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5 Affordable Car Rentals In Sendai Japan

What Are The Best Places To Rent A Car In Sendai, Japan

Looking for what are the best websites for car rentals in Sendai Japan? We’ve curated a list of websites that offer car rental services in Sendai Japan so you can find what you’re looking for with ease!

Revving up for a Sendai adventure on a budget? Gassing up your own car can offer freedom and flexibility. This guide navigates the best affordable car rental websites for Sendai, Japan.

We’ll compare prices, features, and potential hidden fees to help you find the perfect deal. Buckle up and get ready to cruise through Sendai without breaking the bank!

Affordable Car Rentals In Sendai Japan

ORIX Rent A Car

Orix Rent A Car is one of the well-established car rental services in Sendai, Japan that has over 6 outlets in the populous city.

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All of the Orix Rent-A-Car agencies are situated in vital zones of the city like bus and train stations, therefore, it was convenient for us to pick up and return our car to the store.

Orix Rent A Car has hands down the best and most amicable customer service. When I visited the Orix Rent-A-Car agency in Sendai to pick up my car, the staff welcomed and treated me in a virtuous manner. They communicated with me in fluent English and assisted me through the procedure. 

Affordable Car Rentals In Sendai Japan
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Their website is translated into English, making it seamless for tourists to reserve cars online. The Orix Rent A Car website displays its rental locations across Japan so that customers can prepare a clear-cut itinerary. 

In addition, you can also find a separate segment that depicts the type of cars available at Orix Rent-A-Car and which class of car is ideal according to the number of people traveling.

There are cars available at Orix Rent A Car from the light and compact range to standard cars, SUVs, luxury cars, and commercial vehicles as well.

Under each class of vehicles, Orix Rent A Car has stated the starting rental fee hence I could choose a car according to my budget.

Orix Rent A Car offers one of the cheapest rates for cars per day starting from 6600 yen onwards. 

Book your most preferred car on the Orix Rent-A-Car website by simply selecting the pickup and return store locations for a reasonable price. 

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Orix Rent A Car Website

Nippon Rent A Car

Nippon Rent A Car is one of the leading car rental agencies in Japan that has almost 85 stores across the island. I can always vouch for Nippon Rent A Car because they’re my go-to rental agency whenever I visit Japan.

Most Nippon Rent-A-Car agencies are situated in the vicinity of airports and train stations hence tourists have instant access to them. 

rent a car in japan
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In Sendai, I could only find a few Nippon Rent-A-Car stores compared to other cities in Japan. One of the stand-out features of the Nippon Rent-A-Car website is that each region of this car rental has its own website thus the car reservation process doesn’t take too long.

The website of Nippon Rent A-Car can be translated into English as well.

The category of cars available for rent at Nippon Rent A Car website are passenger cars, minivans, SUVs, premium cars, trucks, vans, buses, and welfare vehicles as well.

Most if not all cars at Nippon Rent-A-Car are no-smoking cars that also have built-in GPS for navigation. My car had the GPS in Japanese hence I requested the staff to alter the language to English. 

You can even negotiate the type of insurance policies as well as other services like child seats, winter tires, etc provided by Nippon Rent-A-Car.

There’s also a One-Way Rental option on the website in which you’re allowed to drop the vehicle at a location different from the pickup location. The per-day rates for cars at Nippon Rent-A-Car are quite exorbitant yet the services rendered by them are top-notch. 

Reserve your ideal car at the Nippon Rent-A-Car website today.

Times Car Rental

Times Car Rental is also one of the popular automobile rental agencies in Japan with several outlets across the nation. However, in Sendai, I could only come across 2 or 3 Times Car Rental stores while one of them is in proximity to the Sendai station.

Times Car Rental stores are popular for being large and offering a variety of vehicles hence I checked their website to find out more. 

rent a car in japan for foreigners
Source: Instagram

The Times Car Rental website is in Japanese, however, there’s a language section where you can choose a website in a couple of languages like English, Korean, etc.

