Which Are Good Rent A Car Sites In Japan?

Which Are Good Sites To Rent A Car In Japan

Wondering which are Good Rent A Car Sites In Japan?? In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best sites to rent a car in Japan and help you make an informed decision.

If you are in Japan for a certain number of months on work or are just in Japan for a couple of weeks on holiday, then I’m you might need a car to drive around!

Although Japanese public transport is amazing, there’s nothing like being able to drive around on your own and get to your desired destination quicker.

It is also one of the best and most suitable options to consider if you wish to visit the Japanese countryside.

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Also, if you’re in Japan on holiday in a group, you will require to cart your baggage around as well, which in public transport might be quite inconvenient. Besides, when in a group, splitting car rental costs could work out cheaper too!

So, what’s awesome is that you can simply book a rented car even before you arrive in Japan and pick it up from the dealership on your arrival, so you can drive in and around the city during your stay.

Which Are Good Rent A Car Sites In Japan?

Jomon Car Rental

Location: Sammu, Chiba

Contact Details: +81 90-4133-3825

Official Website:

Jomon Car Rental is a great site to rent your car from if you are someone who loves nature and believes in environmental sustainability.

Renting a car from this place will mean you are contributing to reducing the carbon footprint on Earth because Jomon Car Rental only rents second-hand cars and never new ones.

Which Are Good Sites To Rent A Car In Japan

When you book a car on their site, you will have to pay a booking deposit of 50% of the total rental fee amount to complete your booking process and reserve your car for when you arrive.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Campervans, MPVs, coupes, estates, sports cars, and convertibles.

Times Car Rental

Location: Ota City, Tokyo

Contact Details: +81 3-3745-2822

Official Website:

If you wish to book a car at Times Car Rental, you can simply do so on their website, as it is user-friendly and they have a specific guide for first-time customers.

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They will offer you tips and services on how to use a rented car and drive around in Japan along with information on what to do in the case of an accident, etc.

They also have a multilingual customer service desk that you can contact for an inquiry before making a reservation of your vehicle.

Types of vehicles available for rentals:  Compact vehicles, sedans, sports cars, vans, minivans, station wagons, and SUVs.

Samurai Rental Car

Location: Narita, Chiba

Contact Details: +81 476-33-1955

Official Website:

At Samurai Rental Car they offer both pick-up and drop-off services along with absolutely no travel distance restrictions! They also have a free wheelchair facility and child car seat facility for those who require it.

Cars from this rental all come with a GPS system for easy navigation with menus in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

which are good sites to rent a car in japan for foreigners

Another benefit of booking a car with Samurai Car Rental is that you do not need to refill your car with fuel on the return of the vehicle.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Compact cars, sedans, vans, minivans, SUVs.

ORIX Rent-A-Car

Location: Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo

Contact Details: +81 3-3345-0543

Official Website:

Booking a car on ORIX Rent-A-Car can be beneficial to you in many ways! Apart from having many vehicle types for you to choose from, they also have various services including a one-way rental service wherein you can drop your car off at a site other than the registered pick-up location.

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All their vehicles are also equipped with GPS for easy navigation along with additional services like child seats, ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) card, etc, on request, for an extra cost.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Compact cars, standard cars, RVs, minivans, and wagons.


Location: Shibuya City, Tokyo

Contact Details: + 81 3-6418-5512

Official Website:

Nippon Rent-A-Car is known to be one of Japan’s most popular car rental companies. Although they aren’t affiliated with any specific automaker, they still provide a wide range of vehicle types to choose from.

They are located in around 580 locations all around Japan, making it super easy for pick up and drop off their rented vehicles.

All their cars are well-equipped with a multilingual GPS system. They also have vehicles that are wheelchair accessible on request.

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Also, if you wish to drive around with your pet, you will have to make a prior reservation for the same.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Standard, luxury, station wagons, SUVs, minivans, vans and trucks.

