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pizza hut japan menu

Looking for the Japan’s Pizza Hut menu? Find the entire Pizza Hut in Japan menu below!

When it comes to choosing a place to eat pizza the first restaurant that comes to our mind is Pizza Hut. It’s because they provide one of the best pizzas in the world that are made with high-quality and delicious ingredients. 

Pizza Hut is the world’s largest pizza chain that was founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas by Frank Carney and Dan. There are over 17,000 Pizza Hut restaurants all over the world. The iconic foods served by Pizza Hut are pan pizzas, breadsticks, desserts, pasta, etc.

Pizza Hut in Japan Menu

The Pizza Hut menu in Japan has countless pizza options with unique toppings and flavors that are closely tied to Japanese culture. You can find pan pizzas with extravagant toppings, garlic bread, chicken wings, desserts, drinks, etc.

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Pizza Hut in Japan Menu
Pizza Hut in Japan Menu
Pizza Hut in Japan Menu

Pizza Options in Japan’s Pizza Hut Menu

There are loads of pizzas available in Pizza Hut in Japan that are inspired by exotic Japanese cuisine and also pizzas that are inspired by other multinational cuisines as well. On the menu, in Japan’s Pizza Hut the pizza options are divided into 7 segments such as Half & Half, New, Four Series, Premium, Originals, Classic, and Value. 

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Pan pizzas at Pizza Hut Japan are made from selected ingredients that enhance the flavors of the pizza such as luscious meat chunks, stringy cheese, and spicy peppers, and finally topped with delicate sauces and toppings. 

Half & Half is an option where you get to choose the toppings for both halves of your pizza. If you’re undecided on which pizza topping to choose, you can request two of your favorite toppings on one pizza. 

Pizza ranges available on the menu in Pizza Hut Japan are listed down below.

Pizza RangesPrice- Medium(8 slices)Pizza Toppings
New Above 2000 yen Super Kazlaser, Kazlaser, Crispy Chicken with Aurora Sauce, and Hot Chilli Pepperoni.
Four SeriesAbove 2000 yenovers 4, Gochiso 4, Fresh Mozzarella Family 4, Gourmet Mania 4, Oishimi 4, Classic 4, and Tasty 4.
PremiumFrom 3200 yenToku Uma Bulgogi, Quattro Formaggi, Seafood Mix, Juicy Thick Slice Iberico, Selected Cheese & Thick Cut Iberico, Double Shrimp With Special Lobster Sauce, Charcoal Grilled Beef Ribs, Grand BBQ, Crumbling Pulled Pork, Spicy Pulled Pork and Super Supreme.
OriginalsFrom 2800 yenGrilled Teriyaki Mayo Chicken, Premium Margherita, Mexican Kara Peno, Luxury Meat Sauce With Camembert, Shrimp Mayo Bacon, Shrimp Mayo Mentai Seafood, Mentai Potemayo Bacon, Mentaiko Mayo Chicken, Genoa Style Garlic Tomatoes.
Classic From 2400 yenSnappy Potato Sausage, Deluxe, Pizza Hut Mix, Hawaiian, Garlic Meat Gourmet, Tuna Mild, Addictive Anchovy, and Black Olive Pizza, Green and Yellow Veggie Pizza With Lots of Ingredients.
Value From 2000 yenPizza Hut Margherita, Italian Tomato With Cheese and Cheese, Mellow Potato Mayo Corn, Cream Cheese Bacon, Asparagus Bacon, Aurora Sauce Pizza, Bacon and Mushroom, and Pepperoni Supreme. 

You can opt for your choice of crusts such as Hand-Tossed Style, Crispy, Pan Pizza, Cheese Crust, Sausage Crust, and sometimes a Special Cheese & Sausage Crust is also available. 

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Something I love about Pizza Hut in Japan is that you’ll find a load of extra toppings and sauces you can add such as extra cheese, extra mayonnaise, mushrooms, garlic, bell pepper, pineapple, olives, shrimps, etc. 

Pizza Hut My Box Options at Pizza Hut Japan

For those who’re spending alone time and want to have a small meal, Pizza Hut in Japan has the My Box option which offers personal size pizza that’s enough to feed one person. The My Box pizzas available at Pizza Hut in Japan are:

japan menu pizza hut

Spicy Hot My Box – If you prefer spicy and sizzling pizzas then the Spicy Hot My Box range offers you pizza toppings such as Mexican Chilli Peno, Pulled Pork Jalapeno, Spicy Garlic Meat, Jalapeno Pepperoni, and Spicy Potato Mayo. all of the Spicy Hot My Box pizzas come with french fries, umami spicy chicken, and green chili sauce.

japanese pizza hut menu

My Box – If you’re not into extra spicy then Pizza Hut Japan offers you traditional cheesy pizzas like Super Korean Bulgogi, Teriyaki Chicken & Mayo, Double Shrimp, Crumbling Pulled Pork, Mentaiko Potemayo Bacon, Pizza Hut Margherita, Deluxe, Potato Mayo Sausage, Tuna Mild, and Anchovy Olive. These pizzas are accompanied by french fries and nuggets.

