9 Best Japanese Dramas On Amazon Prime 2021

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Looking for the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime? Check out this list of great Japanese drama recommendations that will keep you hooked throughout your watch.

With covid making us spend a lot of time at home, people have turned to various television series and films to spend their free time. 

One of the most common channels through which people consume such content is online streaming services. 

Which are the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime?

  • A Girl and Three Sweethearts
  • Tokyo Girl
  • Happy Marriage!?
  • Fukuyadou Honpo- Kyoto Love Story
  • Tokyo Alice
  • Tokyo Vampire Hotel
  • MAGI Tensho Keno Shonen Shisetsu
  • Lady Girls
  • ID: Invaded

There are so many different contents available on online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime that are highly engaging and entertaining. 

If you don’t want to commit much of your time towards finishing these shows, Japan dramas on TV are a great option since they are short. Most of them are usually less than fifteen episodes and mostly run for a single season. 

Viewers can select from a variety of genres and they give you a peek into the life and culture in Japan. Let us take a look at some of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime to keep yourself busy during your days at home.

Best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime: Summary

Best Japanese Dramas on Amazon PrimeStarringEditor’s Rating
A girl and three SweetheartsMirei Kiritani, Sohei Miyura, Kento Yamazaki7/10
Tokyo GirlAzami Mizukawa, Tsuyoshi Abe, Masako Chiba8/10
Happy Marriage!?Seino Nana, Dean Fujioka6.5/10
Fukuyadou Honpo: Kyoto Love storyAkari Hayami, Hayato Ichihara, Fujiko Kojima, Oshiro Maeda7/10
Tokyo AliceMizuki Yamamoto, Reina Triendl, Aya Asahina, Takahashi Maryjun7/10
Tokyo Vampire HotelAmi Tomite, Shinnosuke Mitsushima and Megumi Kagurazaka6.5/10
MAGI Tensho Keno Shonen ShisetuShuhei Nomura, Yuki Morinaga, Kai Inowaki, Ogata Naoto.6.5
Lady GirlsRyoka Shinohara, Michko Kichise, Sawa Suzuki.9/10
ID: Invaded InsteadKenjirou Tsuda, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Mao Ichimichi. 8/10

Top Japanese Dramas on Amazon Prime

A girl and three Sweethearts

Starring: Mirei Kiritani, Sohei Miyura, Kento Yamazaki |  Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance  |  No. of Seasons: 1

Best Japanese Dramas On Amazon Prime

The amazon japanese series revolves around Sakura Masai who is a young and hardworking patisserie. 

She suddenly loses her job and her life gets turned upside down since she finds it difficult to get a new job. She then meets her high school love Chiaki, who offers her a part-time job at his restaurant. 

It’s very engaging and one of the best japanese dramas on Amazon Prime. This is all about romance and drama. You can also have some laughs here and there.

The show is only one season long and consists of sixteen episodes so it is suitable for a short binge. This is a Japanese drama for beginners.

 It features actors like Mirei Kiritani who plays the female lead Sakura Masai, Sohei Miyura as Chiaki, Kento Yamazaki and Suhei Nomura as the brothers, Kenta Hamano and Sakurako Oharo among other actors. 

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Tokyo Girl

Starring: Azami Mizukawa, Tsuyoshi Abe, Masako Chiba   Genre: Romance, Life, Drama  |  No. of Seasons: 1

new jdrama

Aya is a 23-year-old small-town girl who moves to Tokyo in hopes of leading a better life. This is an inspiring show and it takes us through the life of Aya and the highs and lows she experienced while living in the city.

This show becomes relatable to the viewers to some extent. This best japanese series on amazon prime will become your favourite for sure if you’re growing up because you’d be able to relate to Aya.

It focuses on her career, her love life and her aspirations to climb up the social ladder and be an object of envy for other women. 

The is one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime that’s only a single season long and has sixteen episodes. It’s a crowd favourite and undoubtedly my favourite too.

 The main character Aya is played by Azami Mizukawa. The other leading actors are Tsuyoshi Abe, Masako Chiba and Shiina Hanasaka.

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Happy Marriage !?

Starring: Seino Nana, Dean Fujioka  |  Genre: Romance |  No. of Seasons: 1

Happy marriage was originally created as a Japanese manga series by Maki Enjoji. 

In this Japan drama, Chiwa is a young woman who works at a hostess bar to pay off her parents’ debt. She meets the young and successful businessman Hokuto.

The first time they meet each other, she gets fired from the bar. It’s definitely one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime if you’re into romantic movies and series. I’d recommend this for a date night

The next day, she gets a call from Hokuto and he proposes to her. He doesn’t tell her the reason why he wants to marry her but the story takes us through how the arrangement unfolds and the reason why he married her.

