7 Best Gyms In Tokyo For Fitness Freaks

Top Gyms In Tokyo For Health Freaks

Are you looking for the best gyms in Tokyo to restore your fitness goals? Well, check out this list of gyms that are the best in Japan and would help you meet your desired body goals really soon.

Have you been planning your workouts and home but never actually been able to do it? Do you lack motivation when no one is pushing you to thrive harder while you work out? I used to face the same issues every day but not anymore after joining a gym in Japan. 

Which is the best gym in Tokyo? 

I’ve been to many of the best gyms in Tokyo as a fitness freak but Anytime Fitness stands out for me.

Anytime Fitness is a 24/7 gym with 166 locations in Tokyo and 4,000 worldwide. Once you get a membership of this gym, you’ll get a fob purple key which acts as a pay to enter and access the gym. Membership in the Hiroo location costs  ¥7,980 per month but otherwise, it depends on location. 

Gyms have trainers that constantly push and motivate us to cross our limits. Joining a gym can not only help you gain/lose weight but also bring you mental satisfaction. It removes unnecessary thoughts and refreshes your mind, working like a therapy. 

Also, I am a big snacker. I cannot diet for some reason and to keep a balance in my body, gym really helps.However, after working out regularly and seeing significant results, my eating habits have also become better. 

It’s summer and you must want to go to a beach wearing the best bikini and be comfortable in your own skin. Working out will definitely give you that confidence, trust me. Also, you can choose your gym membership in Tokyo and have a trial before.

Get into fitness and see the difference in yourself, physically as well as mentally. So here are the best gyms in Tokyo you can get memberships in.

Top Gyms In Tokyo

Gold’s Gym

gold gym tokyo

Gold’s Gym, Tokyo is one of the best gyms in Tokyo for health freaks and is also an English-speaking gym. It is in the middle of Harajuku street in a huge building.

There are so many machines and equipment for cardio and weightlifting. You can also get a personal trainer but that might be a little expensive. Just a normal membership also works well. It’s one of the best in Tokyo with multiple franchises.

There are 27 Gold’s gym franchises in Japan so you can choose one according to your location. There’s also a collagen machine available for women to boost collagen and elastin on your skin. Great body and good skin, what else do one need? 

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You can buy protein and supplements on the spot if you wish to gain some muscle power. It might be a little daunting if you’re not into regular fitness as you’ll see a lot of people seriously working out for bodybuilding and might feel like a competition. 

Address: Gold’s Gym Harajuku Tokyo, 6-31-17 Berokkusu Building 4F, 3F, B2F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku (other locations available)


  • The enrollment fee is ¥5,000. 
  • Membership fees vary in different locations. 
  • Harajuku location’s Gold membership ¥19,000/month and full-Time membership ¥13,000/month. 
  • You can pay month-to-month (pay first two months together) or pay first 6/12 months together. 

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Anytime Fitness

best gyms in Japan
Source: Unsplash

This is one of the best gyms in Tokyo that also stands by its name, Anytime. Yes, you can access this gym anytime, morning, night or midday, 7 days a week. This 24/7 gym is perfect if you’re working late or have other engagements since the time you enter is up to you. 

There are around 166 locations in Tokyo and 4,000 worldwide so don’t worry if you’re away on a holiday, you can still be gymming to keep your fitness regime tight. Definitely, one of the best gyms in Tokyo to meet your fitness plans.

Once you purchase the membership, you’ll get a purple key that you have to use anytime you enter the gym at any location in the entire world. The convenience of the Anytime Fitness gym in Tokyo is what keeps me going. 

I have a membership in this gym and I love that I can do everything and still attend the gym. The only problem is there’s no one to help at night with anything (not even the security guards). Just be alert while you go to Anytime Gym in Japan at night.

Address: Anytime Fitness Hiroo, 4-12-4 Platinum Coat Hiroo B1F, Minamiazabu, Minato-ku (other locations available)


  • Anytime fitness membership fee in Hiroo location cost is  ¥7,980 per month. Otherwise, it depends from location to location. 

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Source: Unsplash

Tipness is an all in one and one of the best gyms in Tokyo. Name it and you have it here from free weights, strength training, cardio to sauna, yoga and pool.

There are days where you don’t feel like lifting weights or training heavy, you can always go for something light like yoga or swimming.

You can also schedule a session with your personal trainer if you need personal guidance and training. I went to this gym for a couple of trial classes but unfortunately, couldn’t join in due to the distance. 

I remember this one time I was really stressed and I used their sauna bath for a detox, must say it was really relaxing and worth trying for tough days. There are available in-house apps that will monitor your mental and physical health. 

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For athletes, there’s hydrogen water available in case someone is too drained out. There’s a 20-meter lap pool available for you to swim. Everything about Tipness is good so that’s what makes it one of the best gyms in Tokyo.

