Cost Of Ceramic Filling In Japan 2022 | Guide To Ceramic Filling Prices in Japan!

cost of ceramic filling in japan

Looking for the cost of ceramic filling in Japan? Well, check out this guide that’ll help you go about getting a ceramic filling and clear your other dental queries about it as well. Read further to know more. 

Are you someone who’s going through some dental issues lately like cavities, uneven tooth breakage or loss of strength of your teeth? If yes, then I’m sure you are looking to get filling done in your teeth. 

Although there are various different types of fillings available, I’d recommend you to go for ceramic fillings. It’s the most basic type of fillings that’s comfortable as well as good for beginners. 

What is the cost of ceramic filling in Japan?

The cost of ceramic filling in Japan is between 30,000 JPY – 80,000 JPY without national health insurance. If you have national health insurance, it’s free of cost. Likewise, the cost of hybrid ceramic filling is between 30,000 JPY – 40,000 JPY without health insurance and free of cost otherwise. 

If you’re worried about how your fillings will look after you get them done then let me tell you, it’s not much of a deal. They settle quickly and don’t stand out as much. Most often, they aren’t even noticeable so if you’re planning to get ceramic fillings in Japan, don’t hesitate much.

So, without further ado, Let’s discuss the cost of ceramic filling in Japan and a lot more about it below. 

Cost Of Ceramic Filling In Japan

Ceramic Filling and it’s Cost

Before knowing about the cost of ceramic filling in Japan, let’s get to know what it’s all about first. 

Ceramic filling is used to repair chipped, broken or cavity-attacked teeth by sealing the teeth with ceramics. The ceramic used in the filling is made porcelain and are comparatively stronger than any other type of fillings that are of gold, composite, silver palladium alloy etc.  

The ceramic filling bonds with your teeth and fixes like the laminated windscreen of the car to protect your tooth and provide the support it requires. The bond between the teeth and the ceramic filling increases the strength of the teeth substantially. 

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Since they are made by dental specialists, they can make the fillings look very natural that gel up with the teeth and don’t stand out. Ceramic fillings are long lasting and can last upto 15 long years if they are taken proper care of. 

cost of ceramic filling in Japan

They are undetachable fillings that don’t come off easily because they be made with high precision and taken by dental technicians. However, they might be a little expensive as they’re costly to produce and mixed. 

But, you also have to be a little careful, as if the fitting of your ceramic filling isn’t well done then it can affect the opposite tooth. 

Okay, further let’s know about the cost of ceramic filling in Japan and also have a comparison of it with other types of fillings. 

Cost of ceramic filling in Japan with national health insurance is free or a minimal cost will be charged for consultancy. However, the cost of ceramic filling in Japan without national health insurance can be 30,000 JPY – 80,000 JPY. 

The cost of ceramic filling in Japan if you’re getting the hybrid fillings is free again with national health insurance. However, the cost of ceramic filling in Japan without national health insurance is between 30,000 JPY – 40,000 JPY.

The cost of gold filling without national health insurance is about 30,000 JPY – 50,000 JPY but it’s free otherwise. The gold silver palladium alloy costs about 1,300 JPY – 1,800 JPY with health insurance which otherwise can be done 5,000 JPY – 30,000 JPY.

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What to Expect When You’re Getting A Ceramic Filling

Let’s learn what to expect after knowing the cost of ceramic filling in Japan and what it is. So, when you’re going to the dentist for ceramic fillings, expect yourself to be in the clinic for at least an hour or two. 

In the clinic, the dentist might take your teeth x-ray if needed, talk to you about your issues and guide you about your procedure for further treatment. 


Before proceeding to fill your teeth, the dentist will numb your gums, mouth and the skin around it to avoid discomfort during the procedure. Next up, the decayed part of your teeth will be drilled out and replaced  with ceramic fillings which only takes a few minutes. 

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Now that you’ll be done, your mouth region can remain numb for a few hours but that’s not a problem. Keep your dentist’s number handy in case you feel any discomfort or risk. 

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Why is Ceramic Filling the Best For Your Teeth

After learning about the cost of ceramic filling in Japan, what it actually is and expectations, it’s time for the benefits. There are many reasons why the ceramic filling is the best for your teeth. Let’s find out some of the reasons below: 

  • Strong and durable: We’ve stated this quite a few times now that ceramic filling is extremely strong especially when it’s bonded with the teeth. They create a great seal to bring back the lost strength of your teeth. They last more than the metal amalgams and have a long life of about 15 years if they’re taken care of and are almost non-detachable. 
  • Good looking: This might be one of the top reasons why people get it and it’s because they look beautiful. The dental technicians make them with proper care making it look almost natural like your tooth enamel. Other fillings such as resin fillings are susceptible to get discoloured or get yellow stains but that’s not the case with ceramic fillings. 
  • Convenient: Getting ceramic fillings has become way easier than it was in the past. Earlier, people used to get temporary fillings and had to visit the doctor again after two- three weeks for refitting. But times have changed, the current ceramic fillings can be set on a single visit and doesn’t require regular dental visits. 
  • Less Toxic: Ceramic fillings are not toxic and are safe to get done while other amalgam fillings might result in allergic reactions to one of the metals being used. So, these types of fillings get you out of potential danger and help you maintain your dental health. 
  • Abrasion resistance and improved stain: It’s sure that ceramic fillings are way more resistant to abrasion and stains than other types of fillings. They also don’t expose you to the risk of small cracks and fissures in the tooth. These cracks and fissures that often happen due to other types of filling can lead to decay within the sealed tooth. 

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How to Take Care of Ceramic Filling

Taking proper care of your ceramic filling is important to retain them for a longer period of time and doesn’t come out which will make you run to the dentist again and again. So, here are some quick tips on how to take care of your ceramic fillings: 

  • Oral Hygiene: Oral hygiene is important with any type of fillings or even if you don’t have fillings. You need to brush your teeth regularly, rinse your mouth as well as floss daily. This will ensure that your fillings are safe and maintained. Using a fluoride toothpaste in recommended.
  • Watch your diet: When you have ceramic fillings, you really need to watch your diet and keep it rather simple. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the food you love but only means that you need to avoid certain foods regularly. Avoid hard food that will stress your teeth. Stressing your teeth can detach your ceramic filling and then you’d have to get another one.
  • Don’t engage in oral habits: Oral habits here means something that you do unintentionally but can potentially harm your teeth and can result in detachment of the ceramic filling from your teeth. These activities include biting nails, clenching and chewing ice, biting pen or pencil etc. 
  • Use mouth guard protection if necessary: If you’re an athlete engaging in sports that have the potential to blow your mouth or you’re suffering from night grinding where you grind your teeth in an unconscious state then it’s advisable to use a mouth guard. The mouth guard will prevent you from clenching your teeth too hard by making a barrier in between and keep your ceramic filling safe. 
  • Visit your dentists regularly: Regular visits to the dentist is advisable even when your teeth are doing fine to check up on your filling, if they’re protected, safe and intact or not. Sometimes, injury or problems occur and we’re not aware of it and further delay your treatment. 

Ceramic Filling in Japan

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Ceramic filling is the best filling to get if you want to secure your teeth from damage, cavity or broken teeth. Although it’s a little expensive, it’s safe and durable and lasts as long as 15 years. 

Hope this article- Cost of ceramic filling in Japan helped you to know not only about the price but also about its benefits, care taking and a lot more. 

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