8 Types Of Men On Japanese Dating Sites | The Good And Bad

Types Of Men in Dating Sites Of Japan

If you’re wondering what types of men on Japanese dating sites will you find? I would first suggest you log on to Japanese dating sites. Read further to know more!

What are the types of men on Japanese dating sites?

  • Decent guy who wants a relationship
  • Serial online dating men
  • Quarter men
  • Drinking Buddies
  • Language exchange men
  • Serious involved or married men
  • Visa hunters/ Non-Japanese men
  • Catfishers

If you’re a woman in Japan and looking for a dating scene, no doubt you will have plenty of fish in your bowl to choose from.

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All you need to do is, set your standard and be sure about what you’re looking for on the dating site. 

It’s been a good while since your last date in Japan and you’re moving on to seeing someone new as this guy from Asakusa isn’t your cup of tea. You will find many different types of men on Japanese dating sites.

Dating sites are a world of its own and more often than not people here looking for just casual meetups or hangouts.

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However, there’s a great chance of you meeting your prince charming and marrying them for a happily ever after. 

I, myself have been on dating sites and did some worthy field research and find out who’s the black sheep behind the screen!

Let’s hop to know the types of men on Japanese dating sites, to make it easy for you!

Types Of Men On Japanese Dating Sites

Decent Guy Who Wants a Relationship

types of men on Japanese dating sites
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You might think this as a joke but YES, there are decent guys on Japanese dating sites. So before you say “all men are the same” be careful, haha!

Some of these men are too busy to go out, some aren’t confident enough with their English to impress forign women, some are just quite shy in real life..

This list can go on depending on the kind of women they might have met/dated in the past. These types of men on Japanese dating sites are cute and goofy since the start.

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While they are hard to find, you also need to be patient about sifting through the apps and finding the real type for you. 

But there are good chances you will find someone your type who would want to stick by you. This is definitely one of the best types of men on Japanese dating sites. 

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Serial Online Dating Guy

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These guys usually come with generic bio in their profiles, waist up photos, brief and to the point messages-these are some of their hallmarks which are up on multi user sites.

 These types of men think that one is not enough and have multiple accounts for some reason. They have multiple meeting and chatting sites and talk to a lot of ladies on a daily basis. 

They think that chatting with several women at once will make it easier for them to find the “ideal woman” for them as they can sieve out the options they don’t find suitable.

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Although they don’t seem to quit the sites once they meet someone.

So many of the men were shocked when they found I was wanting a man to shop around for his own needs and many of them were willing to “mansplain” me my own life. 

These are the types of men on Japanese dating sites I’d warn you about. However, if you life arguing then you can go ahead!

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Quarter Men

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These are the types of men on Japanese dating sites that you’ll meet quite often. They will come around for a good while and look for a hookup or casual sex-based relationship with you.

They don’t wanna get involved in any emotional complications, no-strings-attached!

If you’ve heard of セフレ (sefure, sex friend) then they’re probably that because this is what they’re hunting for. Apps like Tinder are their main grounds but you can always avoid them.

These types of men on dating on Japanese dating sites will interest you if you’re into the hook-up or one-night stand culture. 

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Drinking Buds

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This is also one of the best types of men on Japanese dating sites that you’ll find, drinking male friends.

You can learn and explore a lot of Japanese cultures and traditions with them here. You can have friends from both genders here!

These types of men on Japanese dating sites are not looking for anything but just casual hangout buddies for entertainment and drinks who are willing to have a good time together. 

However, getting to know these types of guys can lead to great friendships or a relationship, who knows!

However, if you’re an extrovert and love meeting new people, these are the types of men on Japanese dating sites you should never miss a chance to meet. 

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Language Exchange Men

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Some of the men on dating sites look for free English-Japanese in exchange for the pleasure of their company. 

There are four varieties of these men:

  1. Japanese men who’ve lived overseas and miss talking in English on a daily basis.
  2. Decent and normal guys who are not able to afford an English-speaking school
  3. Men who want to be your “Japanese first”
  4. Men who want to fetishise their  English learning process by dating their teachers

The first two types are the best if you want to learn the other language and also looking for friends at the same time. You’ll find a wealth of such people on Japanese dating sites so you don’t have to worry about it. 

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The third type where the men want to be your “Japanese first” means that they want to introduce you to Japanese culture, cuisine and sex- all in a single date sometimes. 

According to some of my friends, making someone your “Japanese first” is almost a fetish or a fantasy.

 Taking a foreigner through a ride of shock culture- introducing her to different traditions, taking her to restaurants with strangely written menus and taking you somewhere private to “recover from the date”!

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The last variant can, however, be dangerous.

If someone contacts you to pay lots of money and learn the Japanese language in your free time, someone who wants to pay you on dates and is good for the return of English classes, you probably should beware!

These are likely to be from different Japanese clubs looking for hostesses or in the worst case, could also be related to human trafficking. If you think, it’s giving you negative vibes, it’s better to not engage with it. 

These 4 types of men on Japanese dating sites are peculiar to language but also might be interested in other things, you can find them once you match with them. 

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Married Men or Seriously involved

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There are a lot of married men on Japanese dating sites, pretty much like how they are around the world.

Some will claim to the only network or make friends and others to learn a new language but they do post shirtless pictures to lure women even after having a family.

You can actually understand what they’re just by the way they text you. How to deal with these types of men on Japanese dating sites? Just block their accounts and move forward!

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Visa Hunters / Non-Japanese Men

how do japanese guys flirt
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When you talk to someone and they share the same shock culture and their own positive and negative experiences, it brings you closer to the other person.

Most of these men of this type seriously look for Japanese women to date and marry.

However, there are some types of men on Japanese sites who are just jerks and you can guess their real intentions just when they get their ideal and exotic Asian women. 

They will be extremely curious and ask you a lot of visa-related questions. They will woo and wed anyone and everyone to stay in Japan.

Save yourselves from these types of men on Japanese dating sites and block them instantly.

Check out latest Chinese dating apps.

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Source: Unsplash

These are the funniest types of men  on Japanese dating sites that you’ll meet but they are not really funny!

They will have j-pop star pictures or the same position with different poses or probably pictures of men with chiselled bodies but headless.

These men will be far too busy to go out on a date with you or probably cancel on the last minute. They would just want to send your pictures and lure you. 

Don’t fall into the trap of these men and make a reverse check on google search photos to confirm if he’s real or fake. Block them right away if they aren’t real.

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Dating Sites and Men

You’ll meet a lot of types of men on Japanese dating sites but it’s up to you to choose the right one for you. Even if your luck doesn’t work out all at once, just keep swiping and make friends instead!

Happy Dating!

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