Cherry Blossom Taxi Tours In Tokyo: Your Guide To Viewing Spring’s Best Blooms In Tokyo

Cherry Blossom Taxi Tours In Tokyo

Check out these amazing cherry blossom taxi tours in Tokyo!

Spring beckons with a breathtaking display of pink! Cherry Blossom Taxi Tours whisks you away on a floral adventure, showcasing the most dazzling blooms in town. 

Our chauffeured journeys provide the perfect blend of comfort and convenience, ensuring you witness spring’s magic at its finest.

Cherry Blossom Taxi Tours In Tokyo

Cherry Blossom Taxi Tours For Best Cherry Blossom Viewing In Tokyo

Experiencing the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms, also known as sakura, is an enthralling aspect of spring in Japan. 

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I’ve discovered that maximizing the brief cherry blossom season requires an efficient and enjoyable plan. 

Sanwa Koutsu, a taxi company, provides a solution with their curated Ohanami Taxi tours—private, scenic drives that allow you to explore a variety of sakura-viewing spots across Tokyo and its neighboring areas.

Cherry Blossom Taxi Tour Duration and Destinations

  • Tokyo Tour (90 minutes): Includes Keyakizaka, Chidorigafuchi, Spain-zaka, Sotobori, and Yasukuni Shrine.
  • Fuchu Tour (120 minutes): Features Fuchu Sakuradori, Tama Cemetery, Ozawa Grand-dori, a local stadium, and Togoji Temple with its stunning weeping cherry tree.
  • Hachioji Tour (150 minutes): Covers Katakura Joseki Park, Korakuji Temple, Tokyo Cemetery, Ryonan Park, Asakawa River, Hachioji City Hall, and Fujimori Park.
  • Kodaira Tour (120 minutes): Includes Lake Tama Cycling Road, police academy surroundings, Itsukaichi-gaido, Kodaira Chuo Park, Koganeizakura (ancient cherry blossom tree), and Koganei Park.
  • Yokohama Tour (120 minutes): Starts in Minato Mirai, visits Kamonyama Park, Ookagawa River, Motomachi, Honmoku-dori, and Sankeien garden.
  • Saitama Tour (120 minutes): Takes you through Fukuoka Chuo Park, Inasuma wetlands, Hikawa Shrine, Kitain Temple, and Shingashigawa River.

Cherry Blossom Taxi Tour Costs and Customization

Costs vary depending on the specific journey, beginning at 11,000 yen for the Tokyo exploration and going up to 19,000 yen for the extensive Hachioji journey. 

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These tours offer luxury at an accessible price, especially when sharing the expense with friends. The rates are charged per vehicle, allowing for flexible budgeting depending on the group size. 

Moreover, these tours are fully customizable; modifications to the itinerary can be accommodated upon request, ensuring a tailored sakura sightseeing experience.

Cherry Blossom Taxi Tour Booking Information

The tours are available now, and I recommend making reservations directly through the Sanwa Koutsu website.

 It would be wise to align the tour date with the cherry blossom forecast to ensure optimal viewing conditions.

By choosing one of these tours, you’re assured a serene and comprehensive cherry blossom experience, encompassing the best local neighborhoods adorned with the seasonal spectacle that Tokyo and its neighboring prefectures have to offer. 

Through these Ohanami Taxi excursions, an array of pink hues and floral enchantments are brought within your reach, all from the comfort of a private taxi ride.

Cherry Blossom Taxi Tours In Tokyo: FAQs

Which Is The Top Spring Cherry Blossom Excursion?

When seeking the finest cherry blossom experiences, consider water taxi services that tour the blooms along the waterways. Land-based alternatives may include guided bike tours or walks through areas where the cherry blossoms are prominently featured.

How to Reserve a Cherry Blossom Dinner Cruise?

To reserve a spot on a dinner cruise themed around the cherry blossoms, you can visit websites for cruise companies offering special springtime events, such as the City Cruises platform. Booking in advance is advisable, as these cruises are popular and can fill up quickly.

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Which is the best Cherry Blossom Viewing by Boat?

Many boat tours provide spectacular views of cherry blossoms. You can find boat tours departing from various points, such as Georgetown’s waterfront. For schedules and booking, visit the companies’ official sites or check recommended tours listed by the Cherry Blossom Festival.

When and How To Attend the National Cherry Blossom Parade?

The National Cherry Blossom Parade typically occurs in April, during the peak of the blooming season. Attendance details and schedules are released closer to the date of the event. Keep an eye on the official National Cherry Blossom Festival website for updated information and ticketing for special seating.

Is There Entertainment During Cherry Blossom Season?

The cherry blossom season is replete with entertainment options, ranging from cultural performances to street festivals. Highlights include live music, traditional Japanese performances, and fireworks. Check local event listings for details on what’s available.

Is There Cherry Blossom Bloom This Weekend?

To determine whether cherry blossoms are in bloom this weekend, consult the latest bloom forecasts, which are typically provided by local horticultural authorities or the National Park Service. Conditions can vary from year to year, so it’s best to look at the current year’s bloom predictions.

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