Haneda Airport’s Must-Buy Japanese Sweet: Rum Dorayaki and Other Top Traditional Treats to Take Home

ramu dora

Don’t miss out on this amazing Japanese sweet at Haneda airport on your way back home! The Rum Dorayaki from Kagoshima’s Baigetsudo. 

Rum Dorayaki Is A Must-buy Japanese Sweet At Haneda Airport’s Must-Buy Japanese Sweet Taste Test

The Rum Dorayaki or Ramu Dora from this revered sweet maker stands out with its distinctive combination of flavors, making it one of the airport’s many valued finds.

What is Ramu Dora?

  • A Western-inspired variation of the traditional dorayaki pancake
  • Filled with a rum-infused sweet bean paste and rum-soaked raisins
  • Offered at a reasonable price of 378 yen
ColorsPurple and gold seal
AromaA rich hint of rum upon opening

Upon indulging in Ramu Dora, the immediate hit of the rum’s fragrance is complemented by its texture, so moist that it seems delicate to the touch. 

Despite the generous amount of alcohol, the pastry maintains a delectable balance without the rum overwhelming the bean paste and raisins.

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Those with different taste preferences might enjoy the alternative Nure Dorayaki, which maintains a similar level of moisture. 

The fillings for this variety change seasonally, with options ranging from matcha and white chocolate to a winter special containing Japanese chestnut.


  • Several airport souvenir shops stock both dorayaki varieties
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Discovered by travelers like yourself and loved for their unique presentation of Kagoshima’s renowned alcohol craftsmanship, these sweets are indeed hidden treasures at Haneda Airport. 

Don’t miss the chance to try these exclusive confections on your pass through Haneda and expand your palate with one of Kagoshima’s pride.

Remember to share any special treats you discover at airports around the world. Your recommendations could shine a light on the next sought-after souvenir.

Other Japanese Sweets Must-Buys At Haneda Airport

Royce Chocolates

You can definitely purchase Royce chocolate, a famous Hokkaido confectionery brand, at various shops within Haneda Airport. Look for the chocolate in the duty-free section for a range of flavors.

Tokyo Banana

Yes, Tokyo Banana, one of Tokyo’s most famous confectionery items, is readily available for purchase at Haneda Airport’s numerous stores.

Does Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Offer Exclusive Japanese Sweets?

Terminal 3 at Haneda Airport is a prime spot to buy exclusive Japanese sweets, including:

Which Sweet Treats are Specialty Souvenirs of Haneda Airport?

Specialty treats unique to Haneda Airport that are perfect for souvenirs include:

  • Haneda Airport Limited Edition La Ganache flavors by Shiseido Parlour.
  • Seasonal confections exclusive to the airport.
  • Limited packaging designs for popular Japanese snacks.

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