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The English website of Times Car Rental depicts the locations, categories of cars and their rates, special deals, insurance & compensation as well as a user’s guide. 

Upon selecting the cars section, I was introduced to the class of cars available at Times Car Rental such as compact cars, sedans, minivans, vans, SUVs, and sports cars.

I must admit I was disappointed when I browsed through the Times Car Rental website and only came across only a few numbers of cars under the classes of vehicle. The sports and sedan vehicle class had the least number of vehicles which was just 2 or 3. 

Nevertheless, the rates for cars at Times Car Rental were affordable compared to most car rental agencies in Japan. They even had reasonable per-day rates for sedans and SUVs which was a little more than 8000 yen. 

I highly recommend paying heed to their Special Deals section on the Times Car Rental website where you can discover impressive promotions. 

A remarkable and unique feature of the Times Car Rental website is it enlightens customers with its sorts of insurance packages that highlight the compensation paid for distinct damages in a turn of events.

Therefore, customers can pick the most suitable insurance packages according to their requirements. 

To find out more about check out the Times Car Rental website

Ekiren Rent A Car

Ekiren Rent A Car is an unfamed car rental agency that I came across in Japan. There was only one store of Ekiren Rent A Car I could find in Sendai that was located close to the Sendai station.

I was quite skeptical about renting a vehicle from this rental agency as Ekiren Rent A Car is a place unheard of even by the locals.`

rent a car in japan for a month
Source: Instagram

Despite its unpopularity, I still decided to give it a chance and visited the Ekiren Rent-A-Car website.

The website didn’t look bonafide like other car rental websites as it was only partially translated into English, but it had the basic information a customer should be aware of when renting a car.

There’s a user guide, rental reservation plan as well as the classes of vehicles and their rates listed on the website. 

There are 4 classes of vehicles provided at Ekiren Rent A Car such as basic, hybrid, high-grade, and minivans. The basic category of cars includes compact cars while the high-grade car category consists of premium vehicles.

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However, the number of cars available at Ekiren Rent-A-Car is sparse compared to the rest of the rental agencies in Sendai.

Despite the meager amount of cars at Ekiren Rent A Car, the per-day rate for a basic car is 6700 yen which is the lowest rate out of all the car rental agencies I’ve encountered in Sendai, Japan.

There was not much information regarding insurance policies as well as the pick-up and drop-off locations for rental vehicles. 

Thus I had to hit the Ekiren Rent-A-Car store to discuss the terms and conditions with the staff who seemed friendly but lacked customer service experience.

Apart from all the faults, I’d say Ekiren Rent-A-Car is the most budget-friendly rental in Sendai, Japan. 

To know more about this rental, check out Ekiren Rent A Car website.

Nissan Car Rental

Nissan Car Rental is another popular car rental agency in Japan that’s new to the industry. This car rental agency is located not too far away from the Sendai Airport hence pick up and drop off aren’t intricate.

Having the name Nissan Car Rental in my mind, I checked their website and wasn’t surprised to find out that they only offered vehicles from the Nissan brand. 

sendai car rental
Source: Instagram

Of course, the Nissan Car Rental website classified the vehicles according to their capacity. This rental agency had a plethora of automobiles to offer starting from compact cars, passenger cars, minivans, SUVs, luxury cars, vans, buses, trucks, and even welfare vehicles. 

The website was undoubtedly user-friendly as you could choose your desired class of vehicle and even check the prices.

There’s even a user guide as well as a store section that allows you to select a store nearest to your location. However, the per-day rates for cars at Nissan Car Rental are pricey and the lowest rate begins from 8000 yen upwards. 

You can browse the compensation and rental agreement section to know more about their insurance plans and how the entire procedure is carried out.

For online reservations, you’re only required to select the date and time of the departure and return, choose a store, and your preferred vehicle type. 

The customer service at Nissan Car Rental is top notch and I can guarantee that the staff provides great customer satisfaction.
Find out more about Nissan Car Rental on their website.

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