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subway in japan menu

Here’s the full Subway in Japan Menu. Check it out!

Subway Japan invites you to savor the 2024 menu, a delicious tapestry of global tastes and Japanese craftsmanship. Bite into sandwiches bursting with fresh, local ingredients and innovative fillings like miso-glazed chicken and yuzu-touched veggies. Experience the art of sandwich-making where every sub tells a story of flavor harmony.

Subway In Japan Menu

If you’re traveling to Japan and want to visit Subway then you’ll be able to find a vast array of sandwich and submarine options to choose from. You can even select your own fillings for the sandwich available from the menu. 

From side dishes to salads and drinks, you’re in for an extravagant treat in Subway Japan. 

Choices of Bread Types, Toppings, and Dressings at Subway Japan

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As we mentioned previously, you can pick your favorite dressings and also fillings from the options available on the menu. You can also choose your preferred bread type from a range of options such as Wheat, White, Sesame, Honey Oats, and Flat Bread.

You’re also provided with a wide array of toppings like cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, egg, shrimp, avocado, etc, and also veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, bell pepper, and olives. 

To add more kick to your sandwiches you can opt for a dressing from options such as Lemon dressing, Caesar dressing, Basil sauce, Wasabi & Soy sauce, Chilli sauce, etc.

Latest Featured Submarines at Subway Menu in Japan

Subway in Japan has introduced new submarines inspired by Mexican flavors for all the spicy lovers out there. These submarines are kebab style chicken and mayo, chilli con carne and chicken, and mexican meat tacos.

Latest Featured Submarines at Subway Japan Price for Regular Sandwich (yen)
Kebab style Chicken and Mayo550
Chilli Con carne and Chicken550
Mexican Meat Tacos550

Sandwich Options at Subway Menu in Japan

Subway in Japan provides you a vast array of sandwich fillings that can instantly satiate your cravings. You’ll find a range of sandwiches that can be healthy, tummy-filling, and exotic on the Subway menu in Japan. 

subway sandwich
Sandwich Options at Subway JapanPrice for Regular SandwichPrice for Footlong Sandwich
Veggie delight¥430¥780
chilli chicken¥490¥890
salad chicken¥490¥890
Avacado Veggie¥490¥890
Teriyaki Chicken – scorched soy sauce¥550¥990
Spicy Egg Shrimp¥550¥990
Cheese salad chicken¥550¥990
Tuna/Proscuitto Half & Half¥550¥990
Shrimp and Avacado¥590¥1070
Prosciutto & Mascarpone¥590¥1070
Shiso Chicken & Cheese¥590¥1070
Bacon italiana¥590N/A
Shrimp Genovese¥590N/A
Roast Beef¥670¥1210
Teriyaki Chicken and Egg¥670¥1210
Spicy Clubhouse¥670¥1210

Party Menu at Subway Japan

Planning to throw a birthday party? Then take a look at the Party menu at Subway Japan where you can simply choose your favorite sandwich fillings to feed all your guests. 

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Party Sandwich Options At Subway JapanSandwich ToppingsPrice
Party Tray ARoast Beef ~Premium Method~ / Prosciutto & Mascarpone / Chili Chicken Egg / Egg / Teriyaki Chicken ~ Burnt Soy Sauce ~ / BLT¥3300
Party Tray BChili chicken/Salad chicken/Tuna/Egg/Teriyaki chicken ~Scorched soy sauce~/BLT¥2900
Party TrayYour choice of footlong sandwiches x3¥2340 – ¥3630
Giant Sub Your choice of footlong sandwiches x4¥3120 – ¥4840

To get your favorite party tray sandwiches at Subway Japan, make sure to make an advanced reservation. In addition, the prices of the party trays may vary depending on the types of sandwich options you choose.

Salads Available on Subway Menu in Japan

On a diet and worried about the calorie intake? Subway in Japan provides you with a lovely range of healthy salads made from fresh ingredients that taste out of this world.

Salad Options at Subway JapanPrice
Veggie delight¥760
chilli chicken¥820
salad chicken¥820
Avacado Veggie¥820
Teriyaki Chicken – scorched soy sauce¥880
Spicy Egg Shrimp¥880
Cheese salad chicken¥880
Tuna/Proscuitto Half & Half¥880
Shrimp and Avacado¥920
Smoked ham & Mascarpone¥920
Shiso Chicken & Cheese¥920
Roast Beef¥1000
Teriyaki Chicken and Egg¥1000
Spicy Clubhouse¥1000

Side Dishes on Subway Menu in Japan

To add more flavor and color to your meal you can choose from a plethora of side dishes available at Subway menu in Japan. The iconic side dish in Subway Japan that’s mostly loved by the locals is Korokoro Potatoes. 

This is a fried potato side dish that’s cut in the shape of wedges and they come in different flavors and portions. 