However, sometimes having a spa can be difficult inside a gym where you are putting in your 100% but then you see something relaxing. 

Address: Pilamide Building B1F, 6-6-9 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo (and other locations)


  • The FG24Plus membership is ¥12,800 per month.
  • Regular membership is ¥12,300/month.
  •  Under 30 membership is ¥8,500 per month. 
  • After5 membership is ¥8,000 per month.
  •  Morning membership is ¥5,824 per month.

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Club 360

Fitness gym Japan

Club 360 is a group taught gym where you can get your fitness friend along. There are also kids classes available so if you have kids at home, get them too. There are so many activities of sweating like boxing, mo’ fit 360 classes etc. 

There’s physiotherapy, osteotherapy and a few other sports massages that can help you out on your bad days. This gym is family friendly and serves your fitness needs well. 

The only problem here is that there’s only one space for the classes which means some classes are only held once a week. It’s one of the best gyms in Tokyo for group taught fitness training.

Address: 3-1-35 Cma3 Building B1, Motoazabu, Minato-ku


  • Depends on the class and service chosen.

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Orangetheory Fitness

gym etiquette in japan

Orangetheory fitness goal is to make sure if you try it, it is successful. It is a group-taught 60 minutes workout by the trainers that will make you feel satisfied and strong. 

This gym is based on the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) method and regulates homeostasis. They also provide an OTBeat which is an informative wearable band that measures heart rate in real-time and pushes you accordingly. 

It’s a group workout session so after it’s over, rush to have a bath or you’ll have a long queue to wait. It is one of the best gyms in Tokyo that is scientifically equipped. It’s also one of the best gyms in Tokyo for its tech.

Address: Orangetheory Fitness Azabujuban, 1-7-3 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo


  • Regular membership is  ¥20,000 per month.
  • Light membership is ¥17,000 ( 8 times per month)


english speaking gym in tokyo
Source: Unsplash

This gym is one of the best gyms in Toyko if you’re planning to go for high-intensity training with rowing, running, pushups, deadlifts etc. CrossFit is powered by Rebook and best for bodybuilders. 

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This isn’t a gym but a sport to become crossfit athletes. But nevertheless their training can definitely bring changes in your body and it’s never boring when you work out here. It is quite expensive to get a membership here. 

Gym goers of CrossFit often post their photos on Instagram with #SweatAngels and believe me, their photos are proof of it. Don’t think twice, it’s among the best gyms in Tokyo for CrossFit.

Address: Reebok CrossFit Heart & Beauty, 3-13-3 Castalia Hiroo B1F, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo (and other locations)


  • Premium membership is ¥32,400 per month.
  •  3 Days a Week membership is ¥32,400 for the first month and then ¥27,000/month.
  • trial classes are for ¥3,240.

Sarugaku Gym

Source: Unsplash

Sarugaku is one of the best gyms in Tokyo that is open to the public. Although it’s not as great as other private gyms, it’s still good enough to help you shed a few pounds within your budget. 

This isn’t a place for heavy lifters but you can use this gym for basic lightweight training and other exercises. There are some cardio and weight machines you can hop onto. 

This gym is fun as there is no involvement of others and you can do what you really wish to but other times, you might feel like there’s a lack of a trainer. One of the best gyms in Tokyo at a cheap price!

Address: 12-35 Sarugakucho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0033, Japan

Price: ¥400 per day.

Gym Etiquette in Japan

Here are some of the tips that will help you maintain the gym etiquette in Japan.

  • Don’t use your phone: Keep your phone aside while working out. Don’t chat or take selfies at the gym, leave them in your bags. 
  • Don’t hoard the equipment: Pick the equipment that you need and do not overuse it beyond a certain time limit. Others will need the equipment too and they must be waiting. 
  • Don’t leave body weights anywhere and everywhere: Keep the body weights and other equipment in place. Do not leave it around. There are specified racks made for it and as a rule please follow it. 
  • Don’t leave your sweat behind: Clean your place and training equipment that you’ve used which might have a residue of your sweat. Wipe your equipment before leaving the gym. 
  • Don’t make sound: Making loud sounds in the gym is really not appreciated in Japan. You’ll be judged badly if you do so!
Best Gyms in TokyoGym Type Area
Gold’s GymMembership Harajuku and 27 other locations
Anytime Fitness24/7 gymHiroo and 166 other locations
TipnessMembershipMinato City and other locations
Club 360Group taughtMinato-ku
Orangethory FitnessGroup taughtAzabujuban
CrossFitCrossFitMinato-ku and other locations
Sarugaku GymPublic gymShibuya

Fitness Ready

If you’re a fitness rat and you’re ready for some challenges, join one of these best gyms in Tokyo that will help you out in all ways possible to achieve your body goals. 

Happy Sweating!


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