Where To Study Japanese Online For JLPT N5?

Where To Study Japanese Online For The JLPT N5?

Looking for JLPT N5 courses? Here’s a curated list of sites where to study Japanese online for JLPT N5. 

Browsing for reliable websites where you can study JLPT N5 in depth? Then this is the perfect read for you as I’ve curated some of the best and most professional online educational sites where you can learn JLPT N5 without a hassle.

N5 is the beginner level in JLPT exams and it comprises subject components like kanji reading, writing, Japanese vocabulary, and listening. Learning N5 might be deemed easy yet that shouldn’t make you careless in your quest to learn Japanese. 

Since it’s the basic level in the Japanese language, you ought to build an intense foundation so that you can carry out the impending JLPT levels in alleviation. 

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That’s why I’ve reviewed some of the trustworthy paid and free online educational websites where JLPT N5 is taught by professionals. Check out the websites and their reviews down below!

Where To Study Japanese Online For JLPT N5?


Of course, I had to initiate with Udemy because this is the online educational website that has been around for quite a long time, teaching millions of students ubiquitous. While Udemy provides numerous courses, its JLPT N5 course has been positively reviewed by many students and I’m one of them. 

Study Japanese Online For JLPT N5

Learning JLPT N5 was hands down a seamless experience for me with Udemy. The JLPT N5 course on Udemy offers 15 lessons, 21 hours of on-demand educational videos, and over 20 downloadable materials. 

If you’re agitated that you might find it tough to pick up Japanese as a non-Japanese person like me then fret not because all the lessons on Udemy come with English subtitles. 

The first lesson of this course is learning kanji letters and then gradually you’ll be introduced to hiragana and katakana letters. All 15 lessons are composed of 14-16 lectures that run through reading, vocabulary, grammar, conversation review, etc. 

There are a total of 248 lectures that display how the JLPT N5 level corresponds with the daily life of a Japanese person which practically aids the students to comprehend how to use verbal Japanese expressions at a beginner tier.

Udemy might be the only website that focuses on making JLPT N5 students proficient in simple verbal expressions in Japanese because other websites I’ve come across don’t touch the subject of speaking Japanese at the N5 level. 

In addition, this course also helps you to master reading, writing, and understanding fundamental Japanese phrases, and vocabulary that can be used in real-life circumstances. At the end of the course, you’ll be awarded a completion certificate as well.

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Udemy charges nearly $14 dollars for all 15 lessons of the JLPT N5 course and I’d say this is a fair deal given that there are over 200 lectures available on the site. If you’re not satisfied, Udemy even assures a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Find more info Udemy’s official website.

Attain Online Japanese (AOJ)

Attain Online Japanese (AOJ) is an online educational website that was specifically designed for non-Japanese speakers to conveniently learn Japanese without trepidation. 

AOJ offers a collection of Japanese courses with subtitles in over 11 languages, making lives easier for beginner students. Studying JLPT N5 on AOJ has always been a composed encounter for numerous students as they state the lectures were quite easy to follow.

AOJ presents all 15 lessons of the JLPT N5 level and each lesson at the end concentrates on crucial elements like vocabulary, conversation, grammar, verbal expressions, and writing. 

This structure of rehearsing allows the students to have a pristine notion of how the course follows thus making it a seamless process for the students to learn.

In addition, to the main lessons, there are also other minor tasks like learning how to write kanji, hiragana, and katakana letters for those who are having difficulty drawing flawless strokes. 

The demonstration videos of Japanese character writing are thoroughly explained making it uncomplicated for beginners in Japanese to learn. 

AOJ allows the download of PDF study materials and textbooks that will be your guide throughout every lesson. And right after every session, there are a couple of questions that test your understanding level of the subject. 

Furthermore, there are mock exams and JLPT exam preparation guides that give the students an understanding of the final exam. 

End of this course, you’ll be able to read, write and speak basic Japanese phrases that correspond with the N5 level. AOJ charges $14 per month for overseas students and you have access to all JLPT N5 materials within the paid month.

