New JR Shinkansen Inclusive Rail Pass: The Hokuriku Ouen Free Ticket

New JR Shinkansen Inclusive Rail Pass: The Hokuriku Ouen Free Ticket

New JR Shinkansen inclusive rail pass is here! Here’s everything you need to know!

If you’re planning a visit to the Hokuriku region, there’s an exciting new rail pass that should catch your attention, especially if you’re starting from Tokyo. 

The Hokuriku Ouen Free Ticket is a cost-effective option tailored for explorers looking to experience the northern coast of Honshu and support the earthquake recovery efforts in the area.

Key Features

  • Budget-Friendly: Priced at 20,000 yen, it’s a bargain considering a round-trip from Tokyo to Kanazawa alone generally costs around 27,700 yen.
  • Unlimited Rides: You get four days of unlimited travel which includes trains on the Hokuriku Shinkansen line reaching destinations like Kanazawa, Shin Takaoka, and Kurobe Unazukionsen Stations, among others.
  • Sightseeing Opportunities: Your journey can include stops in Kanazawa to sample some of Japan’s finest sushi, visit Kurobe’s alpine scenery, or experience Toyama City’s historic castle.

All About The New JR Shinkansen Inclusive Rail Pass

Using the Pass in the Tokyo Area

  • Purchase the pass at major JR stations within Tokyo via ticket vending machines a day before you plan to travel.
  • Seek assistance from station staff if you encounter difficulties with the vending machine menus.
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Additional Travel Considerations

  • If you’re venturing beyond the areas covered by the pass, you may need to purchase extra tickets, but the original savings often absorb such costs.
  • Enjoy travels that take you through a variety of landscapes, including picturesque seaside routes and rugged mountainous regions.

Helping Hokuriku

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By choosing this rail pass, not only do you optimize your travel expenses, but you also contribute to the economic revival post the New Year’s Day earthquake. 

The Hokuriku Ouen Free Ticket is available for purchase until March 11 and is valid for use through March 15, so plan accordingly to make the most of this special offer.

Remember that your adventures with this pass give you the chance to dive into the vibrant culture and stunning scenery of the Hokuriku region while offering a helping hand to its recovery.

Enjoy your travels and the knowledge that you are making a meaningful impact.

Pricing for the JR Shinkansen Inclusive Pass

The cost of the JR Shinkansen Inclusive Rail Pass varies depending on the type and duration of the pass you select.

Different options are available for tourists, such as single-visit passes or flexible consecutive day passes, tailored to the length of your stay and travel needs in Japan.

Eligible Bullet Trains with the JR Pass

Your JR Rail Pass includes access to a wide range of Shinkansen bullet trains. Specifically, you can travel on the Hikari and Sakura lines, which serve the same routes as some of the faster services that are not covered.

Shinkansen Reservations with the JR Pass

Yes, you can reserve seats on most Shinkansen trains covered by the JR Pass without extra fees. However, it’s recommended to make your reservations in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability.

Validity Period for the JR Rail Pass

The standard JR Rail Pass is typically valid for 7, 14, or 21 consecutive days from the date of activation. This period must be chosen at the time of purchase, allowing you to explore Japan extensively via rail.

Non-Inclusive Bullet Trains with the JR Pass

The JR Pass does not cover the Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansen trains. These are among the fastest and most frequent services, but alternative train services are available for JR Pass holders.

Extent of the New JR Rail Pass Coverage Area

The coverage area of the JR Rail Pass includes most rail lines across the Japan Railways Group network. It encompasses many bullet train routes, regional rail lines, and even some bus and ferry services associated with JR. It’s a comprehensive option for travelers wishing to experience the breadth of Japan’s landscapes and cities.

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