Starbucks Japan New Year’s Collection Unveiled 2024: Daruma Dragons and Mt. Fuji Symbols of Fortune

Starbucks Japan New Year's Collection

Check out the Starbucks Japan New Year’s Collection 2024!

Embracing the festive spirit, Starbucks introduced a collection for the advent of 2024 that reflects the allure of Japanese culture. 

This exclusive array features auspicious symbols prevalent in the country, including the daruma, symbolic manekineko, and the iconic Mt. Fuji. 

The dragon, representing the zodiac of the year, is a predominant figure across several items, promising to add a mythical touch to the coffee experience.

What’s In Starbucks Japan New Year’s Collection for 2024?

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The collection spans a variety of drinkware, each uniquely embracing the theme. Among them, the Stainless Bottle Icons and Stainless Bottle Fuji are priced at 4,250 yen, reflecting a blend of aesthetics and utility. 

The Sunny Bottle Manekineko Daruma and an assortment of mugs like the Fuji Mug and Camelia Mug, both priced around 2,200 to 2,300 yen, bring the vibrant tradition to the comfort of a coffee cup.

Particularly eye-catching are the New Year Mug Dragon options, available in both 355 milliliters and 89 milliliters, priced at 2,500 yen and 1,600 yen respectively. 

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The New Year Cannister Dragon, at 3,250 yen, allows one to store their coffee accessories or beans in style.

Beyond the vivid items, a more subtle yet luxurious selection awaits with the Curved Stainless Bottle Brown and Stainless To Go Logo Tumbler Brown, set at 3,850 yen and 3,600 yen. 

For those who fancy a touch of fantasy, the Bearista Dragon collectibles are irresistible, with the mini version fetching 2,300 yen and a drink hole cap set at 900 yen when purchased with a reusable cup.

Adding to the varied choices are elegant gift cards with values starting from 700 yen, up to digital variants that can be recharged to a maximum of 30,000 yen. 

The merchandise also includes a unique Manekineko Camelia Furoshiki for 2,200 yen, perfect for wrapping gifts with a cultural twist.

With many options to choose from, it’s evident why anticipation surrounds the availability of these items, which debut on December 26th. 

Being limited editions, I’m aware that a swift response is crucial to procure these Starbucks treasures, and I pen this to inform enthusiasts to mark their calendars or stay alert online to not miss out on this festive collection.

What Inspired Starbucks Japan’s 2024 New Year’s Collection?

The 2024 New Year’s collection by Starbucks Japan is inspired by an array of symbols believed to bring good fortune. 

A closer look at these symbols reveals cultural ties to hopes for prosperity and good luck in the new year, encompassing daruma dolls, the zodiac dragon, and the iconic Mt. Fuji.

What Unique Items Are Included in the 2024 New Year’s Line by Starbucks Japan?

For the 2024 kick-off, customers will find a selection of exclusive items available only in Starbucks Japan outlets. 

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This range includes mugs, tumblers, and stainless bottles adorned with enticing colors and auspicious motifs, celebrating the spirit of the New Year.

How Are Traditional Japanese Elements Woven Into Starbucks’ New Year Collection?

Starbucks Japan’s New Year’s merchandise creatively integrates elements traditional to the Japanese New Year such as the daruma doll and beckoning cat. 

By embedding these into their designs, the collection celebrates cultural heritage in a manner that resonates with both local and international patrons.

Understanding the Daruma and Dragon Symbols in Starbucks Japan’s New Year’s Goods

The daruma and dragon carry significant meaning in the collection: the daruma represents resilience and determination, while the dragon symbolizes power and success. 

Each item featuring these motifs hopes to transmit these qualities to the user for the coming year.

Are Seasonal Drinks Part of Starbucks Japan’s New Year Celebration for 2024?

In addition to the merchandise, the festivities extend to the menu with limited edition beverages. These specially crafted drinks are both a toast to tradition and an innovative way for individuals to immerse themselves in the celebratory season.

The Role of Mt. Fuji in Starbucks Japan’s Newest New Year’s Merchandise

Mt. Fuji, a symbol of awe and national pride, makes a stunning appearance on the New Year’s goods. 

Representing tranquility and strength, the iconic peak is depicted to inspire a sense of ambition and peace for the year ahead.

Each piece within the Starbucks Japan unveils New Year’s collection for 2024, with motifs like daruma dragons and Mt. Fuji, not only carries a piece of Japanese tradition but also offers practicality and joy to coffee enthusiasts looking for a fresh start to their year.

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