Find more info on AOJ’s official website


This is one of the underrated educational online websites that students all across the world can access to learn their desired subjects. 

When I came across Preply, I was precarious initially but it’s a friendly website where you can customize the contents of the website to fit your educational requirements. 

Since we’re looking for JLPT courses, you have to choose Japanese as the subject you wish to learn and you can choose the expertise that you’re aiming for such as basic, academic, or business purposes, etc. 

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Preply even allows you to select your desired number of days and times for your JLPT classes.

What’s more impressive is you’re also allowed to choose the ideal budget for the classes and as well as tutors based on their talents and experience in the Japanese language. The Japanese lessons on Preply are taught by tutors who charge a specific rate for a 50-minute session. Of course, you can choose between the tutors for a budget-friendly alternative as well as by examining their experience level. 

There are several experienced Japanese tutors on Preply who follow the curriculum of JLPT N5 and most of them are fluent in English too so you can directly consult them if you have any queries. 

Preply makes it convenient for students by allowing them to book a trial lesson with their preferred tutor and if you’re satiated with their teaching methods you could begin your actual lessons. 

If you wish to learn more about how the tutors conduct JLPT N5 classes, you can simply message them. 

A few setbacks of Preply are, it can be expensive for students to pay for every session and the absence of a course completion certificate.

FInd more info on Preply’s website

The Japanese Page

If you’re looking for an online educational website that provides JLPT N5 courses without charging a penny then here’s The Japanese Page. 

Unlike other free educational websites that are poorly designed, The Japanese Page is a definitive site that’s designed in an easy-to-use manner for students aged lower than 10 even.  

The Japanese Page places emphasis on all 5 vital components of JLPT N5 which are grammar, kanji, vocabulary, reading as well as listening. One of the fantastic aspects of 

The Japanese Page website is it has segmented the 5 components thus making it convenient for JLPT students to initially concentrate on one component before moving on to the other. 

As The Japanese Page website states, they believe in the ‘divide and conquer’ approach which comes in handy for the students to rehearse through. 

When I ran through every component on The Japanese Page site, I understood how opportune the structure of the curriculum seemed. You won’t find yourself stressing out to learn all the components at once. 

Therefore, you can take your time to learn to read kanji and then move on to reading sentences, grasping vocabulary and grammar, and finally listening. 

All the components of JLPT N5 are also accompanied by audio files which assist the JLPT N5 students to enhance their listening and vocabulary skills.

 The Japanese Page website even provides the students with helpful tips and advice which makes it effortless to ace the exam.

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Apart from the regular curriculum, there are other resourceful study materials made available on The Japanese Page. 

This would include free podcasts, daily e-mail courses, sleep stories, and a miscellany of Japanese culture studies as well. Furthermore, you can even purchase JLPT books and other materials on The Japanese Page website.

Find more info on The Japanese Page official website


Here’s another free Japanese educational online website that has incorporated a profound facility to teach the Japanese language to beginners. jElearning might not look like a fancy educational website but it’s one of those learning websites that are wholly committed to the finest of teaching. 

This website is available in 20 languages thus making it convenient for international students to learn Japanese.

I’ve never come across such meticulous JLPT N5 practice sessions on any other website. There are over 44 units of JLPT N5 on jElearning, each of which is demonstrated by a video of an expert Japanese teacher. 

While you’re watching the video you even have access to a vocabulary guide, grammar notes, flashcards, and even a conversation audio file that assists you to read through passages. 

Another intriguing factor about the JLPT N5 course on jElearning is that all the subject components are sectioned into units of five and only after rehearsing and completing the tasks in each unit you’re allowed to move forward to the next unit. 

In order to move to the next units, you must successfully complete the question at the end of the units. 

Finally, there are actual practice tests on jElearning website in which you’ll be tried for your wisdom and knowledge in all of JLPT N5 components. 

The only disadvantage is that the videos don’t contain any English subtitles for you to comprehend what the tutor is saying. 

Find more info on jElearning website

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