McDonald’s In Japan Menu 2024

McDonald's In Japan Menu

Wanna check out McDonald’s in Japan? Here’s the complete McDonald’s in Japan Menu before you actually visit. Check it out!

McDonald’s in Japan presents a menu that marries classic fast-food favorites with inventive local twists, offering a taste adventure unlike any other.

In this 2024 lineup, you’ll find unique items that cater to the curious palate, reflecting Japan’s flair for innovation and culinary surprises within the iconic golden arches.

McDonald’s in Japan Menu 2024

Don’t be surprised when you visit a McDonald’s in Japan and the menu looks nothing like what it did back home.

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You’ll find a lot of your favorite classics with a Japanese twist on them.

Here is a glimpse of what the menu looks like in a McDonald’s in Japan. 

Burger Options in Japan’s McDonald’s Menu

The burger section of the menu at Japan’s McDonald’s is made up of three sections, namely regular, dinner, and breakfast.

The regular menu is available from 10:30 am onwards. The dinner menu is available from 17:00 onwards. The breakfast menu is available till 10:30 am. 

The menu is quite unique and is made up of burgers that have a touch of Japanese cuisine. A lot of times you will find these flavourful burgers as limited time offers. So they’re not always available. 

Here is a list of burgers that you can find only at McDonald’s in Japan:

Keep in mind that they are limited time offers and may not be available when you visit.

Set options at McDonald’s Japan

Is a McDonald’s burger complete without an icy coke or fries? Absolutely not!

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At McDonald’s Japan customers can opt for sets which consist of coke and fries along with your burger or coffee and hashbrowns to accompany your sandwich/burger. 

Like the burger section, the set section has four sub sections, namely HiruMac, regular menu, dinner, and breakfast. 

In the HiruMac, the regular, and the dinner menu, customers get to choose a side (fires, edamame and corn, chicken nuggets, or a side salad) and a drink (cola, iced tea, hot tea, latte, coke float, coffee, etc.) with their burgers. When ordering from the breakfast section, customers get to choose a burger/sandwich or hotcakes, a side (hash potato, hot apple pie, chicken nuggets, or a side salad), and a drink (cola, iced tea, hot tea, latte, coffee, etc.)

Here is a glimpse of some of the uniques items on the sets menu only at McDonald’s in Japan with the pricing:

HiruMac Big Mac¥650
HiruMac Teriyaki Chicken FIlet-O¥620
HiruMac Double Cheeseburger¥620
HiruMac Teriyaki McBurger¥600
HiruMac Filet-O-Fish¥600
Regular Menu
Gyusuki Tsukimi Set¥820
Cheese Tsukimi Set¥750
Tsukimi Burger Set¥720
Big Mac® Set¥750
Roasted Soy Sauce Double Thick Beef Set¥850
Roasted Soy Sauce Bacon Tomato Thick Beef Set¥840
Double Cheeseburger Set¥700
Teriyaki McBurger Set¥670
Filet-O-Fish® Set¥680
Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O Set¥690
Bai Filet-O-Fish Set¥750
Bai Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O Set¥770
Bai Shrimp Filet-O Set¥790
Gohan Chicken Tatsuta Miyazaki Specialty Chicken Namban Tartar Set¥770
Gohan Chicken Tatsuta Set¥740
Chicken Tatsuta Breakfast Combi¥450
Chicken Tatsuta Namban Tartar Breakfast Set¥620

Happy Meals options at McDonald’s Japan

Don’t get this confused with the previous section. The happy set is similar to the set section and allows customers to choose from a wide variety of drinks and sides to go with their burger. And the best part? You get a free toy!

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Yes, it’s meant for kids. But that doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy it once in a while.

Sides at McDonald’s Japan

Sides are an important part of your meal at McDonald’s. I don’t think anything can compare to the McD fries and they have and always will be first choice for sides. 

At McDonald’s in Japan, they usually put out limited time offers on sides that have a Japanese touch to them. The Shaka shaka potato with red and black pepper is an example of this. 

Besides what’s shown on the menu, some limited time offer sides are McNuggets with wasabi sauce, Ume (sawer olums) McNugget Sauce, and Bacon and potato pie.