Omoshiro Rentacar

Location: Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Contact Details: +81 70-8388-115

Official Website:

Omoshiro Rentacar is one of Japan’s most well-known car rentals. They let you search for your rental car on their website by a specific area, desired car brand and type of car as well, as their website is very user-friendly.

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Their website will guide you on how to rent the car, what the booking pattern is, things you will require, parking, traffic rules, refueling, departure and return requirements, rental fees, FAQs and much more.

Their car rental fees will vary, as it is based on what kind of rental you opt for and the duration of the rental period.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Sports cars, over 4-person vehicles, convertibles.

Freedom Car Rental

Location: Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano

Official Website:

Freedom Car Rental is yet another well-known Japanese car rental company that has all their cars fully insured and also registered solely for the car rental purpose. 

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They have their vehicles fixed with dash cameras and drive recorders as well for communication purposes in case of an accident.

At Freedom Car Rental all the cars have to be booked well in advance on their website. But, it is important to note that all their car rentals will start and end at their rental sites.

Budget Rent-A-Car

Location: Ota City, Tokyo

Contact Details: +81 3-5755-0970

Official Website:

If you choose Budget Rent-A-Car, then you’re choosing a super-efficient international company that operates not just in Japan, but in over 120 countries all over the world!

They have many services to offer including giving the customer a 25% discount from the rental fee, any time of the year and even have reliable insurance policies as well.

Their car rental shops can also be found based on the destination you wish to travel to, to make your pick-up easier. Their website also allows you to select a location by a prefecture or an airport as well.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Kei-cars, standard cars, station wagons, green cars, specialty cars, minibus, vans, trucks.

Tokyo Supercars

Location: Tomigaya, Shibuya City, Tokyo

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Contact Details: + 81 3-6804-7470

Official Website:

Tokyo Supercars is solely a supercar rental company. So, if you wish to rent a supercar during your visit to Japan, then Tokyo Supercars is one of the best rentals in Japan.

At Tokyo Supercars, a system of car-sharing is formed between the owner of the vehicle and the client and thus a rental booking process could take between 2 to around 10 days to complete, thus for the sake of convenience, the booking for the rental should be done prior to your arrival in Japan.

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Choosing a car from this company can give you two experiences, from driving the car yourself to sitting as a passenger in the rented car.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Sports cars/supercars

Toyota Rent a Car

Location: Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo

Contact Details: +81 3-5728-6100

Official Website:

To book a rental car on the Toyota Rent a Car website, the process is super simple and convenient, as their website is absolutely user-friendly.

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They will guide you through all the details from how to rent the car, flow of usage, usage charges, reservation method, departure and return procedures, fueling, system of insurance and compensation, accidents and emergency events, parking guidelines and much more.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Passenger cars, specialty cars, minivans, wagons, SUVs, premium cars, vans, trucks, buses, welcabs (suitable for wheelchair passengers).

Peak Niseko Car Rentals

Location: Abuta District, Hokkaido

Contact Details: +81 80-5588-7779

Official Website:

Peak Niseko Car Rental is a locally owned Japanese car rental company that are well-known for providing quality car rentals to their clients.

Their cars are equipped with a GPS system for easy navigation and also provide 24X7 roadside assistance in need of any emergency.

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You can simply visit their website and get a quote for your rental and once you are convinced, then go ahead and book your rental car.

The website is user-friendly and simple to work with. You can enter pickup, drop off, location and other details to get a quote and then book your car.

Types of vehicles available for rentals: Vans, sedans, station wagons, minivans, SUVs, and compact cars.

The final takeaway

The above car rental websites are some of the top best car rental sites in Japan, wherein you can book a rental car beforehand, so you can pick it up and self-drive it on arrival.

Renting a car is always a great option, but make sure to have the necessary car rental requirements like a valid Japanese license or International Driving Permit (IDP) (which has to be got beforehand as it isn’t issued in Japan), along with age ID proof (at least 18 years and above) and of course, the basic knowledge of the international road rules and road signs.

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