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taco bell japan menu

Love Taco Bell? Here’s Taco Bell Japan menu items you have to try! Check it out!

Who is craving for some delicious Mexican Food? Well, there is only one place that comes to mind. Lucky for you, this guide will help you decide better on what to order for your next big meal at TACO BELL and what to expect as well.

While you can certainly find an endless number of restaurants offering a huge variety of cuisines in Japan, if you have  spent some time in the country, you may have noticed that your options for Mexican food are somewhat limited. 

So, when the news broke out that American fast food chain Taco Bell was going to open in Japan, the response was sensational. I am not kidding. When the first outlet opened in Tokyo way back in 2015 , there was a crowd of more than three hundred people who showed up to stand in the queue. 

The menu is certainly way different and there are a few exclusive ‘Japan only’ Taco bell dishes. 

Taco Bell Japan Menu

Taco Bell Japan Menu

Shrimp & Avocado Burrito: 

Taco Bell has a seafood vibe for reasons beyond this amazing  shrimp and avocado stuffed burrito. Seasoned whole shrimp, shredded lettuce, guacamole made from fresh avocados, fiesta salsa and one more ingredient that Japanese people know and love: wasabi. All this wrapped in a flour tortilla has given birth to a Japanese food classic.

Fajita Burrito:

One can indulge in either  a choice of grilled chicken or pork, along with a choice of sauce, warm fajita vegetables ( onions and bell peppers ), and oozing cheese wrapped inside of a flour tortilla or a quesadilla version is also available.

Taco Rice Bowl:

This is a very popular staple Okinawan dish incorporated  into the Taco Bell  menu. It consists of a bed of steamed white rice topped with taco-seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese,shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and fiesta salsa. 

Loaded fries:

More fries, anyone? Hell yes! Taco Bell in Japan is one of the very few places that offer customers a basket of crispy and hot fries topped with beef, melted cheese, diced tomatoes, scallions and more.

Cinnamon Tostada Chips:

This dessert may look quite simple, because it consists of pieces of fried tortillas covered with cinnamon and sugar, but they are super crispy, light and utterly delicious. What is more exciting is that you have your own choice of chocolate or caramel sauce poured over the tostada chips and the final verdict is just….YUM!

Ice Cream Tostada:

The ice cream tostada is a very delightful dessert option. The crispy texture of the chips  and sweetness of the sugar, topped with vanilla ice cream make this a winning combination. Trust me, you have to try this if you go to Taco Bell in Japan.

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Taco Bell Japan Menu items
Menu itemPrice
Shrimp & Avocado Burrito
Fajita Burrito¥420
Taco Rice Bowl¥620
Loaded fries¥760
Cinnamon Tostada Chips¥100
Ice Cream Tostada

Wraps & COMBO Meals available in Taco bell Japan:

I must say that I am seriously impressed with how easy and convenient tacos are to eat here. In Japan, ‘fast food’ usually means hamburgers most of the time. So, Taco Bell definitely did have  a novel appeal to Japanese consumers which is why I personally think it is doing fabulously well in the country. 

Here is a detailed menu of all the wraps and combos ( includes coke and fries) you can get easily-

Menu itemPrice
Make it Supreme with 2 Tacos¥580¥900(COMBO)
Cheesy Core Burrito¥570¥890(COMBO)
Crunchwrap Supreme¥570¥890(COMBO)
Grilled Burrito¥420¥740(COMBO)
Burrito Bowl¥620¥940(COMBO)
Taco Supreme (Crunch or Soft)¥380
Cheesy Beefy Burrito¥390
Cheesy Roll up (Plain or Cinnamon Sugar)¥170
Crispy Chicken¥340
Side Salad ¥320

Fries & Nachos available in Taco bell Japan:

Seasoned fries topped with our signature cheesy dips, is everything you need to make your meal complete. They are served crispy, hot, not greasy, salty and light.

