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How To Buy Contact Lenses In Japan

Are you looking for how to buy contact lenses in Japan? Well, here is a guide for you to purchase lenses in Japan in-store and online. Read further to know more about it. 

Embarking on the quest for contact lenses in Japan can be a seamless experience with the right guidance. This concise introduction will navigate you through the nuances of purchasing contacts, from understanding prescriptions to exploring the array of options available in Japan.

How to buy contact lenses in Japan? 

To buy contact lenses in Japan, you’ll first need a prescription from an eye doctor. You can then purchase lenses from physical stores like Owndays or Isetan, or online retailers like Lensmode or Lensnet. Remember to handle and care for your lenses properly, and schedule regular follow-ups with your eye doctor.

How To Buy Contact Lenses In Japan
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Eye Examination: Visiting Optician or Ophthalmologist

The first step on how to buy contact lenses in Japan is to get your eye examination done and this can be done by visiting an eye specialist. 

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Visiting an ophthalmologist (genka) or an optician is not much of a task in Japan. You can visit the ophthalmologist on your own or visit a contact lenses shop and they’ll guide and suggest you the best ophthalmologist/optician in the given area. 

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The eye test is done for free by a Japanese optician. All you need to know is some basic words in Japanese, mostly the directions such as left, right, center, etc. The optician will show you a circle with a hole in it and will further ask you to answer where the hole is actually located.

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This is the guide to the vocabulary you’ll need for the eye examination.

Even if you don’t remember these words while your examination is on, you can simply point out to the direction you’re wishing to show. This is step one of how to buy contact lenses in Japan.

DirectionJapanese words
Top Ue (うえ)
RightMigi (みぎ)

If you want to denote any angle, all you need to do is combine these directions and say them:

Angle DirectionJapanese words
Top LeftHidari Ue(ひだりうえ)
Top RightMigi Ue(みぎうえ)
Bottom LeftHidari Shita(ひだりした)
Bottom RightMigi Shita(みぎした)

Cost Of Purchasing Contact Lenses In Japan

After knowing how to buy contact lenses in Japan, let’s know about the cost of the lens. 

Let’s learn how to buy contact lenses in Japan and what are the costs of the same. Well, as we’ve mentioned above, you can buy contact lenses in any drug store in Japan but please make sure that the drug store is well known and established and won’t provide fake/damaged items.

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The contact lenses price in Japan is about 3,000 JPY – 4,000 JPY per box of 3 depending on the quality, eye power as well as the store. It’s however, advisable to go for 3 months supply at once to avoid getting contacts again and again. 

Some of the best Japanese contact lens brands are Alcon Air Optix, Frequency 55, Donki etc. Contact lens solution in Japan is also available in the store itself. 

Where to purchase Contact Lenses in Japan?

In Japan, contact lenses can be purchased at a variety of locations, ensuring convenience and access to a range of preferences and prescriptions. Here are some common places where you can buy contact lenses:

  • Optical Shops: Stores like JINS, Zoff, and Paris Miki are popular optical retailers that offer eye exams and sell prescription contact lenses. They often have staff who can assist with fittings and recommendations.
  • Contact Lens Specialty Stores: There are shops that specialize in contact lenses, including chain stores such as Contact Lens no Meitengai and Heart Up. These stores provide a wide selection of brands and types, including colored and circle lenses.
  • Drugstores and Pharmacies: Large drugstore chains like Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Sun Drug, and Welcia carry a selection of over-the-counter contact lenses, including daily disposables and colored lenses. However, for prescription lenses, you will need to provide a valid prescription.
  • Online Retailers: Websites such as Rakuten, Amazon Japan, and Lensmode offer the convenience of ordering contact lenses online. They often have competitive prices and a broad range of products. A prescription is usually required for purchase.
  • Department Stores: Some department stores in Japan have optical sections where you can purchase contact lenses.
  • Clinics and Hospitals: Eye clinics and hospitals can provide prescriptions and sometimes sell contact lenses directly to patients after an eye examination.

How to Buy Contact Lenses in Japan: FAQs

Do you need prescription to buy contact lenses in Japan?

Yes, in Japan, you are required to have a valid prescription from a licensed eye care professional to purchase corrective contact lenses.

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The law mandates that individuals undergo an eye examination and receive a prescription to ensure the proper fit and to safeguard eye health. This regulation applies to both Japanese residents and foreigners.

However, for non-corrective, cosmetic contact lenses, such as colored contacts without vision correction (also known as plano or 0.00 lenses), a prescription may not be necessary.

Even so, it is highly recommended to consult with an eye care professional before using any type of contact lenses to minimize the risk of eye infections or other complications.

Are Contact Lenses Covered Under Health Insurance?

Now that you know how to buy contact lenses in Japan and the costs of it, let’s talk a little about the cost covered in insurance if any. 

We all know that major health treatments are covered by National Health Insurance in Japan. However, if you are getting prescription contact lenses due to bad eyesight or problems like astigmatism, reading aid glasses, etc, the cost isn’t covered in health insurance. 

The prices are very low for getting contact lenses in Japan and are expected to be borne by the patient themselves. The prices start from 3,000 JPY, sometimes even more subsidized depending on the issue in the eye or the brand and base radius. 

But, if you’re getting a serious treatment done in your eyes from your eye doctor such as cataract, amblyopia, strabismus, etc. then a part of the total cost shall be covered in the insurance. It’s advisable to check with the doctors beforehand. 

How much is an eye check-up in Japan?

It doesn’t cost much to get an eye check-up in Japan. Some opticians do it for free whereas others might charge 300 JPY – 500 JPY for testing without covering the state insurance policy. 

How expensive are contact lenses in Japan? 

Contact lenses aren’t so expensive in Japan. They might cost as low as 3000 JPY to 5000 JPY depending on the brand, eye power, and color. Usually, clear lenses are cheaper than colored lenses. 

Buying Lenses in Japan

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Buying contact lenses in Japan is not much of a problem, it’s easily available. All you need is a certified eye examination so you get the power and radius of your lenses right. Hope you’re clear on how to buy contact lenses in Japan and are gonna have a hassle-free experience.

Hope you like our article- How to buy contact lenses in Japan and it makes your lens shopping easy. 

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