Where To Buy Japanese Snacks Online?

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Love Japanese snacks? If you’re wondering where to buy Japanese snacks online, here are the most reliable online sites for you to buy your favorite Japanese snacks from!

Embark on a culinary journey from the comfort of your home with the convenience of online shopping for Japanese snacks. Explore a world of flavors, from sweet mochi to savory senbei, through a variety of websites that offer a wide selection of authentic treats delivered right to your doorstep.

Where to buy Japanese snacks online: Quick Summary 

Where to buy Japanese snacks onlinePopular snacks available
Japan Candy BoxCandies and chocolates including KitKat, Pocky, Milky, Calbee, Glico, Meiji
AmazonMochiJapanese rice crackersMatcha cream biscuitsGlico Pocky
Japan CentreMelon panFlavoured crispsMochiCandySodas
Japanese TasteShrimp rice crackersBeef jerkyCaramel corn puffJelly snackCookies
Tokyo TreatSnack BoxesFlavoured KitKatJapanese drinks like Ramune and FantaRamenSobaUdonFlavoured chipsJapanese cakesJapanese cookies
OMG JapanPockyNori PringlesSakura mintsFlavoured KitKatsMentaiko Pringles
Japan HaulFlavoured KitKatsRamenPockyJapanese latteRamuneEnergy drinksJapanese cream soda
Gohan MarketJapanese style pound cakeJapanese pastry rollsRice crackersNorimaki ArareMochiBerry Mix BagPocky

Where to Buy Japanese Snacks Online

Japan Candy Box

I don’t think any kind of candy can compare to Japanese candy. When I first tasted Japanese candy, I instantly fell in love with the many flavours and textures. 

  shop from japan  

If you’re like me and need a steady supply of candy, Japan Candy Box is the perfect site for you. 

What I love the most about this site is its monthly subscription box. Customers can subscribe to this and they will receive a box packed with 10 Japanese candies and snacks of your choice every month.  

You can even customize your box to incorporate your favourite Japanese candies and snacks.

Japan Candy Box

All their products are authentic. Customers can opt for a monthly plan, a 6 month plan, or a yearly plan. The site is available in 120 countries and customers can enjoy free shipping. 


This list would not be complete without mentioning trusty Amazon. Amazon has a section for Japanese snacks that customers can browse through. 

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They have snacks that include Japanese soda, candies, chocolates, biscuits, and so much more. These snacks are authentic and are usually delivered in a short time. 

The plus point of shopping on Amazon for Japanese snacks is that the shipping costs are a lot lower when compared to other places. In some cases, shipping is free on Amazon. 

amazon japanese candy

Amazon ships to almost every country and allows costumes to track their orders as well. I find Amazon a very convenient choice. However, I have noticed that the selection is often limited to only a few products and many products seem to run out of stock quickly. 

Japan Centre

Japan Centre is a one stop destination for your Japanese groceries and products. 

From iced tea and soup bases to Japanese crisps and melon pans, Japan Centre has a wide variety of products to choose from. 

This site offers free delivery in the UK for orders over 50 pounds. While stores are only in the Uk, the site offers worldwide shipping. 

japanese snacks on Japan Centre

I found this site a good option for weekly orders. I loved their variety and well stocked online store. 

Japanese Taste

Japanese Taste is an online Japanese grocery store that offers its customers a wide range of Japanese products including snacks, toiletries, kitchen and household products. 

I need to be honest here for a second. This site is not always my first choice because I always end up spending way more than I had initially planned. There are just too many deals and products that I cannot refuse. 

But that being said, Japanese Taste is a great site to get all your favourite Japanese snacks from. 

japanese snacks on Japanese Taste

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat is a slightly different concept. Here, you subscribe to a monthly mystery box that is packed with delicious Japanese snacks.

You can subscribe to a 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months plan. The shipping cost is additional.

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I loved the mystery aspect of the whole thing! The goodies are handpicked by a team of “sback experts” and include, candies, snacks, soda and a whole lot more. 

