Burger Kings Japan Kyoto Tea Matcha Pie Review: A Unique Fusion of Flavors

burger kings matcha tea pie

Have you tried the Burger Kings Japan Kyoto Tea Matcha Pie? I did! And my oh my it was amazing. 

I find it fascinating that in Japan, the way a product is named can imply a sense of elegance and class, particularly when it comes to the culinary arts. 

My Matcha Pie has a decidedly straightforward name in English that cafe goers can easily understand. 

However, its Japanese counterpart carries a more refined touch: Watakushi no Matcha Pie. The term ‘watakushi’ is a formal way to say “I” in Japanese, setting a tone of sophistication for this dessert.

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In collaboration with Morihan, a venerable Kyoto-based green tea company established in the mid-19th century, this Japanese fast-food indulgence marries contemporary cravings with traditional flair. 

Locally sourced matcha from Uji, a region renowned for its superior green tea, is meticulously integrated into both the pie crust and lush matcha cream, creating an exquisite balance of sweetness and the distinct, nuanced bitterness of green tea.

The filling’s symphony of flavors is further enriched by the addition of azuki beans from Hokkaido, offering a delightful contrast in both taste and texture. 

Initially introduced last autumn, the treat captured the hearts of dessert aficionados but was available only for a brief period.

To the joy of many, the pie has made its anticipated return as of March 31. 

Burger Kings Japan Kyoto Tea Matcha Pie Review

This re-emergence, shrouded in the uncertainty of its stay, has been sweetened with a limited-time offer: a reduced price of 220 yen (approximately US$1.70) until April 6th.

Details at a Glance:

  • Product: My Matcha Pie (Watakushi no Matcha Pie in Japanese)
  • Features: Crisp matcha-infused crust, matcha cream with azuki beans
  • Price: 220 yen (discounted until April 6)
  • Availability: Limited time only
  • Collaboration with Morihan, esteemed Kyoto tea producers since 1836
  • Grown in Uji: Kyoto’s prime tea region

Burger Kings Japan Kyoto Tea Matcha Pie Review

What’s in Burger King Japan’s Matcha Dessert Pie?

The Kyoto Tea Matcha Pie from Burger King Japan is crafted with a rich matcha filling encased in a flaky pastry crust. The matcha used is typically sourced from Kyoto, known for its high-quality green tea leaves.

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Nutritional Content of the Matcha Dessert from Burger King Japan

While I don’t have the exact calorie count, matcha pies generally contain a balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Given that it is a dessert item, the calorie content might be on the higher side.

Where to Look Up Consumer Impressions of Burger King Japan’s Matcha Pie?

For those interested in what others think of the Kyoto Tea Matcha Pie, reviews can be found on food blogs, Burger King Japan‘s promotional pages, and review platforms where users share their dining experiences.

Availability Period of the Kyoto-Inspired Matcha Pie at Burger King Japan

The delicious matcha pie is a limited-time offering that appears seasonally. Its availability is subject to change, and it’s often reintroduced during promotional periods.

Promotional Deals for the Kyoto Tea Matcha Pie at Burger King Japan

Occasionally, Burger King Japan introduces special offers for the Kyoto Tea Matcha Pie, such as discount prices for a limited introductory period. Keep an eye on their announcements for any such deals. 

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