Cherry Blossom Tokyo Water Bus Tour: Explore the Cherry Blossoms In Tokyo From its Historic Waterways

Cherry Blossom Tokyo Water Bus Tour

Embark on a unique Tokyo adventure! Our Cherry Blossom Tokyo Water Bus Tour whisks you away on a scenic journey. See the city adorned in pink, cruise along the blossom-lined Sumida River, and capture unforgettable views from both land and water.

Unique Sakura Viewing Experience With Tokyo Water Bus Tour

In Tokyo, there is an unconventional yet captivating way to appreciate the cherry blossoms. The Sky Duck transforms what initially appears to be an ordinary city bus tour into a beautiful adventure. 

What sets the Sky Duck apart is its amphibious quality, skillfully transitioning from pavement to river without a hitch, offering an exceptional perspective of Tokyo’s cherry blossoms.

The Sky Duck’s route is adapted in the springtime to include some of the city’s most picturesque cherry blossom locations. 

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Departing near the Tokyo Skytree, the 90-minute excursion weaves through the Sumidagawa River area, ensuring a sublime combination of sakura views against the backdrop of the Skytree itself. 

Passengers sit higher than in a standard bus because of the Sky Duck’s nautical design, which places you at the height of cherry blossoms—a picturesque sight indeed.

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As the journey continues, the magic unfolds when the bus navigates toward the Arakawa River and seamlessly transitions from the road into the water. This moment typically brings a splash and a thrill, revealing scenes accessible solely by water. 

Along the river, rather than passing typical tourist spots, the Sky Duck courses through residential areas. While onboard, you’re likely to see locals enjoying the bloom, adding a personal, comforting touch to the tour.

Following the river segment, a short break is taken for vehicle maintenance, during which passengers can explore nearby parks on foot. 

The final phase of the tour brings another dose of cherry blossom beauty before concluding back at the Tokyo Skytree, where one can continue exploring or easily catch a train to the next destination.

Booking Information On Tokyo Water Bus Tour For Cherry Blossom Viewing

Booking for the Sky Duck’s cherry blossom tour is available online, with adult tickets starting at 2,900 yen ($21.50) and children’s tickets for 1,400 yen. This specialty tour runs from March 25 to April 5, aligning with the picturesque sakura season.

Cherry Blossom Tokyo Water Bus Tour: FAQs

What Are The Ticket Costs for the Tokyo Water Bus Tours?

The cost of tickets for the water bus tours in Tokyo can vary depending on the route and services selected. Generally, fares range from a few hundred yen for short trips to several thousand yen for longer excursions with additional amenities.

How To Get Tickets For The Tokyo Water Bus Cherry Blossom Viewing? 

Tickets for the water bus can be bought on the day at the ticket booths located near the piers, online through the service provider’s website, or at convenience stores throughout the city with electronic kiosks for ticket purchases.

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What’s The Schedule for the Tokyo Water Bus?

The water buses in Tokyo have a regular schedule which varies depending on the route. They typically operate from the morning until evening, with departures every 20 to 30 minutes. Exact times should be confirmed on the service provider’s official schedule.

What Is The Duration of the Sumida River Cruise?

The Sumida River cruise typically lasts about 40 minutes, providing a relaxing voyage from Asakusa to Odaiba or vice versa. Duration might vary slightly depending on weather conditions and the specific tour chosen.

Does Tokyo Have Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Option?

Yes, Tokyo offers hop-on-hop-off bus services which allow for flexible sightseeing with routes covering major tourist attractions. These buses operate with English commentary and provide a good way to explore the city at your own pace.

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