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Korokoro Potatoes at Subway JapanPrice for Small PortionPrice for Medium Portion
Original260 yen350 yen
Triple Cheese 260 yen350 yen
Herb Salt260 yen350 yen

Soups on Subway Menu in Japan

For a healthier alternative there are soups available on the Subway menu in Japan. And keep in mind that these soups are made from freshly grown vegetables and not canned vegetables or processed soups.

Soups at Subway JapanPrice
Plateau Tomato and 6 Kinds of Vegetables Minestrone390 yen
Corn Cream Chowder390 yen

Sweets on Subway Menu in Japan

It’s the norm to chew on something sweet after having a savory meal. The Subway menu in Japan seems to provide only a few dessert options to choose from but that’s the case with most Subway restaurants all over the world.

Since Subway is a fast-food restaurant, the dessert options are limited, and let’s take a look at them below.

Sweets at Subway JapanPrice
Chocolate Brownie200 yen
Cheese Tart200 yen

Drinks and Beverages on Subway Menu in Japan

Subway in Japan offers a colorful and delightful variety of drinks to quench your thirst and to make you feel refreshed as well. Some of the popular beverage options are cold drinks, hot drinks, and ice cream floats.

Cold Drinks On Subway Menu Japan:

subway in japan menu
subway in japan menu items
Cold Drinks at Subway JapanPrice – SmallPrice – MediumPrice – Large
Iced Coffee260 yen310 yen360 yen
Iced Cafe Au Lait260 yen310 yen360 yen
Iced Cocoa240 yenN/AN/A
Iced Tea240 yen290 yen340 yen
Iced Milk240 yen290 yen340 yen
Vegetable & Fruit Juice240 yen290 yen340 yen
100% Orange Juice240 yen290 yen340 yen
Iced Oolong Tea240 yen290 yen340 yen
Melon Soda240 yen290 yen340 yen
Ginger Ale240 yen290 yen340 yen
Pepsi Cola240 yen290 yen340 yen
Pepsi Zero240 yen290 yen340 yen

Hot Drinks On Subway Menu in Japan:

Hot Drinks at Subway JapanPrice – SmallPrice – Medium
Hot Coffee260 yen310 yen
Hot Caffe Latte260 yen310 yen
Hot Cocoa240 yenN/A
Hot Tea240 yenN/A
Hot Milk Tea240 yenN/A
Hot Herbal Tea240 yenN/A

Ice Cream Floats On Subway Menu in Japan

Ice Cream Floats at Subway JapanPrice
Coffee Float330 yen
Caffe Au Lait Float330 yen
Cream Soda Float330 yen

Apart from the Grand Menu at Subway Japan there’s a Store Limited Menu which consists of items that are sold at a limited time per day.

Store Limited Menu at Subway in Japan

Morning Set Menu at Subway Japan (Only Available Until 10:30 am)Single Item PriceSet Price (with a drink)
Sausage sub330 yen430 yen
Eggs490 yen590 yen
Salami & Cheese290 yen390 yen
Tuna & Cheese290 yen390 yen

Note that the set price of the morning menu is higher than the single item price because the morning set menu sandwiches come with a set of drink.

Hot Dogs On Subway Menu in Japan

subway options japan menu
Hot Dogs at Subway JapanPrice
Salsa Dog360 yen
Cheese Dog360 yen
Plain Dog330 yen

Snack Sand on Subway Menu in Japan

subway japanese menu
Snack Sand at Subway Japan (Available from 2 pm)Single Item PriceDrink Set Price
Sweet Red Beans & Mascarpone170 yen390 yen
Sweet Red Beans140 yen360 yen

Kids Set Menu On Subway Menu in Japan

Kids Set Menu at Subway JapanSet Price
Kids Set Egg490 yen
Kids Set Teriyaki Chicken490 yen
Kids Set Tuna490 yen

The Kids Set Menu at Subway Japan offers a full meal for kids that include the half of regular-sized sandwich, a small drink, original flavored potato snacks, and 2 small jelly pieces.

Premium Drinks on Subway Menu in Japan

subway items japan menu
Premium Drinks (Cold)Price 
Iced Soy Latte310 yen
Iced Caffe Mocha310 yen
Iced Soy Cocoa310 yen
Iced Soy Mango Latte310 yen
Mango & Orange Juice310 yen
Mango Juice310 yen
japanese subway menu items
Premium Drinks (Hot)Price
Hot Soy Latte310 yen
Hot Caffe Mocha310 yen
Hot Soy Cocoa310 yen

Contact Subway in Japan

To know more details about the Subway menu in Japan you can contact them on their social media platforms:

Subway in Japan Menu: FAQs

Do they have Subway sandwiches in Japan?

Subway is a worldwide known fast food restaurant chain that has countless outlets operating in several countries. There are a number of Subway outlets in Japan that offer a range of unique sandwich meals, drinks, salads, ice cream floats, etc. Subway in Japan also offers Japanese-inspired sandwich toppings like Sweet Red Beans sandwich.

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