Gratin My Box – Finally Pizza Hut Japan has a My Box option that comes with a side dish like Gratin. You can find mouth-watering pizzas with a scrumptious gratin bowl in a box such as Pizza Hut Margherita & Shrimp Gratin, Potato Mayo Sausage & Milanese Meat Sauce Gratin, and Special Bulgogi & Bulgogi Gratin. 

Side Dishes at Pizza Hut Japan

You’ll be surprised to know that Pizza Hut restaurant chains in Japan serve a plethora of delicious and extravagant side dishes that make your mouth drool just by looking at them. You’ll find side dishes like chicken nuggets, french fries, chicken drumsticks, etc.

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The side dishes available on Pizza Hut Japan menu and their prices are

Chicken Side Dishes at Pizza Hut JapanPrice for Regular Portion
Double Chicken Combo1404 yen
Variety Chicken Pack (Plain)1566 yen
Variety Chicken Pack (Spicy)1566 yen
Chicken & Potato Combo (Nuggets)864 yen
Chicken & Potato Combo (Plain)864 yen
Chicken & Potato Combo (Spicy)864 yen
Chicken & Potato Combo (Tatsuta)864 yen
Chicken Nuggets302 yen
Chicken On The Bone (Plain) 302 yen
Chicken On The Bone (Spicy)302 yen
Japanese Style Tatsuta Chicken302 yen
Hut French Fries378 yen
Honey Cheese Balls410 yen
pizza hut in japan menu

Salads on Pizza Hut Japan Menu

If you’re on a diet then it’s best to not look at the chicken side dishes but to still keep you satisfied Pizza Hut in Japan provides you healthy bowls of salads and greens you can choose from. Take a look at the healthy and delicious salad bowls Pizza Hut in Japan has to offer below.

Salads at Pizza Hut JapanPrice for Regular Portion
Oriental Salad With Crispy Fried Noodles and Smoked Chicken637 yen
Caesar Salad With Smoked Chicken and Large Croutons637 yen
Fresh Vegetable Colorful Salad464 yen

Gratins in Pizza Hut Japan

Gratins are not available in all the Pizza Hut outlets across the globe but you’ll definitely find them on the Pizza Hut menu in Japan. Gratin is a dish that’s made by using meat, breadcrumbs/bread, and topped with generous amounts of cheese.

Gratins are best when served warm and Pizza Hut Japan offers a variety of exquisite gratin dishes and we’ve listed them down below.

Gratins at Pizza Hut JapanPrice for Regular Portion
Shrimp Gratin With Omar Sauce453 yen
Bulgogi Gratin453 yen
Milanese Meat Sauce Gratin410 yen
Plump Shrimp Gratin410 yen
Creamy Cheese Gratin410 yen

You can also ask for extra sauces and toppings like Green Chilli Sauce, Honey Maple Syrup, Caesar Salad Dressing, and Spicy Dressing.

Drinks and Beverages Available on Pizza Hut Japan Menu

Of course, a heavy meal like pizza should be complemented with a drink, and Pizza Hut outlets in Japan serve you the best drinks that quench your thirst after eating a tummy-filling pizza. 

Some of the drink options available on the menu at Pizza Hut Japan are

Drinks At Pizza Hut JapanPrice for Regular Bottles
Coca-Cola (1.5 l)356 yen
Coca-Cola (500 ml)162 yen
Coca-Cola Zero (500 ml)162 yen
Fanta Grape (500 ml)162 yen
Green Tea Ayataka (525 ml)162 yen
Qoo Oranges (425 ml)162 yen
Mineral Water (2000 ml)248 yen

Desserts at Pizza Hut Japan

Desserts are the best way to end a fabulous meal and Pizza Hut in Japan has scrumptious delights that can satiate your sweet tooth. Check out the luscious desserts available at Pizza Hut Japan and their prices down below:

Desserts At Pizza Hut JapanPrice for Regular Portion
GODIVA Ice Cream – Milk Chocolate and Heart Chip 421 yen
GODIVA Ice Cream  – Vanilla and Cocoa Essence421 yen
Freshly Baked Apple Pie With Honeydew Apples (2 pies)453 yen
Baked Chocolate Pie With Rich Chocolate453 yen
Smooth Basque Cake421 yen

Contact Pizza Hut in Japan

To know more about what’s available at Pizza Hut Japan you can contact them via their social media platforms:

Pizza Hut in Japan Menu: FAQs

Do they have Pizza Hut in Japan?

Pizza Hut is a worldwide famous pizza restaurant chain that has outlets in almost all countries across the globe. Pizza Hut outlets have been operating in Japan for over 40 years and there are nearly 400 Pizza Hut outlets all across Japan. Pizza Hut in Japan also serves as one of the top sellers of pizzas in the nation.

How much is Pizza Hut in Japan?

Pizza Hut outlets in Japan provide a plethora of unique pizza toppings and flavors that are inspired by local Japanese flavors and also international cuisine flavors as well. The prices of pizza at Pizza Hut Japan depend on the size and type of toppings. You can get a medium-sized pizza for as low as 2000 yen and the highest price for a medium-sized pizza is above 3200 yen.

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