The show stars Seino Nana and Dean Fujioka in leading roles. Like most Japanese dramas, it is a single season-long show and has twelve episodes.

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 Fukuyado Honpo – Kyoto love story

Starring: Akari Hayami, Hayato Ichihara, Fujiko Kojima, Oshiro Maeda   Genre: Food, Comedy, Life  |  No. of Seasons: 1

This drama is the adaptation of the manga Fukuyadou Honpo created by Yuchi Yayomi and is one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime if you’re looking for something light and comic. 

The story takes us through the life of three sisters, Hina, Arare and Hara who work in a 450 years old Japanese confectionery shop in Kyoto.  

The viewers get glimpses into each of their love lives, family and the sacrifices they make in the name of tradition. The show is one season long and has twelve episodes.

Fukuyado Honpo will teach you a lot about family and life which is why it’s one of the best shows on Amazon Prime Japan.

The main characters are portrayed by actors like Akari Hayami, Hayato Ichihara, Fujiko Kojima, Oshiro Maeda and Hina Miyano among other talented actors.

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Tokyo Alice

Starring: Mizuki Yamamoto, Reina Triendl, Aya Asahina, Takahashi Maryjun Genre: Romance, Life, Drama  |  No. of Seasons: 1

amazon prime japan series

Tokyo Alice is about the life of four girls who are flatmates. They are the fashion-savvy Fuu, manga artist Mizuho, Gallery assistant Rio and the doctor Sayuri.

This female-centered show takes us through the love life and the career ups and downs of these girls.

Tokyo Alice is one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime that I’ve watched recently. I’d recommend this series to all the teens or young adults to watch this as you’d definitely find it relatable and fun.

The show first aired on 25 August 2017 and is 12 episodes long. Since the show is only for one season and the episodes are around half an hour-long, this is a good choice for a light binge.

The main characters are played by Mizuki Yamamoto, Reina Triendl, Aya Asahina and Takahashi Maryjun.

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Tokyo Vampire Hotel

Starring: Ami Tomite, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, and Megumi Kagurazaka   Genre: Horror, Drama  No. of Seasons: 1

new j-drama

If you are in the mood to watch soothing horror, Tokyo Vampire Hotel is a great choice. This thriller can keep you hooked on to it till the end.

The story begins with Manami getting targeted by vampires on her 22nd birthday.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel will give you the old Japanese drama vibes. It’s one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime if you wanna watch something horror.

K uses his powers and ability to save manami from the vampires. At the same time, the mysterious Yamada conducts a huge matchmaking convention at the Hotel Requiem where a lot of young men and women are invited.

He then announces that the apocalypse will happen tomorrow but those in the hotel would be saved. The show has only one season and is ten episodes long.

It’s counted among the best shows on Amazon Prime Japan in horror and drama genre.

The lead actors are Ami Tomite, Shinnosuke Mitsushima and Megumi Kagurazaka which definitely makes it one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime.

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MAGI Tensho Keno Shonen Shisetsu 

Starring:  Shuhei Nomura, Yuki Morinaga, Kai Inowaki, Ogata Naoto | Genre: Historical|  No. of Seasons: 1

This is a historical drama set in the 1500s. The story is about an embassy called The Tensho Boys’ embassy which consisted of four boys. They were the first to cross the Japanese borders to go to Europe and meet the pope.

This Jdrama has historical significance and is a must watch for history buffs. I’m sure you’ll find this as one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime if you’re into history.

During the middle ages, an Italian missionary Alessandro Valignano arrived in Japan. He aimed to proselytize, evangelize and recruit people to Christianity so he set up a number of seminaries across the country and picked up the people in the Tensho Boy’s embassy to travel to the Vatican.

The show takes you through the trials and tribulations they face along the way. It only has a single season and it consists of nineteen episodes. It stars actors like Shuhei Nomura, Yuki Morinaga, Kai Inowaki and Ogata Naoto.

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Lady Girls

Starring: Ryoka Shinohara, Michko Kichise, Sawa Suzuki  |  Genre: Romance, Comedy  No. of Seasons: 1

This new Jdrama takes us through the lives of three single women and the challenges they face in the search for love and happiness. 40-year-old Aki Nakahana is successful in her career but she finds a hard time looking for love.

Although she is an attractive and independent woman, she always tries too hard and ends up being miserable whenever she meets a guy. She becomes scared of falling in love after a series of uneventful relationships.

Lady Girls is one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime if you want something light-heart rom-com to watch. It’s more than a one time watch for sure!

The other characters are her two best friends Moeko Oosaki who owns a flower shop and Midori Sakawata who is a divorced working mother with three sons.

