Cup Noodles Breakfast Twist: Adding Pancakes, Sausage, and Eggs to Instant Ramen

cup noodles breakfast

Nissin’s Cup Noodles breakfast gives you maple syrup, pancake, sausage, and egg in instant ramen! We tried it – here’s the taste test!

Instant ramen has always been my go-to for a quick, tasty meal. Recently, I discovered that Nissin U.S. has taken this convenient dish a step further by introducing a breakfast-themed Cup Noodles. 

Priced at $1.18, it’s an economical choice for starting your day, and it’s interestingly stocked only at Walmart locations.

Here are some highlights of what makes this product unique:

  • Flavors: This new variety captures the essence of traditional American breakfast with flavors reminiscent of sweet maple syrup, savory sausage, fluffy pancakes, and eggs.
  • Texture: Unlike typical instant ramen which usually has a thin broth, this breakfast version is described as ‘ramen noodles in sauce’, hinting at a richer, maybe even thicker consistency.
  • Cooking Time: Although it takes roughly four minutes to prepare—a minute longer than ordinary instant ramen—it’s still a time-saver compared to cooking each breakfast component separately.
  • Marketing: With a vibrant tagline “Cock-a-noodle-do!”, Nissin USA aims to bring excitement to our mornings with their novel offering.
Cup Noodles Breakfast
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The table below provides a quick comparison between traditional instant ramen and the new breakfast version:

FeatureTraditional Instant RamenBreakfast Cup Noodles
FlavorsVarious traditionalAmerican breakfast
Cooking Time3 minutes4 minutes
Special TaglineNone“Cock-a-noodle-do!”

Cup Noodles Breakfast Taste Test

These Breakfast Cup Noodles join a creative line-up of products that Nissin has been known for, suggesting that the company understands the morning hustle and offers a new twist on the instant noodles concept. 

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While the U.S. enjoys this unique product, I can’t help but wonder if future flavors from abroad will eventually make their way to American stores.

The Cup Noodles Breakfast has been a bit of a curiosity since its release. Here’s a breakdown of what you might expect:


  • It’s a sweet and savory mix, with a maple syrup flavor that’s prominent.
  • Some reviewers say it reminds them of a McGriddle or maple-bacon anything.
  • The savory elements come from the broth and bits of sausage and egg, but they aren’t super strong.

Overall Impression:

  • It’s definitely a novelty item.
  • Reviews are mixed, with some people finding it surprisingly enjoyable and others finding it strange.
  • Don’t expect a gourmet breakfast or the distinct flavors you’d get from real pancakes, sausage, and eggs.

Traditional Western Breakfast Ingredients with Instant Ramen

I find that introducing the familiar flavors of pancakes, sausage, and eggs into cup noodles can be quite simple. It starts with selecting the right type of cup noodles, preferably one with a milder base flavor. 

Then, I fry up sausage and eggs and chop them into bite-sized pieces. I prepare the noodles as instructed, and once they’re cooked, I fold in the sausage and eggs along with a drizzle of maple syrup for that sweet and savory combination reminiscent of a classic American breakfast.

Where to Purchase Cup Noodles Breakfast?

These specialty breakfast cup noodles are available at certain locations. 

For instance, they have been spotted at select Walmart stores for purchase. When looking for these unique flavors, checking online retailers can be helpful, although prices may vary and be higher than in physical stores.

Origin of Breakfast Ramen and Its Traditional Components

The idea of breakfast ramen seems to be a more recent innovation, likely driven by the constant evolution of food trends and the fusion of different cuisines. 

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Instead of traditional elements like fish cakes or seaweed, it typically includes ingredients that are common in Western breakfasts such as sausage, egg, and sometimes even pancake flavors. It’s a playful and innovative approach to merging two distinct meal cultures.

What do you think?

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