7-Eleven’s Uji Matcha Bavarois Review: A Classic Japanese Dessert Reinvented

Uji Matcha Bavarois

Looking for a quick and convenient matcha fix? 7-Eleven’s Uji Matcha Bavarois promises a delightful combination of creamy bavarois, red bean paste, and authentic Uji matcha. 

But can this convenience store dessert satisfy your matcha cravings, or does it fall short of authentic taste? 

Let’s dig in and see if it delivers a delicious and balanced matcha experience.

7-Eleven’s Uji Matcha Bavarois Review

In a fascinating twist of culinary continuity, 7-Eleven has introduced an Uji Matcha Bavarois dessert that echoes the offerings of Kinozen, a venerable Tokyo sweets shop. 

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Recognized for its distinct Matcha Bavarois, Kinozen established itself as a treasured institution since its founding in 1860. 

Initially a sushi establishment, Kinozen transitioned to a Japanese café post World War II, delighting customers with its serene setting and matcha-infused delicacies until its closure in September 2022.

The new 7-Eleven bavarois isn’t just another addition to their broad assortment, but a tribute to Kinozen’s pioneering creation.

I found the familiar flavors of Kinozen in this dessert—a balance of mild sweetness and the rich aroma of matcha, accompanied by fresh cream and red bean paste, the latter an innovation attributed to the original shop.

Consider these aspects of 7-Eleven’s Uji Matcha Bavarois:

  • Matcha: The bavarois features a dark green matcha that offers a taste reminiscent of Kinozen’s beloved dessert.
  • Fresh Cream: A topping of fresh cream adds a layer of richness, although in slightly lesser quantity than Kinozen’s version.
  • Red Bean Paste: A crown of crushed red bean paste brings an elegant sweetness without overpowering the matcha.
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For connoisseurs who appreciated Kinozen’s craftsmanship, this dessert at 302 yen is a homage that preserves the tradition of the now-closed café. The convenience store sweets seem to defy the trend with their restrained sweetness, a departure from the typically sugar-heavy confections found in such settings.

7-Eleven’s Uji Matcha Bavarois – Taste Test!

As I tasted the Uji Matcha Bavarois, the profound balance struck between the bitterness of the matcha and sweetness of the creamy red bean combination was immediately apparent. What could have been a mere imitation instead presents as a respectful nod to the past.

For those unfamiliar with Kinozen or lovers of traditional Japanese desserts seeking to recapture that essence, I recommend a visit to a local 7-Eleven to savor this dessert that encapsulates a piece of Tokyo’s sweets history.

Authentic Recipe for Uji Matcha Cream Dessert

The genuine recipe for Uji Matcha Bavarois calls for high-quality Uji matcha powder, creating a delicate balance of the creamy texture and the distinct umami flavor matcha is known for. 

Essential components include matcha powder, cream, milk, sugar, and gelatin. The method involves dissolving gelatin, blending it with the matcha mixture, and setting it to achieve the classic bavarois consistency.

Finding Uji Matcha Cream Dessert

Locating the traditional Uji Matcha Bavarois for purchase is achievable in specialty dessert stores or certain Japanese convenience stores like 7-Eleven Japan. 

This dessert may not always be readily available elsewhere, so I suggest looking into Japanese import shops or online retailers that specialize in Japanese cuisine.

Caloric Information for Uji Matcha Bavarois

The caloric content of a typical serving of Uji Matcha Bavarois would depend on the specific ingredients used.

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However, considering that cream and sugar are main ingredients, it’s safe to estimate a serving could range somewhere between 200 to 300 calories. I always encourage checking with the manufacturer or retailer for precise nutritional information.

Reviews on Top-Ranked Uji Matcha Bavarois

To find opinions regarding the best Uji Matcha Bavarois, I advise checking culinary blogs, foodie forums, and product review sections on websites of vendors that offer this dessert.

Customers often share their experiences and can provide insight into the quality and taste of different matcha bavarois offerings.

Components for Homemade Uji Matcha Cream Dessert

Should you wish to create Uji Matcha Bavarois in your kitchen, the key ingredients include:

  • Quality Uji Matcha Powder: The star ingredient.
  • Heavy Cream: For a luscious, rich texture.
  • Milk: Ideally full-fat for creaminess.
  • Sugar: To sweeten to your liking.
  • Gelatin: For setting the dessert.

Alternatives to the Standard Uji Matcha Cream Dessert Recipe

Variations to the Uji Matcha Bavarois could involve altering the cream base to cater to dietary restrictions, like using plant-based milk or cream substitutes. 

Some recipes might add layers of red bean paste or fruits for additional flavor profiles, or modify the sweetener to something like honey. Experimenting with toppings, such as a dusting of extra matcha or a drizzle of chocolate, can add a unique twist.

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