9 Best Japanese Onsen Resorts To Visit In Autumn 2022

Top Onsen Resorts In Japan To Visit In Autumn

Looking for the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn? Here’s a curated list of Japanese onsen for you to relax in this autumn. Hotel Matsumotoro is the most popular Japanese onsen amongst tourists during autumn! Read on to find detailed reviews of the best onsen resorts in Japan to visit in autumn 2022! 

After a long summer where you’d only think about dipping yourself into a pool or a beach, it’s finally time for onsen because the weather has started to get better and cooler. Hakone onsen is a natural hot spring rich in beneficial minerals.

Last year, I was on a travel spree and I made a list of many of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in Autumn and actually stayed in some. Believe me, it was a therapeutic treat that my body, soul and spirit needed after a long summer.

Japanese onsen resorts to visit in Autumn: Quick Glance

Best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in AutumnKey FeaturesPrice Per Person
Hotel Matsumotoro, GunmaTourist spots like Lake Haruna, Tomioka Silk Mill, indoor and outdoor baths with foot onsen.¥10,000
Yubara Onsen Hakkei, OkayamaExperience rural life of Okayama, Onsen known to make skin smooth and soft¥18,000
Hotel Wakamizu, HyogoOpen air bath with flowers on Mondays and saturdays and breathtaking view ¥8,800
Hazu Gassyo, Aichiomotenashi hospitality and  only 5 rooms¥16,000
Lamp No Yado, IshikawaOnsen is in man-made cave and fresh seasonal food¥20,000
Hotel Iya Onsen, TokushimaBetween forest and mountains and tourist attractions like Sato scarecrow village¥9,975
Takamine Onsen, Nagamoopen-air “Bath Above the Clouds” onsen and star gazing every night¥7,000 
Noto No Sho, Ishikawashiroyone senmaida rice fields nearby and semi-outdoor baths¥9,000 
Dai-ichi Takimotokan, Hokkaido30 baths, 399 rooms and a bar near the onsen¥3,300

Which is the best Japanese onsen resort to visit in autumn?

I’ve visited many of the best Japanese onsen resorts but I found Hotel Matsumotoro is the best Japanese onsen resort to visit in autumn because of the onsen view, resort hospitality and location.

Hotel Matsumotoro is located in the Gunma prefecture with two serene open-air onsen baths, two indoor baths and a foot onsen. The resort’s onsen has a breathtaking view of autumn leaves falling. It is peaceful and perfect for family visits. Hotel Matsumotoro onsen resort has many tourist attractions around it like Tomioka Silk Mill, Lake Haruna etc. One can also enjoy a kaiseki full course meal for dinner.

If you’re here you should definitely visit the best autumn onsen in Tokyo and other districts. 

Soak in the onsen of these resorts and enjoy their luxury services. Enjoy the scenic view while you chill with your friends, family or even alone. It’s a one of a kind experience.

Without further ado, let’s check out the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn season.

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Top Japanese Onsen Resorts To Visit In Autumn

Ryokan Tokinoniwa

Ryokan Tokinoniwa is rated as one of the best onsen for couples in Japan. It’s a 4-star hot spring hotel in Gunma prefecture. This onsen is especially popular with couple tourists in Japan because you can plan a day trip wherein you can book a room with a private onsen for about 3 hours from 12:00 pm  to 3:00 pm.

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However, during your stay there you can also step into the public baths as well. 

But I’m sure that once you get here you’ll want to extend your stay cause this resort is just absolutely beautiful. The resort also has multiple outdoor private baths that you can check out. In this onsen resort, you’ll find both Japanese style ryokan rooms as well as western rooms, so you can choose whatever you’re comfortable with.

All rooms, however, come with a private open air onsen that couples can enjoy! 

Charges:  a day trip, it can cost you around 8,000JPY for a couple. If you want a room with a private onsen for couple, you can book one for 14,000JPY per night for 2. 

