisine as well but what makes McDonald’s Japan different from other international menu items is quite significant.

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McDonald’s Japan is able to give a taste of their own cuisine and food just like any other country’s McDonald’s menu but in Japan, they’re able to effectively incorporate Western taste and ideas to cater to the Japanese public.

McDonald's Japan Meal

This is seen with a lot of burger menu items stated above like the USA-inspired burgers like the Manhattan burger, Miami burger, California burger, American Funky BBQ beef and chicken, Texas burger, and many more.

American culture and cuisine are pretty popular in Japan because of how Japanese people perceive Western culture and cuisine through movies and pop culture. That’s why these menu items are popular in McDonald’s Japan despite their unique flavors and ingredients.

Although this article only focuses on the many strange burger menu items that McDonald’s Japan has released in the past and continues to serve now, there are also a number of unique menu items you can try apart from the burgers.

McDonald’s Japan is also looking out for the nutritional items on their menu items given the Japanese culture of healthy living. This is why there are unique menu items as well that are healthier compared to the traditional McDonald’s menu aside from all the burger items stated above.

What To Expect In The Future For McDonald’s Japan Burgers

We couldn’t really tell what exactly to expect from McDonald’s Japan in terms of new burger menu items because it’s usually a surprise announcement by McDonald’s Japan to get the public to talk about the new food items.

Red Wrapper Burger Meal McDonald's Japan

McDonald’s in general is known to collaborate with specific brands and movies as well for a limited-time offer of special menu items. Once McDonald’s Japan announces a collaboration or partnership between a brand or a movie, expect to see a new special item or two for a couple of weeks.

Availability Of Strangest Burgers In McDonald’s Japan

There’s really no definite indication of when to expect a specific burger menu item in McDonald’s Japan to resurface in the current menu. Although the best factor to consider is the date and season and see which specific ingredient in Japan is at its peak during that time.

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Availability of the special ingredients goes hand-in-hand with the current season and this might be the case for some of the burger items mentioned above. For example, if there is a limited supply of Indian spices and ingredients, Hot and Mild Masala burgers might be unavailable.

An example of this outside of the strange burger menu items is the Hokkaido Milk Pie and Hyuganatsu Cheesecake McFlurry. If the harvest of the special ingredients found in these menu items is scarce, chances are, they are not served in the current menu of McDonald’s Japan.

McDonald's Japan Meal With Pikachu

Another indicator could be the current trends in the Japanese media and the general public. Restaurants and fast food chains tend to gravitate to whatever the hot topic of the public is. So if there are certain trendy foods or ingredients close to the burger menu items stated above, chances are, they might be served again.

Strangest Burgers Available In McDonald’s Japan

Seeing a McDonald’s chain is a common sight wherever you are in the world but what makes McDonald’s Japan quite unique is the diverse and seemingly strange burger menu items that will make your mouth drool and crave.

These strange burger menu items offer a taste and culture of Japan through McDonald’s convenient, tasty, and cost-friendly food items. But, you have to be quick though as most of these burger items are a limited-time offer only.

We hope that this article has been helpful in listing down the strangest burgers available in McDonald’s Japan.

See you in our next posts!

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