Kyotos One-Day Bus Passes Cancelled: Measures Against Tourist Overcrowding

kyoto one day bus pass cancelled

Kyotos One-Day Bus Passes Canceled – Why and what are your options instead?

I’ve gathered that Kyoto’s cityscape is an intricate tapestry woven with historical and cultural landmarks. 

Accessing these sites has long been facilitated by the One-Day Bus Ticket, a cost-effective method for tourists to explore multiple locations within a day. 

Kyotos One-Day Bus Passes Canceled To Reduce Tourist Overcrowding

Priced at a mere 700 yen for adults, this unlimited travel option is typically a steal, considering the need for just four rides to break even compared to the regular 230 yen per ride fee.

Kyotos One-Day Bus Passes Canceled
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Cost Comparison:

  • One-Day Bus Ticket: 700 yen
  • Standard Fare (per ride): 230 yen
  • Break-Even Point: 4 rides

The bus routes strategically connect almost all major attractions. For tourists, the convenience factor is compounded as there’s no hassle of exchanging currency for each trip, instilling a sense of simplicity and ease during their travel experience.

However, locals have seen the flip side of this travel coin. The immense popularity of the bus ticket among tourists has led to overcrowding, turning daily commutes into a game of patience and timing. 

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A striking example is the queue for the bus serving Kiyomizu Temple and Yasaka Shrine, which can force locals to wait for multiple buses to pass before boarding.

In response to the growing pressures of overtourism and its impact on residents’ quality of life, the Kyoto city government has decided to discontinue the One-Day Bus Ticket

After a notable drop in usage during 2021, an uptick is anticipated due to the easing of Japan’s travel restrictions post-pandemic. 

As a transitional measure, these tickets will be phased out, with sales ceasing at September’s end and acceptance terminating in March 2024.

  • Key Dates:
    • Sales End: September 2024
    • Acceptance Ends: March 2024

Looking ahead, the city hopes to redirect tourist traffic primarily to its subway lines, which, though efficient and pristine, may not serve as the most convenient option for some landmarks. 

Shrines and temples adjoin the city outskirts, where bus stops are notably closer than subway stations.

Despite the future absence of the One-Day Bus Ticket, Kyoto’s transportation network remains robust with options like the comprehensive one-day bus and subway pass, priced at 1,100 yen. 

It’s plausible that tourists might keep favoring buses for their accessibility, albeit at a slightly elevated expense.

  • Travel Options:
    • Subway: Punctual and clean
    • One-Day Bus and Subway Pass: 1,100 yen

Thus, as we move into this new phase of public transport in Kyoto, the equilibrium between local necessities and tourism demands is the guiding compass for future policies and solutions.

What are the alternatives for transportation in Kyoto with the one-day bus passes canceled?

With the one-day bus passes no longer available, there are several other options for getting around Kyoto:

  • Subway: The Kyoto subway system offers a reliable alternative with two main lines that cover key areas of the city.
  • Bicycles: Renting a bike is a popular and eco-friendly way to explore Kyoto, offering flexibility and exercise.
  • Taxis: Convenient but costlier, taxis are readily available throughout Kyoto for direct transportation needs.
  • Other Passes: Look into multi-day transport passes or combined subway and bus passes that might still be available.

How does the cancellation of one-day bus passes affect travel to attractions such as Arashiyama?

Without the one-day bus pass:

  • Time Management: Travelers may need to manage their time more efficiently to see multiple attractions like Arashiyama.
  • Other Modes: Consider using the JR train line that connects Kyoto Station to Arashiyama or joining a tour to ensure transit options.
  • Budgeting: Allocate more of the travel budget to transportation costs if using individual tickets or other non-unlimited options.

Where can tourists purchase transportation passes in Kyoto?

Tourists can obtain various transportation passes at:

  • Transportation Hubs: Stations like Kyoto Station have offices where multi-day passes and other travel cards are sold.
  • Convenience Stores: Some convenience stores sell transportation tickets and passes.
  • Online Platforms: Prior to visiting, look into purchasing passes through official online channels or travel services.

Can visitors still use other forms of the Kyoto bus pass, like the two-day pass, after the one-day cancellation?

Yes, visitors can still use other types of Kyoto bus passes:

  • Multi-Day Passes: The two-day pass and other extended passes may remain an option for tourists seeking an all-inclusive transit solution.
  • Special Tickets: Some tickets target specific routes or attractions and may continue to be a viable choice for travelers.
  • Combination Tickets: Passes that combine bus and rail travel are often available and might better suit your transit needs in Kyoto.

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