Address:Japan, 〒377-1711 Gunma, Agatsuma District, Kusatsu, 白根464−214 


Hotel Matsumotoro, Gunma


Hotel Matsumotoro is one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn that is situated two hours away from central Tokyo. It is located in one of the best onsen areas in Japan- Gunma Prefecture. It’s also considered one of the best hot springs near Tokyo.

This resort is family-friendly with open-air baths, two indoor baths and also a foot onsen. It is believed to have healed the samurais in the past with its healing waters. You can enjoy a luxurious stay with all the facilities inside the resort itself. 

It is also surrounded by tourist attractions like Tomioka Silk Mill and Lake Haruna that you can visit at your own convenience. I went to this resort last autumn and it was an experience in itself for everything that the resort offers.

It is a perfect place for a getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, quiet in nature and fun time with your loved ones. You can also enjoy kaiseki, a full course meal at night and sing on top of your lungs at the hotel karaoke rooms (there are two). 

The entire experience is unforgettable which is why it’s one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in Autumn.

Charges: starting from ¥10,000 per person (cheapest weekday plan)

Address: 164 Ikaho-machi, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma Prefecture 

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Yubara Onsen Hakkei, Okayama

Best Japanese Onsen Resorts To Visit In Autumn

Yubara onsen resort is one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn because of its location. It is situated in the mountains of Okayama and is quite historic with a nickname “Bijin-no-yu” (美人の湯) meaning beautiful woman’s bath.

The nickname comes from the fact that the onsen can make your skin smooth and soft. There is a mixed outdoor bath, rotenburo where both men and women can access it at the same time in their bath towels or bathing suits.

It is a couple-friendly place where you can go with your better half and enjoy the autumn leaves falling. You can also enjoy the authentic rural living of Okayama like strolling in the lavender garden, picking fruits, cycling in the highlands of Hiruzen etc. 

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My friend and his wife visit this resort every autumn and they have been having the best time of the year there. They’ve recommended this place to me for the best view from the onsen and also the peaceful rural life experience. 

Charges: Starting from ¥18,000 per person 

Address: 1572 Toyosaka, Maniwa, Okayama Prefecture


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Hotel Wakamizu, Hyogo


This is one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn located in the Hyogo prefecture commonly known for all-female music theater troupes but definitely there’s more to this resort. 

Wakamizu offers natural beauty, amazing food and an authentic Japanese experience. The lobby of the hotel reflects a typical Japanese vibe with a delicate ikebana arrangement of flowers and large buildings of the resort. 

The open air bath is on the rooftop which is probably the best part. Mondays and Saturdays are for rose bath decorated with flowers which is truly an amazing experience. It is just 25 mins away from Osaka.

Charges:  ¥8,800 per person

Address: 9-25 Yumotocho, Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture


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Hazu Gassyo, Aichi


Hazu Gassyo is located near Toyota in the Aichi prefecture that has top notch hospitality with a beautiful onsen. The picturesque view and peaceful surroundings are what makes it one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn. 

The resort is only limited to having five rooms to make sure all the guests are treated well and with utmost generosity. The hot water spring is pampering and calming that you’ll enjoy without a lot of people disrupting your peace.

The rotenburo is made in authentic Japanese style with a view of forest rivers and beautiful tea plantations. It’s a very cosy and inviting place and you’d want to be here for the rest of your life. It is definitely one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn.

Charges: Starting from ¥16,000 per person

Address: 18-1 Minamidaira, Toyooka, Shinshiro, Aichi Prefecture


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Lamp No Yado, Ishikawa


Lamp No Yado is one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn if you’re going to propose or impress someone because the aura of the place is heavily romantic. It is located at the tip of the Noto peninsula, at the base of a sheltered cliff. 

It faces the sea of Japan and undoubtedly, the view is nothing less than breathtaking. The rotenburo onsen is decorated with chochin, the Japanese traditional lamps after sunsets. 

It offers seasonal delicacy in authentic Japanese style with the view of the sea, decorated with chochins. It is the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn with your love.

