Sushi Pokémon Tatsugiri Sparks Real-Life Culinary Creations And Kitchenware Series

Sushi Pokémon Tsugiri

As a culinary enthusiast and Pokémon fan, I’m thrilled to share the recent developments that blend these two worlds. Sushi Pokémon Tatsugiri Sparks Real-Life Culinary Creations And Kitchenware Series

The Pokémon Cafe, beloved for its dishes inspired by the Pokémon universe, has introduced a new addition to its menu—the Tatsugiri sushi set. 

Real-Life Pokémon Tatsugiri Sushi and Kitchenware Take Japan by Storm

Tatsugiri resonates with Japan’s esteemed sushi tradition not only in name but also in its Dragon/Water-type form that resembles a nigiri sushi when its throat sac is inflated.

Unlike traditional nigiri, the Pokémon Cafe’s take on the Tatsugiri sushi resembles oshizushi. This style involves pressed sushi with a mix of shrimp, chicken, egg, and vegetables crafted to look like the Tatsugiri trio and a Poké Ball. 

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Their latte art menu has also expanded to include Tatsugiri designs, perfect for those who prefer a caffeine fix over a meal.

For those interested in kitchenware, the Pokémon Centers, in conjunction with the cafe, are launching a Tatsugiri-themed line. 

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I find the inclusion of cultural elements like the miso soup bowl, soy sauce plate, and masu incredibly thoughtful. Each is adorned with the adorable forms of Tatsugiri—curly, droopy, and stretchy. These versatile items can double as decor or for their traditional uses.


Here’s something for the fans who love to collect: the addition of Tatsugiri plushie straps and an eye-catching plushie shaped like a sushi geta.

 Pokémon Centers will also offer a Dondozo-themed sushi geta, for those interested in expanding their collection.

Lastly, ensuring comfort while indulging in these offerings is the Tatsugiri zabuton floor cushion, perfect for lounging and reflecting on this celebration of Japanese cuisine and Pokémon charm. 

These items, along with the Tatsugiri sushi set and latte art, mark a delightful fusion of enjoyment for fans looking to immerse themselves further into the Pokémon universe. 

Prices for some items are already available, with more details to be released prior to their launch on the Pokémon Center online shop.

What Pokémon has a design inspired by sushi?

The Pokémon Tatsugiri draws its inspiration from sushi, with its appearance mimicking the classic nigiri-style sushi. This interesting design choice reflects the creature’s Dragon/Water typing and adds a unique cultural layer to its creative concept.

Is it possible to dine at the Pokémon Café and what should you expect?

Yes, you can dine at the Pokémon Café. The experience is memorable for its Pokémon-themed dishes, which are designed to look like various characters from the franchise, and the café also offers exclusive merchandise.

What procedures must be followed to reserve a spot at the Pokémon Café in Tokyo?

To secure a reservation at Tokyo’s Pokémon Café:

  1. Visit the official Pokémon Café website.
  2. Choose your preferred date and time.
  3. Provide the necessary details for your booking.
  4. Confirm the reservation and await your visit.

Does the Pokémon Centre include a café on the premises?

Yes, the Pokémon Café is typically integrated with a Pokémon Center, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal and shop for exclusive Pokémon-related products all in one convenient location.

What are some examples of food-related items in the Pokémon-themed kitchenware collection?

The Pokémon-themed kitchenware line boasts culinary items such as:

  • Plates adorned with Pokémon imagery
  • Bowls that capture the essence of specific Pokémon.
  • Utensils like chopsticks featuring Poké Ball designs.

Does the Pokémon Café offer specialty menu items modeled after various Pokémon?

The Pokémon Café has a rotating menu of special dishes that are artistically crafted to resemble well-known Pokémon. These dishes add a delightful and immersive aspect to the dining experience for fans of the series.

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