Check out these super tasty options below to give you that extra golden bliss-

Taco Bell Japan Menu
Menu itemPrice
Premium Nachos¥760
Loaded Fries¥760
Cheesy Chips¥350
Cheesy Potato¥350
Nacho Chips¥260
Mexican Potato¥260
Toppings ¥100

Soft Drinks & Alcohol available in Taco Bell Japan:

The wide variety of  refreshing beverages available here is vast. From creamy coffee to sangria, there’s something here for everyone. You can now pair your meal with any of the  flavourful beverage and alcohol drinks listed below- 

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( Please note some stores do not handle the drink bars or alcohol).

Menu itemPrice
Drink bar¥390
Hot tea¥280
Mineral Water¥200
Frozen Drinks¥240
Draft beer¥580
Frozen Margarita ¥580

Take out & Eat-in menu available in Taco bell Japan:

Are you feeling lazy to dine in? Not to worry. Taco Bell also has some very amazing take out options for you to have a great time with friends and family. Feast your tastebuds and save big with these SUPER Bell Boxes and Party Packs-

Menu itemPrice
Big Bell Box¥850
Taco Party Packs5 PCS: ¥130010PCS:  ¥2550
Bell to Go For 2A SET:¥1500B SET:¥2000
Bell to Go For 4¥3500

Desert Menu Available In Taco Bell Japan:

Every good meal ends with dessert. Discover some desserts for every occasion that are super indulgent and impressive showstoppers. Check out these top items offered by Taco Bell as a desert option. Get ready to pamper yourself with these deserts guilt-free:

Menu itemPrice
Premium Soft Serve( Chocolate or Caramel sauce)¥320
Soft Cream¥180
Cinnamon Twist¥100

DIY Taco Kit Available in Taco Bell Japan:

At Taco Bell, ‘DIY TACOS KIT’ is available where you can enjoy ten freshly made tacos anywhere you want. It contains five hard taco shells, five soft tortillas, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, taco beef, shredded lettuce, and taco sauce. Don’t stress. You do not have to be an expert to make this. 

The kit  includes a recipe on how to make it so even beginners or amateurs can make it with confidence. It is available for takeout only so you might want to resist the urge of making those delicious tacos right there in the store. 

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You can even spruce up these tacos flavors with some cilantro and avocado found in your kitchen. It can be a great family bonding activity too as you can have great fun fixing it up yourselves.

It is different from the TACO PARTY PACK and priced higher as the taco party Pack does not have any tomato or sour cream in it. So it is much plainer than the DIY Taco Kit. Plus, the DIY kit has tons of leftovers so you could end up making more than ten tacos.

Menu Item Price
DIY TACOS KIT(10 pieces)¥2990

Taco Bell Japan: FAQs

What are some of the food safety measures followed in Taco Bell Japan?

Taco Bell follows strict  food safety and security measures to provide customers with the best of products. They even work with suppliers who follow the same values for quality management and food safety. Taco Bell has a very firm belief in ‘doing the right thing for customers.’ all suppliers and stores all over japan follow the same practice.

How many Taco Bell outlets are in Japan?

The very first branch  opened in  the 1980’s, but closed shortly. April 21, 2015 marked the grand opening ceremony of the franchise’s return, in Shibuya, Tokyo. At present there are around twelve branches all around Japan.

What is the Star Shaped Cheese in Taco bell?

Taco bell Japan makes tiny cheddar bits shaped as stars that can be seen on the tacos or salads they serve. This is a cool and wacky food trend that is an absolute delight and can be seen only during holiday seasons like Christmas.

What was one of the limited-time menu items that was available in Taco Bell Japan?

naked chicken taco in japan

In 2019, The Naked Chicken Taco was available and then re-introduced for some time last year. It cost around 520 yen and was sold in limited quantities in all the outlets. It was full of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and sauce wrapped up in a crunchy and juicy chicken tortilla.


So, there you have it. The exclusive menu of Taco Bell in Japan. I just can’t wait to see what new items they will come up in the future. I will definitely go back to binge on the cinnamon tostada chips!

Although most of the items found on the menu sound simple, yet sometimes the most simple ingredients pack incredible flavors. Japan has always been known for its fresh seafood so they are experts in 

creating the perfect menu for their Japanese taco bell outlets. Now that you know what to order the next time you are here, you can thank us later.

What do you think? Comment below and let us know! Check out the detailed menu, location, and more at

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