Teens In Japan Take a Free Ride To Exams: Japanese Railway Eases Stress on Test Day

Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway free ride for teens

In an initiative to ease the stress of exams on teenagers in Japan, Japanese railway offers free train rides to teens writing exams.

During Japan’s high-stakes entrance exam season, students face long hours of high-pressure testing after extensive preparation. 

Recognizing the intensity of this period, the Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway eases one aspect of these young individuals’ burdens by offering complimentary train rides on the Hachioji Line. 

This thoughtful initiative ensures that participants can travel to their exams without financial stress.

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Key Points:

  • Free Transportation: You simply present your exam registration card and receive a round-trip rail pass at no cost.
  • Encouragement Added: The rail pass, known as the “Rail Pass with Included Prayer for Passing High School Entrance Exam,” also serves as a token of support and a good luck charm.
  • History of Generosity: Since 2019, the railway company has given away roughly 2,000 free passes each year.
  • Important Dates for 2024: Free passes were offered on January 20 and 26 for entrance exams at Kaisei High School. Additional dates include February 5, 6, and March 11 for other school exams.

The impact of this complimentary service extends beyond mere cost savings. 

It has garnered appreciation from the community and helps ensure that test-takers bring along their registration cards, a critical item for their exam day. 

Furthermore, the gesture is anticipated to lessen stress levels, potentially aiding students in achieving peak performance on their critical exams.

Japanese Railway offers free train ride to reens on exam days

Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway Offers Free Train Rides To Teens Facing Stressful Exams

Since 2019, the Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway has been providing complimentary passes to students on exam days. 

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This thoughtful initiative takes a financial burden off teens and their families, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. The company distributes around 2,000 passes annually.

This year, the first batch of passes went out on January 20th, benefiting roughly 650 students taking exams at Yokkaichi’s private Kaisei High School. 

The company extends the same courtesy to students appearing for public high school entrance exams as well.

This heartwarming gesture has garnered much praise online. It’s a small act of kindness that acknowledges the immense pressure students face and makes their exam day a little less stressful.

Japanese Railway Also Offers Good Luck Charms

Image Illustration:

  • Vibrant Trains: Catch a glimpse of the colorful trains running along the Hachioji Line.

Remember, traveling by the Hachioji Line during these specified dates can save you not only money but also a bit of pre-exam tension, offering a smoother start to your challenging day.

How Long Has This Initiative Been Running?

While the program has been running since 2019, it seems to be gaining more traction recently. The positive online buzz suggests it’s becoming a heartwarming tradition for the local community.

Free Travel Initiatives by Japanese Railroads During Exam Periods

Japanese rail companies have introduced a compassionate initiative allowing students to ride trains at no cost on specific days that coincide with entrance exams. The aim is to ease the stress associated with travel during this critical time.

Eligibility for Complimentary Train Rides During Examinations in Japan

Yes, if you are a student facing entrance exams in Japan, you have the opportunity to travel for free on designated days to help you reach your exam centers without the burden of travel expenses.

Conditions for Free Train Use by Exam Candidates in Japan

To benefit from the free travel offer, you need to be taking entrance exams. Also, there may be particular requirements, like presenting an exam slip or pre-registering, depending on the railroad company’s policy.

Target Audience for Japan’s Railroad Exam Season Travel Offer

The focus of the complimentary travel program is primarily on teenagers who are in the process of taking their high school and university entrance examinations.

Impact of Complimentary Rides on Students’ Exam Performance

By removing the additional stress of transportation costs and concerns, this gesture by railway companies aims to help you perform better by arriving at your exam venue relaxed and ready.

Specific Dates for Complimentary Train Rides on Exam Days

The free rides are tied to the schedules of entrance exams, with exact dates varying annually. For example, in 2024, Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway offered free passes starting January 20 aligning with the exam dates of local schools.

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