6 Reasons Why Japan Does Watermelon Better: It’s Different

Reasons Why Japanese Watermelons Are Better

You must be looking for reasons why Japan does watermelon better, right? I’ll tell you all about Japanese watermelons here. Read patiently!

Indulge in the refreshing world of Japanese watermelons with our article that reveals why Japan does it better. From artful cultivation to gourmet presentations, discover the reasons behind Japan’s exceptional watermelon experience, showcasing innovation, tradition, and a deep-rooted appreciation for this beloved summer fruit.

Why Japan does watermelons better?

The reason why Japan does watermelon better is because the Japanese farmers take the best care as if it’s a rare piece of jewelry. They look for the perfect soil, best quality seeds and the top pruning ways, and everything else to make the Japanese watermelon taste heavenly delicious.

As a traveler, I have been around different places and have had watermelons in the Middle East, America, Europe and also some Asian countries but I found Japanese watermelons to the best. So if you love watermelons, you’ve to taste the one from Japan.

Did you know? 324 thousand metric tons of watermelons were produced in Japan in 2019.

If you’re still not convinced, I’ll not delay further and tell you the reasons why Japan does watermelon better below.

Reasons Why Japan Does Watermelon Better

Nom Factor: The Sole Winner!

Watermelons are sweet everywhere but what makes the Japanese watermelons stand out is the sweetness and the seedless nature.

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The Japanese farmers grow these watermelons as if they’ve come to them from the lord. They take care of the soil and choose the perfect quality, the most ideal seeds, the best methods of pruning and everything else to make them taste heavenly delicious.

densuke watermelon taste

You might have been consuming watermelons in your daily diet if you’re not from Japan but honestly, it’s a luxury fruit. It’s something you’d gift or give someone really important on summer days. It’s expensive to be consumed on a daily basis.

The rind of these watermelons are so thin and the entire inside is filled with the juicy red sweetness of it which is one of the reasons why Japan does watermelon better, no arguments until you have a bite yourself.

Shapes, Figures and Sizes: All Kinds Available!

Heart, Pyramid, Square, Black – name the shape and Japan will turn them into watermelons! I’ve had watermelons of crazy shapes and the Japanese are so creative even when it comes to producing crazy shapes.

Some expensive departmental stores sold square watermelons due to small refrigerators in the households. The fruits are grown in special cubical containers to make them shape like that. 

japanese watermelon shapes

Nowadays, these shaped fruits are sold with high price tags. Other shapes that Japanese watermelons come in hearts, pyramids and jinmen suika– in the shape of a human face! Woah, really!

In the town of Toma, Hokkaido islands, black watermelons are produced. These watermelons are extremely sweeeeeeet (measure the sweetness with extra Es) compared to normal Japanese watermelons. Already the normal ones are naturally sweet in the first place.

An Essential Summer Adventure: Japanese Pinata

You should definitely attend summer Japanese community gatherings or festivals if you’ve not seen or done suikawari which literally means watermelon splitting. I remember attending it once and I had so many watermelons that I ran into a sugar rush!

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Now that you know watermelons are considered expensive summer gifts and treats, it is also culturally significant.

Pretty much like the pinata games in Mexico, suikawari is a game that involves splitting a watermelon blindfolded with a bokken (wooden sword). After splitting, the slices are shared with the participants.

This game is, however, one of the main reasons why Japan does watermelon better.

Health Benefits Of Watermelon

As the name suggests- watermelons contain 92% of water in them making them perfect for summer bites as they keep you hydrated in the season of extreme heat and humidity. It keeps your inside cool so that the heat doesn’t affect you. 

Watermelons are incredibly healthy. Definitely, eating loads of watermelons with a lot of health benefits isn’t harmful- but remember there’s always a limit!

why are japanese watermelons better

Watermelons are a great source of Vitamin A and C that is good for your skin and hair health. It also boosts our immunity and combats fatigue. It lowers the risk of heart diseases and regulates blood pressure- It’s got your back!

Health benefits are also one of the reasons why Japan does watermelon better.

Entertaining And Versatile

I can have Japanese watermelons all day long, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Maybe for some mid-day snacks as well- That’s how much I love them.

So what you can do is- use the Japanese watermelons to make delicious juices and dishes. Watermelon juices, cocktails, mocktails, savoury, fruit salad, breakfast bowls, yoghurt watermelon or maybe a watermelon pizza! 

Usually in Japan, people put a little bit of salt on their watermelon to make them taste even sweeter and better.

reasons why Japan does watermelon better

Watermelon popsicles and ice creams are also a thing. You can be innovative and try out your own recipe.

My personal favourite is the salad that I make with Japanese watermelon- it’s a “summer special”. Although I love cooking, during summers I am extremely lazy as it gets hot and I don’t feel like cooking a meal.

My “summer special” salad consists of watermelon, cucumbers, fresh basil, feta cheese dressed with walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette.

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You can also try watermelon salsa- watermelon, mango, red onion, basil, and cucumber, dressed with fresh lime juice. Mix the ingredients and season with salt and pepper. It tastes so refreshing and believe me, you’ll never have enough of it.

The Downside: Expensive fruit

The watermelon might be tasty here but the problem is it’s extremely pricey.

The heart-shaped or cube-shaped ones might cost cost you as much as ¥10,000-¥15,000. This is usually given as a gift but damn you’d rather gift them gold than a freaking watermelon!

japanese watermelons

However the usual ones cost around ¥600-¥3,000, it also tastes sooooo good and is definitely worth having a bite (or maybe more). All the Japanese fruits are different but somewhat expensive.

Reasons Why Japan Does Watermelon Better: FAQs

When is watermelon season in Japan?

It is recommended to enjoy season-fresh fruits when in Japan. Watermelons usually come during the summer season from June to mid-September or the late spring season.

Which is the most expensive watermelon in Japan?

The most expensive watermelon in Japan was called the “Densuke” watermelon. It weighed around 8 kgs and grew in the north island of Hokkaido. Densuke was auctioned in northern Japan for 650,000 yen (US$6,100), making it the most expensive watermelon sold in Japan or even around the world. 

Is watermelon popular in Japan?

Watermelon is popular in Japan but is considered a luxury as is often gifted rather than being included in the diet.

What do watermelons look like in Japan?

Watermelons in Japan are usually seedless and come in different shapes like pyramids, squares, etc. They’re cultivated by highly skilled farmers who take care of them very dearly.

How expensive is watermelon in Japan?

Since watermelons are considered luxurious gifts they’re extremely expensive. They can cost up to $6000 dollars depending on the type.

How are Japanese watermelons different from western watermelons?

Japanese watermelons come in different shapes, sizes, and colors compared to the red fleshy watermelons in the west. They’re often seedless and have an extremely sweet taste in Japan. Watermelons in Japan are extremely expensive compared to the west.

Watermelons are the real love!

If you’re someone like me who loves watermelons then you should definitely give the Japanese melons a try. You’ll find all the reasons why Japan does watermelon better mentioned above definitely true!

Try out different recipes of watermelon if you don’t like them as a fruit. Enjoy a huge-sized watermelon with your friends and family or your loved ones. 

Happy summer, hope you enjoy the watermelon season!

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