Aki is developing a role-playing romance game app where all her colleagues are younger than her. The lead characters are played by Ryoka Shinohara, Michko Kichise and Sawa Suzuki.

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ID: Invaded Instead

Starring: Kenjirou Tsuda, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Mao Ichimichi  |  Genre: Science Fiction, Psychological  |  No. of Seasons: 1

This is the only Japanese anime television series on our list. If you are an anime lover, you will definitely love this Psychological science fiction series. The story unfolds inside a human mind! 

Yes, you heard it right! Sakaido is a brilliant detective who tries to solve a crime by entering the criminal’s mind. This is done with the help of “cognition particles” that are collected from the crime site.

This action Jdrama is one of the best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime that I’ve watched in the sci-fi genre. Don’t think twice if you love psychological thrillers, just go for it.

However it is not easy to do so, you should have killed someone to be able to access someone’s mind. After successfully solving these investigations, Sakaido realises that there is something bigger behind the murders. 

This television series has 13 episodes. The show features popular actors like Kenjirou Tsuda, Sarah Emi Bridcutt and Mao Ichimichi. 

Lady Girls

I enjoyed watching Lady Girls cause it’s the type of cheesy storyline I adore! Though, I must say the story arc is pretty weak but the drama features a really cute cat so I can’t complain!

The drama is about three girls and their relationship / friendship and it’s all very cute, honestly. It’s almost like a romantic comedy with three girls and their lovers.

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

This is a romantic and drama filled Japanese television series that has captured the hearts of many youngsters. This drama is based on a manga called Itazura na Kiss which was written by Tada Kaoru. 

The drama series introduces the female lead called Kotoko Aihara who studies in high school. She is quite naive and lacks the ability to perform good grades in her exams. Going through a rough time with her academic life she finds pleasure in checking out the most handsome and intelligent guy in the school who’s called Naoki Irie.

Kotoko has been in love with Naoki for almost 2 years since the day Naoki gave a speech during the high school entrance ceremony. When Kotoko decides to confess her love for Naoki she writes him a love letter which he rejects instantly. 

Disappointed and furious at Naoki’s behavior, Kotoko goes home sadly. However, on the very same day, Kotoko’s home is hit with a meteorite. 

With nowhere to go, Kotoko’s father receives a call from his friend who invites them to stay at his home. As Kotoko goes to his home she’s shocked to find out that the home is no other than Naoki’s. 

As she stays at his place her feelings grow more although he shows disinterest towards her. Will Naoki feel the same towards Kotoko and accept her? To find out watch Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

This drama has only 1 season with 16 episodes that are binge watch worthy. It’s filled with comedy, romance, and drama that’ll keep you hooked towards the end. 

The lead roles are played by Yuki Furukawa, Honoka Yahagi, Tomomi Nishimura, and Yoji Tanaka.

99 Days With The Superstar

This is the ideal Japanese drama for rom-com fans. The drama starts off with the introduction of Namiki Kohei who’s a Japanese security guard. He’s from a middle class family who’s obsessed with astronomy. 

He’s in his mid-40s and a single man who works as a part time security officer. Namiki is handsome and has the sweetest personality which most people take advantage of. His daily routine is to work and take care of his sister’s kids.

Namiki’s life changes when he’s assigned as security for a period of 99 days for a Korean actress called Han Yoo Na when she visits Japan to act in a movie. Despite Han Yoo being an actress, she leads a very simple and lonely life. She loves to visit local restaurants and help people when they’re in need. 

Han Yoo has a very tragic secret and she often sneaks out of her hotel to try the Japanese food. However, this would result in a problem for Namiki as he has to find her and ensure her safety. Namiki and Han Yoo don’t get along together as they both have clashing ideas.

However, their relationship changes when the 99 days contract with Namiki is going to end. Will they understand each other’s feelings and improve their relationship?

Watch 99 Days With The Superstar to find out what happened next. It has 1 season with 10 episodes that you’ll binge watch in no time. The actors who played the lead roles are Kim Tae-hee and Hidetoshi Nishijima.

Which is the best Japanese drama on Amazon Prime?

Tokyo Girl is about a girl named Aya who moved to Tokyo when she was 23. The drama captures her life from 23 till the age of 40 and shows different challenges and struggles she goes through in her career and love life. It’s starring Azami Mizukawa. It’s available to watch on Amazon Prime.

J-Drama Time

J-dramas are one of the best things about Japan. There are so many amazing shows that are not only meant for passing time but also teach life lessons.

Hope this list of best Japanese dramas on Amazon Prime helped you pick the right dramas for you to watch.

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Tokyo Girl

Director: Yuki Tanada

Date Created: 1970-01-01 00:33

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