Ghibli Studio Exhibition Tours Japan: Experience Anime Movie Magic Nationwide

Ghibli Studio Exhibition Tours Japan

Have you been to a Ghibli Studio Exhibition Tours Japan? Step into the whimsical world of Studio Ghibli, the legendary Japanese animation studio that has captivated audiences worldwide with its enchanting films like My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle. 

This guide outlines unforgettable Ghibli exhibition tours in Japan for 2024, allowing you to experience the magic firsthand.

Ghibli Studio Exhibition Tours Japan

The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo, offers a permanent exhibition showcasing the animation process and the world of Studio Ghibli films. 

In 2024, you can also experience a special exhibition titled “The Boy and the Heron,” based on the new Ghibli short film of the same name.

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Since the mid-1980s, the Friday Night Animation Slot on Japanese television, affectionately known as Kinro, has featured beloved works from Studio Ghibli. This tradition began back in 1986, only a year following its inception. 

The iconic Ghibli movie “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” made its television debut then, marking the start of a long-standing collaboration.

Over the years, Kinro has showcased Ghibli masterpieces to enthusiastic audiences over 200 times

This lasting relationship is celebrated through a summer exhibition, highlighting their harmonious partnership. 

Here are some details:

  • Cinematic Icons: The character “Uncle Friday” of the Kinro logo, a man with a top hat operating a classic movie camera, was designed by Ghibli’s own Hayao Miyazaki and further developed by Yoshifumi Kondo.
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  • Immersive Experience: Attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Ghibli’s history with the exhibition, which includes interactive displays like the “World of Ohmu” from “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind,” allowing fans to capture atmospheric photos.
  • Sculpture and Artistry: Esteemed sculptor Takeya Takayuki adds realism to the experience with his creations, making participants feel as if they’re part of Ghibli’s animated worlds.
  • Magical Lantern Showcase: A significant attraction is the “Ghibli Magic Lantern,” a massive lantern featuring Ghibli characters illuminated in glass. This lantern was first constructed for the Ghibli Grand Exposition.

Although precise details about all the exhibition displays are yet to be disclosed, the anticipation is building. 

The event is scheduled to kick off in Tokyo, occupying the Warehouse Terrada from June 29 to September 24, and then will move to the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art from October 7 to January 28.

For those unable to visit these locations, there’s promising news: the exhibition plans to tour nationwide starting next spring. 

This is an opportunity for fans across Japan to engage with the magic of Studio Ghibli and their significant place in animation history.

Studio Ghibli Museum

Nestled in a charming Tokyo suburb, the Ghibli Museum is a wonderland for fans. Tickets are required in advance, and securing them can be tricky. 

Our tours take care of everything, including obtaining tickets for your chosen date. Explore permanent exhibits showcasing animation techniques, character creations, and storyboards. 

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Be mesmerized by short films at the Saturn Theater, themed after the iconic Ghibli ring. Indulge in delicious treats at the Straw Hat Cafe or browse for unique souvenirs at the MAMMA AIUTO! shop.

Embark on an extended adventure with add-ons to your Ghibli Museum tour. 

As Ghibli Park opens its final two areas in Spring 2024 (including the highly anticipated Catbus ride!), we can incorporate visits to this enchanting theme park, allowing you to step into the worlds of beloved Ghibli films. 

Themed activities or workshops related to Studio Ghibli films, like animation or storyboarding, can also be arranged upon request.

Which Japanese Locations Are Hosting the Ghibli Exhibition?

  • Cities: The exhibition travels across multiple cities; specific locations can be found on announcements from the event organizers.

What Exhibits and Displays Are Featured?

  • Experiences: Original artwork, behind-the-scenes footage, and replicas of iconic scenes.
  • Highlights: Life-sized models and interactive installations for immersive experiences.

Ghibli’s Impact on Anime

  • Pioneering Techniques: Studio Ghibli set new standards for animation quality and storytelling depth.
  • Cultural Influence: Influenced countless filmmakers and artists worldwide.

Interactive Elements for Attendees

  • Activities: Hands-on workshops and character meet-and-greets.
  • Engagement: Opportunities to create personal art or animation pieces.

Studio Ghibli Exhibition Exclusive Merchandise

  • Products: Limited edition collectibles, apparel, and artwork.
  • Availability: Items often exclusive to the event and vary by location.

Studio Ghibli Exhibition Schedule and Duration

  • Opening Dates: Typically announced on the official Ghibli exhibition site or through press releases.
  • Duration: Often spans several weeks to allow ample visitor access.


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Don’t miss this chance to delve into the fantastical world of Studio Ghibli in Japan. Our Ghibli exhibition tours offer a convenient and unforgettable way to explore the museum, potentially visit the new Ghibli Park, and create lasting memories.

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