Calling Emergency Services in Japan| Guide 101

Calling Emergency Services in Japan

Are you looking for calling emergency services in Japan? Here’s a list you can refer to!

An emergency is inevitable. Anyone can face issues at any given point in time be it medical, fire, rescue or anything else. When you’re moving to a new place, it is very important to keep emergency helplines handy for your own good.

What are the numbers of calling emergency services in Japan?

You can use these numbers for calling emergency services in Japan:

  • Medical Emergency (Ambulance): Dial 119
  • Fire/Rescue: Dial 119
  • Police: Dial 110

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When I moved to Japan, I never thought about it and somehow nothing happened for a long time until my neighbour’s house caught fire.

 It was an emergency situation where the Japanese fire trucks and the ambulance came for the rescue. Thank god for these calling emergency services in Japan that saved my life from so many things!

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There was smoke everywhere and the situation almost seemed out of control because of the delay in calling the emergency helplines. However, the firefighters controlled and handled the situation quite well and it was all well and good after 3-4 hours.

That’s when I decided to figure out and note down all the emergency numbers in Japan that might be of help! Calling emergency services in Japan is always helpful no matter what.

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So if you require any emergency assistance in Tokyo or infact, anywhere in Japan, you’ll have to make a list of numbers you can reach out to in specific situations. Read on the information below with numbers that will help you out.

Without further ado, let’s move to the numbers for calling emergency services in Japan!

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Calling Emergency Services in Japan

Japan Poison Information Center

Japan helpline numbers are of all types and this one is actually really an important one. You might not agree to this when I say it’s important but trust me, it is actually. 

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Why? Because if you have kids in your house it’s not hard for them to go all mischievous and if at all by mistake, they’ve ingested poisonous substances this helpline is very helpful. 

Not only children but there are a few individuals who are sometimes suicidal and might often take this route of consuming poison. This helpline number will help you reach out to the most accurate people for your query or cause.

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If there’s any kind of poison ingestion, please call the Japan Poison Information Centre for help and assistance for calling emergency services in Japan:

Tsukuba: 029-852-9999 (daily, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.)

Osaka: 072-727-2499 (daily, 24 hours)

Please note, these lines are Japanese language only and you might need assistance for your conversation with them. 

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Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies are the most common type of emergency in Japan because of numerous reasons like health issues, injuries etc. It is quite convenient to just dial the ambulance number as it is always on time and available for all your emergency services.

I last called the ambulance in Japan when my grandfather fell extremely sick before he left the world. I remember this day quite vividly as my grandfather’s limbs were almost numb and he was gasping for breath.

I was panicking when I suddenly remembered I have a number of medical emergency in Japan. Soon, I dialed the number and the ambulance arrived within a few minutes. My granddad was taken to the hospital but unfortunately the doctors couldn’t save him. 

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So, let’s get to the calling emergency services in Japan for medical emergencies.

In case of medical emergencies, you can call the number 119 for an ambulance in Japan. If you’re not fluent in Japanese, there are also English-speaking operators on the helpline but it is not sure if they will be available on time or not. 

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If there’s no English operator available, it’s better you learn some Japanese words for calling emergency services in Japan that will help you.

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The operator will need to know your name, address and phone number. So this is how you can say it when calling emergency services in Japan:

…です。 (…desu, “My name is…”)

住所は…です。 (Juusho wa…desu, “My address is…”)

電話番号は…です。 (Denwa bangou wa…desu, “My phone number is…”)

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However to explain the situation, the operator might ask you: どうしましたか? (Dou shimashita ka?, “What happened?”)

Here is a little something you can use to explain your situation when you’re calling emergency services in Japan:

Japanese sentencePronunciationEnglish translation
けがですKega desuI’m injured
病気ですByouki desuI’m sick
交通事故ですKoutsuu jiko desuThere’s been a traffic accident.
胸が苦しいですMune ga kurushii desuI’m having difficulty breathing
意識不明ですIshiki fumei desu(Someone) is unconscious
高熱ですKounetsu desu(I have) a high fever
出血ですShukketsu desu(Someone) is bleeding

You will need to inform the operator if you’re calling for an ambulance or for fire rescue. You will also need to inform him or her about what happened and the nature of the injury or the illness. Also, tell your location so that they can reach out to you. 

Try informing your name, address and phone number. I’ve already translated it in the above for you to make it easy!

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So once the ambulance receives your call, the paramedics will decide which hospital you should be taken to. This is on the basis of your injury condition, location and sometimes availability. 

If you want to seek more information, you can check out the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website here!


Fire emergencies are very common especially if you’re living in the centre of the town on the main roads. The fire rescue team is quite active and responds pretty quickly in Tokyo or anywhere around for that matter.

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These emergency numbers also have English operators so if you’re not a Japanese speaker, it won’t be an issue.

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Ringing on 119 will connect you with the fire department and the ambulance is also dispatched from the local fire station. 

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So if there is a fire or you want to rescue someone, dial 119 just like you would in the case of a medical emergency. It’s one of the most important calling emergency services in Japan. 

The ringer for both medical and fire is the same. However, when you state your problem, the call is carried forward according to it. For more information on the fire department, you can check out the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website.

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Numbers of police stations are important to keep as emergencies can happen all the time. In case of theft, violence etc. you can use these numbers to call up the police and file a quick report against the perps.

If you need the police, dial 110, it is the Japan police number. You will need to inform the operator your name, what happened, where and when it happened for them to take further action. 

There are english operators but there is no guarantee if they’ll be available or not. This is one of the calling emergency services in Japan.

You can check out  the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

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Emergency Ring Up 

Calling emergency services in Japan is very common when faced with troubles so do not hesitate or think twice when you’re faced with worse conditions. 

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Keep this number of calling emergency services in Japan handy and just dial it up whenever you’re in trouble. Believe me, Japan’s services are top-notch and you’ll feel relieved at the end of your service. 

Hope my article- Calling Emergency Services in Japan helped you! Make your own small list and keep it handy!

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