Most Popular Cherry Blossom Spot With Meguro River Hanami Cruise

Meguro River Hanami Cruise

Experience Tokyo’s cherry blossoms in style! Escape the crowds on the Meguro River, arguably the city’s most popular hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spot with the Meguro River Hanami Cruise.

Our exclusive cruise offers a relaxing journey beneath a canopy of blooms, showcasing the magic of spring from a unique perspective.

Meguro River Cherry Blossom Cruise in Tokyo

With the cherry blossom season approaching, Tokyo prepares to embrace the pink spectacle. One of the absolutely delightful experiences 

I recommend cherishing these blossoms from the water, cruising down the Meguro River. Known for its beauty, the Meguro River offers an exquisite view of overhanging cherry blossoms, which create a mesmerizing tunnel of flowers.

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Tokyo Waterways has enhanced the Hanami experience with their Meguro River Cruises that operate from March 18 to April 9, encompassing the entire cherry blossom period. 

Meguro River Hanami Cruise

These cruises offer an intimate view of the blossoms paired with insightful commentary about the history and cultural significance of the area, all while avoiding the usual crowds.

Details of the Cruise:

  • Dates: March 18 – April 9
  • Route: 5 km along the Meguro River, from Tennozu Pier to Meguro Gajoen
  • Duration: Approximately 70 minutes
  • Seating: Open boats, limited seats for unobstructed views
  • Guide: Professional onboard for educational commentary
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Added Features:

  • Food and beverage permission: Bring your own, without inconvenience to others
  • Two styles of boats: Both assure a roofless design for 360-degree scenic enjoyment
  • New inclusions: Increased number of boats and booking opportunities
  • Pricing: 4,500 yen for adults, 3,500 yen for children

Meguro River Hanami Cruise: A Unique Escape

Imagine gliding serenely beneath a breathtaking canopy of delicate pink blossoms. 

The Meguro River Hanami Cruise offers a luxurious escape from the crowded riverbanks, transforming your cherry blossom viewing experience into an unforgettable moment.

Our meticulously planned cruise departs from Tennozu Pier and gracefully navigates for approximately 70 minutes, allowing you to witness the full glory of the Meguro River adorned in its springtime splendor. 

The route winds through charming neighborhoods like Osaki and Gotanda, culminating in a stunning turnaround point in front of the majestic Hotel Gajoen Tokyo.

Unlike the jostling crowds on land, the spacious comfort of the cruise allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the blossoms. 

Breathe in the fresh air and capture stunning panoramic views from a unique perspective. Forget the hassle of finding a spot or battling for a photo opportunity; the cruise provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can create lasting memories with loved ones.

Booking a spot in advance is crucial, especially for days when blossoms are at their peak. Reservations can be made through Tokyo Waterways’ official website

And after disembarking, a visit to the Tokyo Reserve Roastery offers a perfect cherry on top with an array of Sakura-themed items, further enhancing the seasonal joy.

With more vessels this year, the anticipation for a delightful Hanami experience is higher than ever. 

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If cherry blossoms symbolize the ephemeral nature of beauty, a cruise along Meguro River is about capturing that fleeting moment from the best seat in the city.

Meguro River Hanami Cruise: FAQs

What Is The Meguro River Hanami Cruise Pricing During Cherry Blossom Viewing?

  • Adult Ticket: Approximately 4,500 yen
  • Child Ticket: Around 3,500 yen
  • Note: Early booking is advisable due to high demand

Is The Meguro River Hanami Cruise Good?

  • Most reviews highlight the unique perspective of the blossoms from the water.
  • Several visitors appreciate the avoidance of crowded streets.
  • Comments often mention the peaceful and picturesque experience.

What To Do During the Cherry Blossom Festival?

  • Illumination events offer a nighttime spectacle.
  • Cultural performances and music often accompany the festivities.
  • Food stalls and temporary markets pop up, providing local snacks and souvenirs.

Cherry Blossom Illuminations Along Meguro River

  • The lights create a magical atmosphere at night.
  • Reflective blossoms on the water’s surface enhance the visual experience.
  • The illuminations allow extended viewing pleasure beyond daylight hours.

Is The Blossom Experiences at Ueno Park Vs Shinjuku Gyoen Better?

  • Ueno Park: Often more crowded, featuring grand festive attractions.
  • Shinjuku Gyoen: Known for a more serene, spacious viewing environment.
  • Different selections of cherry tree varieties are to be seen in each location.

Are There Premier Cherry Blossom Spots Beyond Meguro River?

  • Kyoto: Maruyama Park and the Philosopher’s Path.
  • Hiroshima: Miyajima Island, known for its floating torii gate amidst sakura.
  • Osaka: Kema Sakuranomiya Park, featuring riverside blossom views.

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