The sides available at McDonald’s Japan are listed below with their prices:

Regular Menu
Shaka Shaka Potato Red and Black Pepper¥180
Shaka Shaka Potato Red and Black Pepper Seasoning¥30
Chicken McNuggets 5 Pcs¥200
Chicken McNuggets 15 Pcs¥590
Side Salad¥290
Edamame with corn¥250
Shaka- Chicki¥150
Shaka- Chiki Red Pepper¥150
Shaka- Chicki Cheddar Cheese¥150
Bacon Potato Pie¥150
PoteNage DAI¥500
PoteNage TOKUDAI¥800
Chicken McNuggets 5 Pcs¥200
Chicken McNuggets 15 Pcs¥590
Side Salad¥290
Hash Potato¥130
Edamame and corn¥250
Bacon Potato Pie¥150

Drinks at McDonald’s Japan

Drinks at McDonald’s in Japan is more than regular colas and juices. Even their Fantas and McFizz come in unique flavours. 

You will be spoiled for choice among all the flavours and types of drinks. The limited time offer on McFizz comes in two flavours, that is, Aomori Fuji Apple and Kumamoto Watermelon. 

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The Fanta comes in different flavours including grape and melon. Other drinks available are Yasaiseikatsu100, Suntory Kuro Oolong Tea#Strong, Iced lattes, Earl Grey Tea (hot, cold or lemon flavoured), and Sokenbicha. 

Sweets at McDonald’s Japan

This is probably my (and everyone else’s) favorite section on the menu. Like every other section, the sweet section is made up of a lot of unique items. 

Besides the usual McFlurry with oreo Cookies and soft twist ice cream, customers are also offered Japanese desserts like Kikyoshingen Mochi pie and Tsujiri Matcha Latte McShake. 

Popular desserts served at McDonald’s in Japan are the Sankaku Choco Pie Black and Pineapple Pie. These two desserts are tasty treats that you have to try out at least once in your life. 

Sometimes, when there are offers, you may get to order a Cheesecake McFlurries like the Hyuganatsu Cheesecake and KitKat and Strawberry Mcflurry.

Some limited time offers bring a delicious blend of Japanese flavours to the usual items on the menu. For example, the Tokyo Banana flavoured waffle cone soft serve, Aomori Fuji Apple McFloat, and Kumamoto watermelon McFloat.

Yoru Mac at McDonald’s Japan

If you’re super hungry and have a big appetite, then head on over to the Yoru Mac section of the menu. 

When I say that the burgers are big in this section, I’m talking about two or four patties big. Even the sides in this section are big. 

This section has a subsection for value means where you can add a drink and a side to your burger. 

Limited time offers have some crazy delicious meals which include the Gohan Chicken Tatsuta Miyazaki Specialty Chicken Namban Tartar Set and the Gohan Chicken Tatsuta Set.

McCafe at McDonald’s Japan

For those of you whole love the cafe section of McDonald’s, you will love the McCafe section of the menu at McDonald’s Japan. 

From cappuccino to lattes and hot chocolate to smoothies, McCafe has a wide range of hot and cold beverages for customers to choose from. 

The Momoto Franboise Frappe and Thigh Smoothie are to die for! They are, however, availble only for a limited time offer. 

Some of the unique beverages on the menu at McDonalds in Japan is the Orange flavour latte and Ice orange flavour latte.

For more info visit:

McDonald’s in Japan Menu: FAQs

How is McDonalds different in Japan?

Here are some differences between McDonalds in Japan and in America:

The biggest difference you will notice between American McDonald’s and Japanese McDonald’s is the price. You will find that it is slightly more expensive in Japan.

American McDonalds’ provide free refills for their customers. However, in Japan, this practice doesn’t exist. The portion sizes at Japanese McDonald’s tend to be smaller than those at American McDonald’s

Does McDonald’s in Japan serve breakfast?

In most McDonald’s in Japan, customers can order from the breakfast menu until 10:30 am. This could vary from store to store. However, breakfast at McDonald’s is not common. 

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