3 Types Of Sweet Sakura Tea Flavors

Types of Sweet Sakura Tea Flavors

Discover the different types of sweet Sakura tea flavors and find the perfect one for you. Find out which flavor is best suited for your taste and enjoy a delicious cup of tea every time.

When I first decided to make a trip to Japan for a holiday, I had planned my trip for the month of April, not knowing that Japan had a pleasant surprise to offer me during that time!

I happened to tell a Japanese friend of mine that I would be coming there in April and all she told me was “You’ve chosen the best time of the year to come here, for sure!”.

Well, I was rather intrigued by that statement, but all she said to me was “You’ll see when you get here!”.

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Well, no sooner did I get to Japan and lo and behold, everywhere I went, all I saw was a blanket of pink, it was the season of the cherry blossoms and the sight was splendid!

The best part about being in Japan during this season is getting to try out all types of Japanese snacks, dishes, teas and all sorts of food items containing “sakura” or cherry blossom flowers.

I took back home a few sakura-flavored teas as well and here’s my experience trying them out!

Types Of Sweet Sakura Tea Flavors

What is Special about Sakura Tea?

I am not much of a tea drinker, but after I got to Japan, there was a lot of hype about drinking tea of different flavors, but one flavour that caught my attention was this sakura tea.

What makes sakura tea so special is how it is made. You will find these sakura flowers dried in salt and then dropped into boiling water for it to steep before you can consume the tea.

Its flavor is absolutely unique and distinct. The tea has a floral aroma, with it being subtly sweet with a tinge of saltiness that makes the tea so palatable.

What is super beautiful is the way these dried sakura flowers seem to “blossom” in the tea cup, making it look absolutely pretty!

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Trust me, the experience of sitting at a Japanese café, sipping a hot cup of sakura tea, while looking at the sakura blanket of flowers surrounding you, is pure bliss! 

My Review of the Types of Sweet Sakura Tea Flavors

During my stay in Japan, I did get to try out this sakura tea quite a few times and loved the flavour of it. That’s how I decided to take back a few flavors home.

I tried out three flavors of this sakura tea – green tea, black tea, and of course the original plain sakura flavored/infused tea. Any guesses on which my favourite one was? Well, here’s my personal review below.

Green Tea Flavoured Sweet Sakura Tea

I bought one box of this green tea flavored sakura tea, wherein the box came with 10 tea bags. So I could pretty much use it for 10 cups of tea.

Well, trying out the green tea flavored sakura tea was definitely a first for me, but nevertheless, I have tasted green tea before and well, I’m not a lover of green tea in the first place.

But the fact that it was sakura-infused green tea, I thought it would be worth a try.

Types of Sweet Sakura Tea Flavors

To be honest, it wasn’t bad at all, but I really felt like the flavor of the green tea pretty much overpowered the flavor of the sakura.

So, it wasn’t something that I liked. But overall, I’d consider this flavor to be pretty average in my opinion.

sakura tea benefits

To make the tea: Into a cup of boiling water, immerse one tea bag or two, if you like the flavor of green tea stronger (I personally felt that one tea bag was sufficient) and then let it steep for around 3-5 minutes.

I just move the tea bag up and down a couple of times before I take out the tea bag from the cup. Then it is ready to drink.

What I do is I warm up the tea until it’s hot just before I drink it, because I like to have my tea piping hot. But, you can also consume it after taking out the tea bag, as is, as well.

Overall rating of the product: 3.5/5

Black Tea Flavoured Sweet Sakura Tea

This box also came with 10 tea bags and I used them to make 10 cups of tea for myself.

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I usually have black tea with milk, so this was my very first try at having black tea plain. But the fact that it contained sakura was truly enticing for me, but also made me apprehensive at the same time. I wondered whether I’d really like it after all.

sakura tea recipe

Well, guess I was in luck’s way! I really liked this black tea-flavored sakura tea. It had just the right tinge of sakura. Overall, this tea is very refreshing and was super soothing to the body. Overall, I’d definitely say this tea tastes good and was worth the buy!

To make the tea: Into a cup of boiling water, immerse one tea bag or two, if you like the flavor of black tea stronger (I personally use one tea bag) and then let it steep for around 4-5 minutes.

I just move the tea bag up and down a couple of times before I take out the tea bag from the cup. Then it is ready to drink. Again here, I heat up the tea before I consume it.

Overall rating of the product: 4/5

Cherry Blossom Flavoured Sweet Sakura Tea

types of tea blends

Well, for this one, let’s just say I went a little berserk here! I bought 4 boxes of this cherry blossom flavored tea, because I had tried it before during my stay in Japan and I simply loved it, so I had to load up some stocks for when I got home because I couldn’t get enough of this flavored tea!

type of sakura

So basically, this tea comes in sachets, with a few dried and salted sakura flowers in each sachet, and in each box, you get 4 such sachets.

types of sakura tree

Well, I cannot tell you how much I loved this tea! The flavor was amazing and by far one of the best teas I have ever had. You can really taste the original taste of the sakura flowers.

I do have to say that the salt was a little too much for my liking (but I guess it’s the salt that keeps it well-preserved), so I rinsed off some salt from the dried flowers before I dropped them into the boiling water for steeping. But overall, this tea was good, but for an occasional tea drink, in my opinion.

To make the tea: For 1 cup of boiling hot water, I used 1 sachet of these dried sakura flowers. So I dropped in these dried flowers into the hot water in my cup and let it steep for around 15 to 20 minutes.

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Then, I strain out the flowers, heat up the tea and drink it piping hot.

Here’s a tip, sometimes, I add a teaspoon of honey for some extra flavor.

Overall rating of the product: 4.5/5

Which Was My Favourite Flavor?

Well, I guess you guys might have already guessed what my favourite flavour was after reading my review. Undoubtedly, it is the original cherry blossom-flavored sweet sakura tea!

It was super delicious and had the best and most distinct flavor of the dried sakura flowers, which made the taste so unique. So definitely buying it again if I get the chance!

As for the black tea-flavored sweet sakura tea, it was also pretty good and I would buy it again, but definitely my second preference.

Lastly, the green tea-flavored sweet sakura tea was truly not my cup of “tea” after all! It was very average and I wouldn’t want to buy it again.

When is the Best Time to Have Sakura Tea?

The best part about drinking sakura tea is that you can literally have it at any time! Be it early morning when you wish to sip on a refreshing cup of tea to start your day with or in the evening after a tiring day’s work.

You can also enjoy a piping hot cup of sakura tea after your meal if you’d like to!

Does Sakura Tea Have Health Benefits?

Yes indeed, sakura tea has multiple benefits to health! Here’s how sakura tea can benefit one’s health: 

1. It can boost weight loss as sakura tea is low in calories.

2. It can reduce body inflammation, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

3. It can promote better skin health, and reduce acne and pigmentation.

4. It can improve overall well-being as it is rich in antioxidants.

5. It is good for teeth health and can whiten teeth naturally.

6. It can improve hair health and stimulate better hair growth with a renewed hair shine.

The Final Takeaway

I hope my review can come in handy for all of you guys waiting to try out the Sweet Sakura Tea flavors.

I just want to say that this review of mine was totally personal and individual taste preferences may vary. So go ahead and try out all the flavors if you wish to and decide for yourself which your favorite one is, maybe!

But let me give you one piece of advice, do not miss trying out the original sakura tea flavor at any cost and try it out first, to get the best and most unique experience of sakura tea tasting!

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