This resort is extremely popular as it’s one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn so make sure to book your reservation well in advance. 

Charges: From ¥20,000 per person

Address: 10-11 Jike, Misaki-machi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture


Hotel Iya Onsen, Tokushima


Hotel Iya is very unique and located inside the deeply forested lands of Iya Valley in Tokushima. The location itself is so mesmerising and the view from the onsen is spellbinding.

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It overlooks Yoshino river and the rooms have a scenic mountain view which makes it one the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn. 

The outdoor onsen is perfect to relax and keep away your daily-life worries in nature. They offer kaiseki dinner as well as breakfast to their guests. You can also visit the surroundings of Kakashi no Sato scarecrow village.

It’s an experience you’ll remember your entire life. No wonder, Iya Hotel is one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn.

Charges: Starting from ¥9,975 per person.

Address: 367-28 Matsuo Matumoto Ikeda-cho Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima Prefecture


Takamine Onsen, Nagano

onsen japan

Takamine onsen is located in the snowy prefecture of Nagano overlooking a stunning view of mountains covered in snow. You will literally feel like you’re soaking yourself in heaven with that kind of view which is why it’s one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn.

It’s a two-storey authentic Japanese ryokan with 23 guest rooms. The “Bath Above the Clouds” is one reason it’s extremely popular. Every night, the tourists gather for a star gazing therapy at 8:30 pm that is so relaxing. 

It is popular to visit this onsen not only in autumn but throughout the year in all seasons. Takamine onsen is a great way to spend autumn in Japan. It’s also cheap if you’re travelling solo that makes it one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn.

Charges: From ¥7,000 per person 

Address: Komoro City, Takamine Kogen, Nagano Prefecture


Noto No Sho, Ishikawa


Noto No Sho is one of the best Japanese onsen resorts in Ishikawa for tired travellers looking to have a chill time. It is located on the hilltop of the Noto peninsula with a sea-facing view and a semi-outdoor onsen. 

The onsen has the power to heal various diseases like skin problems, gastrointestinal disease, neurosis etc. You can also visit the rice field, shiroyone senmaida along the coastline which is only a 10-minute drive from this resort.

It is cheap but provides top notch services to its guests and staying here is something you’d only dream of if you’ve not visited this resort before. It is a tattoo friendly onsen so don’t worry about it.

Charges: ¥9,000 per person

Address: Nebuta Onsen, Onomachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture


Dai-ichi Takimotokan, Hokkaido


Dai-ichi Takimotokan is a relaxing resort built in traditional Japanese style ryokan. There are 399 rooms in this resort with 30 spa baths made up of different materials like cypress, granite, marble etc. 

It offers a beautiful view of Hell Valley and green hills that is beautiful to look at while chilling in the hot spring. There is also a bar near the hot spring that offers beer, sake and other beverages you can enjoy outside the bath.

Dai-ichi is one of the best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn for an authentic experience of onsen. 

Charges: around ¥3,300 per person

Address: 55 Noboribetsu onsenmachi, Noboribetsu-shi, Hokkaido

Which is the best onsen for couples in Japan? 

There are several onsens for couples in Japan that you can check out. The best onsen for couples in Japan is the Ryokan Tokinoniwa located in the Gunma prefecture. You can choose between a Japanese style room or western room – both of which come with private open-air onsens. It costs 14,000JPY per night for 2 people. 

Another good Japanese onsen resort for couples with private onsen is the Miyuki-so Hanamusubi, Hyogo. This onsen resort offers rooms with half open air private onsen for couples and also fully open air private onsens. 

Therapeutic Onsen Resorts

The onsens of Japan are extremely therapeutic and soothing. If you’re in Japan and haven’t experienced soaking in onsen yet, you’re definitely missing out on something big. Book your stay at these resorts for a life-time experience. 

Hope this article- best Japanese onsen resorts to visit in autumn helped you.

Happy Autumn!

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