McDonald’s Japan Releases First-Ever Matcha Pie: A New Take on Dessert Classics

mcdonalds japan matcha pie

Calling all matcha fans! McDonald’s Japan is shaking things up with their first-ever matcha pie. This innovative dessert features a crispy crust and a unique three-layer filling, making it a delicious twist on classic McDonald’s treats. Get ready for a taste of Japan in every bite!

McDonald’s Japan’s Matcha Pie Debut Taste Test

As I stroll under the cherry blossoms this sakura season, the array of pink-themed foods and drinks draws my attention. But amid these seasonal delights, a certain new offering from McDonald’s Japan stands out: the Matcha Kuromitsu Warabi Mochi Pie

This innovative dessert marries well with the hanami (flower-viewing) festivities, honoring Japan’s affection for traditional confections during this time of blooming splendor.

McDonald’s Japan is not playing it safe with this creation, as this pie debuts as their inaugural matcha-flavored offering. 

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What’s more, the pie boasts an original three-layer flavor construction. 

Its filling layers harmoniously combine in texture and taste—there’s the gentle mochi made from bracken fern, paired with a refined matcha bean paste and topped with a drizzle of rich kuromitsu, a brown sugar syrup commonly served with traditional Japanese sweets.

Creating this unique layered pie required careful engineering to ensure the mix of mochi, matcha, and kuromitsu presented beautifully within the crispy exterior. 

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The successful result is a pie that celebrates the contrast of the chewy matcha paste, the airy warabi mochi, and the lavish kuromitsu.

Beyond capturing the essence of Japanese desserts, McDonald’s Japan has illustrated this sensory experience through a compelling commercial featuring Aoi Miyazaki, a revered Japanese actress. 

Her engaging dialogue in the advertisement underscores the pie’s appeal through her enthusiasm for matcha, a sentiment shared widely, as is evident in social media promotions surrounding the pie’s release.

The campaign for this pie offered fans chances to win McDonald’s gift cards via Twitter by engaging with specific hashtags, reflecting both the excitement around the new flavor and the modern ways in which McDonald’s Japan interacts with its customer base.

Priced at a modest 200 yen (approximately $1.35), this pie is a nod to Japanese culinary culture, encapsulating traditional tastes within the fast-food realm. 

It represents a broader trend of respecting and integrating local flavors into international food chains.

Available for a limited time until mid-April, the Matcha Kuromitsu Warabi Mochi Pie’s presence is a fleeting opportunity for those eager to savor Japanese springtime in an edible form. 

Just as sakura blossoms are a seasonal event, so too this pie might be a momentary pleasure—though, like the perennial return of the sakura, there is hope for its reappearance next year.

When was McDonald’s Matcha Pie launched in Japan?

I found that the highly anticipated Matcha Pie was introduced to McDonald’s Japan menu on March 13, 2024. It’s a seasonal addition that ties into the springtime celebrations in the country.

What sets McDonald’s Matcha Pie apart from its other offerings?

McDonald’s Matcha Pie is unique due to its exclusive three-layer filling, something not previously seen in their pies. It features delicate warabi mochi, a distinctly Japanese ingredient known for its jelly-like texture, a creamy matcha bean paste, and a sweet kuromitsu sauce to add depth to the flavor profile.

What are diners in Japan saying about the new Matcha Pie?

The pie has received a warm welcome from customers in Japan. Its blend of traditional flavors and the novelty of its three-layered composition seem to have struck a chord with the populace, who are always keen on innovative takes on familiar tastes.

Does McDonald’s Matcha Pie include any special ingredients?

Yes, the pie boasts a blend of quintessential Japanese ingredients such as warabi (bracken starch) mochi, Uji matcha, and kuromitsu (black sugar syrup). These components give the pie an authentic Japanese flavor that distinguishes it from McDonald’s other desserts.

How much does the Matcha Pie cost at McDonald’s in Japan?

You can enjoy this delightful pie for 200 yen, which is approximately $1.35 USD. It represents a value treat that allows a glimpse into Japan’s cherished matcha culture without being heavy on the wallet.

Is this a temporary addition to the McDonald’s Japan menu?

Indeed, the Matcha Pie is available for a limited time, until mid-April 2024. It’s common for McDonald’s Japan to introduce seasonal items that align with local festivities and flavors, making them exclusive treats to look forward to each year.

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