Where To Buy Japanese Groceries Online?

Where to buy Japanese groceries online?

Wondering Where to buy Japanese groceries online? We’ve curated a list of Online Japanese groceries stores 

 If you haven’t tried online grocery shopping in Japan, it is high time you did. They not only have fresh ingredients but will also deliver products right to your doorstep. 

By simply tapping on your order, you can get your ingredients delivered in minutes. 

This removes the hassle of getting out of your home and to the supermarket, the time that can be well-spent researching and preparing for your next delicious Japanese dish.

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 Online Japanese grocery delivery systems have been around for years, but they became prominent after covid. Shoppers today prefer to get their items with one click of a button than spending hours getting ready and driving to the location. 

 If you haven’t ordered your groceries yet, here are some of the most popular platforms in Japan where you can order your Japanese groceries. 


Where To Buy Japanese Groceries Online?

Rakuten Seiyu

 User experience: 8/10

Easy to navigate: Yes

Shipping experience: Fast shipping and even one-day delivery on certain orders


A joint venture between Rakuten and the supermarket, Seiyu, Rakuten Seiyu is one of the most popular and most used supermarkets in the country. The platform offers your run-of-the-mill products, all delivered quickly and efficiently.

 With the help of a Rakuten credit card and/or points card, one can avail constant deals and offers on their orders. So, if you are planning on using this platform to get your fresh Japanese groceries, don’t forget to apply for a card. 

 The platform requires a minimum order amount of ¥2,000 and charges a small delivery fee of ¥330 on certain minimum orders. 

 Rakuten Seiyu accepts payment in the form of credit cards, cash on delivery, e-money (Rakuten Cash), and Rakuten Super Points.


Amazon Fresh

User experience: 10/10

Easy to navigate: Yes

Shipping experience: One-Day Delivery


Amazon Fresh is one of the most convenient Japanese grocery shopping platforms in the country. They offer next-day delivery in a two-hour booked time slot. 

 Upon shopping here, you can expect to find organic Japanese brands along with many other popular ones. Their collection of items are fresh and last long. Shop on the platform and find several Japanese options including free-range eggs, spices, meal kits, chicken, and more. 

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 A minimum order amount of ¥4,000 for AmazonFresh customers and ¥2,000 for Life and Valor is required. 

Amazon Fresh customers will also receive free delivery on orders above ¥10,000, while others will require a small shipping fee of ¥390. 

For Life and Valor, customers will receive free shipping on orders above ¥8,000, while others require a delivery fee of ¥390.

 Customers can pay for their Amazon Fresh order via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, UnionPay (Credit Card only), and Amazon Gift Cards.

Aeon Supermarket

  • User experience: 8/10
  • Easy to navigate: Slightly difficult for non-native speakers
  • Shipping experience: Noon slots only, except when paid for a specific time
  • Link: 

 Are you looking for a wide range of Japanese grocery essentials? Aeon differs from Amazon and Rakuten by delivering grocery items straight from your neighborhood store. 

This technique carries a positive as well as a negative effect. 

 The positive side of it is that there are hundreds of stores and even more houses and neighborhoods. 

With delivery access being given to all these places, poor areas can ensure that they will receive their items right to their homes. 

Coming to its slightly negative side, the registration process is a bit frustrating, especially if the person is a non-native Japanese speaker. 

But if this tiny bump in the road is crossed, there is no issue in delivery.

 Items ordered on the Aeon platform will be delivered at noon. But in case a customer wishes to have the items delivered during a specific time slot, a small delivery fee is applicable. 

 Orders above ¥2,000 are applicable for free delivery, while others will require a small delivery fee of ¥330, depending upon the area.

 Aeon also accepts payment in the form of credit cards, cash on delivery, and WAON points.


  • User experience: 9/10
  • Easy to navigate: Yes
  • Shipping experience: Late delivery from anywhere between 1 week to 10 days and delivery is limited to only certain areas in Japan
  • Link:

Shop your favorite grocery essentials including meat products, fresh fruits, beverages, and several rare items available on their platform.

The Daiei platform is slightly different compared to the above three in the following ways. 

The delivery fee varies from shop to shop and will depend upon the purchased items. Once the order has been placed, items will be delivered within a span of one week to 10 days. 

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Delivery from Daiei is limited to only certain areas of Japan.

 Their delivery fee will depend upon the contents of your basket and the location of delivery. You can opt to pay for your order via credit card, prepaid method, or at any of their convenience stores.

Tokyu Store

  • User experience: 9/10
  • Easy to navigate: Yes
  • Shipping experience: Limited to Tokyo and Kanagawa. Delivery between 1-3 pm/ 4-6 pm / 7-9 pm, depending upon your order.
  • Link: 

Unlike Daiei, Tokyu Store offers grocery delivery within 3-hours of placing the order for its customers. 

As great as that sounds, this store is only available and delivers to customers located in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

 So, if you fall under this location, give this store a try.

Customers can avail free delivery on orders above ¥5000. Other orders will carry a small shipping fee of ¥315. 

Groceries will be delivered anywhere between 1-3 pm / 4-6 pm / 7-9 pm, depending upon your order.

No registration fee or any form of membership is required to place your order. If you own a TOKYU CARD ClubQ JMB Card, you can earn 3 points for every order of ¥200.

 Tokyu Store accepts payment in the form of cash on delivery and credit card.

Life Supermarket

  • User experience: 9/10
  • Easy to navigate: Yes
  • Shipping experience: Great but limited to customers located in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kinki area.
  • Link: 

 Life Supermarket operates and delivers to residents located mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kinki area. 

So, if you are currently residing within those areas, then this platform is the one for you. 

 Find a range of dry goods and fresh produce when shopping here. Along with fresh Japanese groceries, this platform also offers items imported from countries around the world.

 Download the Life Supermarket app and place your first order today. Along with amazing grocery essentials, the app also offers multiple coupons and discounts for its new and returning customers.

Life Supermarket accepts payment via cash on delivery, credit card, and smartphone payment which includes Line Pay, PayPay, and MedPay.

Okuwa Online Store

Okuwa Online Store is a regional delivery online supermarket that offers a selection of grocery essentials including daily needs, fresh produce, spices, and more. 

This digital platform carries the goal of ensuring their customers are always happy and so you can count on them to deliver your product no matter the day or weather.

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 Customers can avail free registration and membership on their platform by adding their details.

 Okuwa Online Store accepts payment in the form of credit cards and cash on delivery.


Maruetsu is your neighborhood grocery store offering a selection of fresh groceries and other home essentials. 

They offer the option of easily shopping and placing the order on their official website or the mobile app.

Save more on your purchase by using the Maruetsu card so you can collect points. These points can be exchanged for gift certificates.

Maruetsu offers free delivery on orders above ¥3,500. Orders below ¥3,500 will be eligible for a small shipping fee of ¥330. 

 You can request and avail same-day delivery on your order. All prices on the platform are the same as in the store. You can make your payment via credit card or cash on delivery.

Cookpad Mart

Cookpad Mart is a multi-seller platform offering a place for local sellers and producers to participate and sell their items. 

Upon shopping on this platform, customers can avail fresh Japanese groceries and food on a daily basis.

 Get instant ingredients for your recipes on this website without the hassle of searching elsewhere. Cookpad Mart offers door-to-door delivery service for its customers in Japan.

Cookpad Mart accepts payment solely in the form of a prepaid card.

So, there you have it. The above are some of the most popular online Japanese grocery shopping platforms. Find your store and get shopping!

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