Black-Bun Squid Devil Burger: A Bold Culinary Adventure

Dom Dom Burger Black-Bun Squid Devil Burger

We tried the Dom Dom Burger’s Black-Bun Squid Devil Burger and here’s what we think!

Dom Dom Burger, recognized as a pioneer in Japan’s hamburger industry, constantly reinvents its menu with visually striking and ingredient-rich offerings. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying their Konya wa Maitake Burger, packed with an abundance of maitake mushrooms. 

This time, they’ve taken a dramatic turn with their latest creation, capturing the essence of tokusatsu villainy in a culinary form.

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Meet the Squid Devil Burger—affectionately known as the Ika Devil Burger. This formidable sandwich hosts an ample serving of deep-fried squid, including both tentacles and rings, nestled within eye-catching black buns. 

The heap of crispy shredded cabbage adds a textural contrast, while a special soy sauce mayo provides a luscious layer of flavor. 

Beware of the accompanying Super Spicy Squid Devil Sauce; its intense heat is not for the faint-hearted and is best enjoyed incrementally.

Unique to this offering is Dom Dom’s collaboration with the infamous group Shocker from the Kamen Rider series.

Showcasing Shocker’s logo, and even featuring a themed plushie and mascot set transforming Dom Dom’s own mascot, Domzo-kun, into one of Shocker’s henchmen, this promotion delves deep into tokusatsu culture.

I appreciate the innovative use of bamboo charcoal to achieve the distinct color of the black burger buns—a clever touch that imparts a unique visual without affecting the taste experience.

Key Details:

  • Launch Date: January 19
  • Price: Squid Devil Burger – 790 yen; Plushie – 1,790 yen; Mascot – 990 yen
  • Ingredients Highlight:
    • Deep-fried squid (tentacles and rings)
    • Crisp shredded cabbage
    • Soy sauce mayo
    • Bamboo charcoal-colored buns
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Special Sauce: Super Spicy Squid Devil Sauce (served separately)

Merchandise: Available at Dom Dom’s online shop

Dining Tip: If looking for the nearest place to tackle this daring dish, consult the Dom Dom Burger location list for your convenience. 

Take note for those preferring a more upscale ambiance, certain locations provide a gourmet experience that pairs well with this deluxe burger’s flair.

When dining with friends or family, the Squid Devil Burger doesn’t only promise an impactful visual but also an opportunity to impress with your spice tolerance. 

Whether you’re a fast food aficionado or a tokusatsu fan, this burger is bound to invoke intrigue and satisfy your craving for both flavor and excitement.

What Components Make Up the Black Burger Offered by Burger King in Japan?

The Japanese Burger King’s black burger, famously known as the Kuro Burger, has a unique combination of ingredients including a black bun colored with bamboo charcoal, beef patties, and sauces that may include ingredients like squid ink for a distinctive taste profile.

Is Consuming the Squid Ink in Burger King’s Black Burger Harmless?

Absolutely, the squid ink used in the Kuro Burger is completely edible and safe for consumption. It’s often used in various cuisines around the world for flavor and coloring.

Flavor Comparison: Burger King’s Black Burger vs. Standard Burgers

The black burger has a distinct savory taste which some may find more umami-rich due to the addition of ingredients like squid ink. It may offer a different flavor experience compared to traditional burgers that rely on classic condiments and toppings.

Nutritional Information for Burger King’s Black Ink Burger

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Details on the nutritional value of the Kuro Burger may vary, and for specifics, it’s best to consult Burger King’s nutritional information guides. Generally, adding squid ink doesn’t significantly alter the nutritional content when compared to a standard burger.

Availability of Burger King’s Black Bun Burger in Japan

These themed black bun burgers are typically available in Japan at select Burger King locations. They might not be permanent menu items and could be offered as limited-time specials, so checking with local Burger King restaurants in Japan is recommended.

Global Release of Burger King’s Black Bun Burger

To my knowledge, Burger King has tried the black bun burger concept primarily in Japan. While they might experiment with similar products in different markets, widespread availability outside of Japan hasn’t been a consistent trend.

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