The box also contains complete allergen information and a culture guide to give you a better idea about Japan. 

japanese snacks on Japanese Taste

OMG Japan

What I love the most about Japanese snacks are the numerous (not to mention out of this world) flavours that you are bound to come across. 

OMG Japan is the one place that I’m always sure about when buying KitKat and Pringles because they are always stocked up with all the flavours (including the rare ones).

They have some of the most amazing products that I haven’t come across on other sites like the Pokemon Curry.

If you are in the mood for so whacky flavoured KitKat, OMG Japan should be your next search on the internet. 

japanese snakcs on omg japan

Japan Haul

Like Japan Centre, Japan Haul is another site where you can get your hands on not only Japanese snacks but also beauty and other household products. 

The site has pretty much anything and everything that is Japanese. They are sticked with the latest Japanese snacks, makeup, plushies, and much more. 

All items sold on this site are 100% authentic. They also offer free express shipping on orders above $199. 

I have found that a lot of the products are sold at a lower price when compared to other competing sites. This is because msot products are acquired directly from the manufacturers. 

japanese snacks on japan haul

Gohan Market

Gohan Market never disappoints me. With a wide variety of products to select from, it’s like snack time all the time! 

Besides snacks, the site also sells other foods like dry foods, noodles, rice, seasonings, and beauty and health products.

The site stocks up on well known brands like Calbee, Castella, Glico Pocky, Ginbis, and more. 

japanese snacks on Gohan Market

Common Japanese Snacks

Now that we have spoken about where you can get Japanese snacks, I think it’s important to mention some of the best and most popular Japanese snacks. In case you can’t seem to make up your mind on what Japanese snack to try, here is a list to help you:

  • Pocky- This is probably the most common Japanese snack and it can be found in almost any supermarket. They are slender biscuits that come coated with cream. The cream comes in multiple (and strange) flavours including matcha, smoked bacon, chocolate, and  pumpkin apple. 
  • KitKat- If you are planning on trying out Japanese snacks, you must try the different flavours of KitKat. KitKat in Japan come in some of teh most unique flavours including sakura, matcha, and melon.
  • Ramune Soda- While this isn’t exactly a snack, this list would not be complete without Ramune Soda. As a Japanese product, of course it comes in over 50 flavours.
  • Calbee Potato Sticks- Nope, they aren’t chips or fries. These potatoes sticks are one of the older snacks and have been around for a long time. They are crunchy and delicious and make the perfect snack. 
  • Ramune Whistle Candy- Like the name suggests, you can whistle with this candy! Just pop it in between your lips and blow. They are shaped like polos and usually come with a small toy at the bottom of the pack.
  • Mochi- Mochi is part of my top 5 favourite Japanese snacks. These little rice cakes have a soft and chewy texture and usually come with a filling. There is no limit on the different flavours that mochi comes in. 
  • Senbei- These Japanese rice crackers come in a hundred different flavours and colours. 
  • Melon Pan- This snack is sweet and comes in a variety of flavours. They are also sometimes filled with cream. 
  • Kaki No Tane- This is made with senbei and peanuts. They are flavoured with a little chilli powder and is often considered a drinking snack. 

Where to buy Japanese snacks online: FAQs

What is Japan’s most popular snack?

  • Japanese snacks have gained much popularity across the whole world. Some of the most popular Japanese snacks are:
  • Rice crackers
  • Mochi
  • Kaki no Tane
  • Onigiri
  • Melon Pan
  • Flavoured KitKat
  • Pocky
  • Milky candy
  • Instant miso soup
  • Ramune soda
  • Ramune whistle candy
  • Flavoured Pringles

What makes Japanese snacks different?

Japanese snacks are quite different from snacks from other countries. The candies, sweets, and other snacks do not contain huge amounts of chocolate, caramel, or nougat. They instead contain sweet beans, sweet potatoes, and other natural ingredients. Another thing is that Japanese snacks often come in uniques flavours like matcha and sakura.

What do you think?

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